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NetEnt presents glamorous 1-line Grand Spinn™ slot

It was last year that NetEnt promised to increase the number of new NetEnt slots launched during 2019, compared to the number of slots launched in 2018! It seems NetEnt is keeping its promise as another new NetEnt slot has been announced, this time bringing you back to the glamorous times of Art Deco with the Grand Spinn™ slot. This 1-line slot game will be released in two versions, the Grand Spinn™ slot and Grand Spinn Superpot™, with the latter including a progressive super jackpot.

1-bet line, nothing more? 

As time gone by, a minimum of 9 bet lines became pretty standard! New slot innovations eventually lead to 9+ bet lines and nowadays even an amazing 243 ways-to-win (or even more) became a common aspect of modern video slots. When it comes to slot innovations and slot designs, nothing seems impossible any more for NetEnt’s successful team of developers, but once in while, all innovations are forgotten and the team goes back in time, now even as early as 1895!

When you see the name Charles Fey, it most probably won’t ring any bells, but what if I told you that he was the very first that designed a 3 reel slot machines with one bet line, just like we’re about the experience as soon as the Grand Spinn™ slot is launched in July. The history of this classic slot machine goes back to 1895, the year Charles Fey created the Liberty Bell, not long after the first poker machine appeared in the bars in 1891.

The Liberty Bell showed hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and a liberty bell so fruit symbols weren’t available yet! However, it didn’t take too long for the first fruit slot machine to appear, thanks to slot machines being banned completely in the US in 1902. The Liberty Bell continued to be manufactured and instead of card symbols, fruit symbols were introduced. For a good reason as the story goes that the since cash prizes could no longer be paid out thanks to the ban, prizes were paid in chewing gum and sweets with the fruit symbols corresponding to the flavours, but no worries as real money wins will be available as soon Grand Spinn™ slot is launched 24th July!

The Liberty Bell and the Grand Spinn™ slot have some aspects common, but luckily NetEnt added some more slot excitement with a Nudge feature and a Multiplier Wild. The one reel, however, is back, stronger than ever before and no ban can stop this classic slot game to become successful with the NetEnt fans!

Besides the 1 bet line and the two slot features, you can’t expect too much from the Grand Spinn™ slot’s gameplay,  unless of course, you decide to play the version which has a Superpot added as well as two other progressive jackpots!

Grand Spinn™ slot features

I have nothing more than you to base my slot preview on, but my NetEnt slot experience might help to explain the video slot features available in the Grand Spinn™ slot and Grand Spinn Superpot™. And reading the slot’s description and watching the above preview video, it’s pretty clear that NetEnt is aiming to take you back to the luxurious and glamorous times of Art Deco. This means nothing more than that you can look forward to a classic slot game, although enriched with some modern slot features.

If still alive, Charles Fey most probably wouldn’t recognize the nudge as a slot feature while Multiplier Wilds are a creation of the modern video slot! The game is showing a simple 3-reel slot game in which the one bet line is emphasized by the golden framework and it’s the symbols that end up on this middle reel that counts!

Enjoy this 1-line slot straight from the first spin thanks to x2 Multiplier and the Nudge feature which work perfectly well together. As soon as the Multiplier Wild appears on the reels, winnings will be doubled, but that doesn’t mean the spin has come to an end, because a winning means a Nudge and every Nudge can mean another winning combination! With a bit of luck, this can become a never-ending story, but if not, it certainly will bring classic slot excitement to the reels!

Grand Spinn Superpot™

The Grand Spinn™ slot is coming in two different versions when launched on the 24th July as the above slot game will also be available as a NetEnt Jackpot game. Besides bringing a Multiplier Wild and a Nudge feature, Grand Spinn Superpot™ will also be enriched with an amazing 3 jackpots, including the progressive Super Jackpot!

The main jackpot will be called the Super Jackpot of which I’m sure it’s going to be progressive, but the two other NetEnt Jackpots seem to be non-progressive, paying out the same amount over and over again. If I’m right, I will only know after the game is launched at the NetEnt Casinos, but it doesn’t really matter as we’ll always have the progressive Super Jackpot.

Each and every spin can potentially trigger a jackpot win, and Multiplier Wilds combined with nudging reels may, with luck, bring the rain of golden coins down, the sign you triggered a big win or one of the jackpots!

By on 7 June, 2019