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NetEnt promises a hot and fiery slot with Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot

After the success story Spiñata Grande™, NetEnt again invites you to a Mexican party! The older Mexican-themed video slot brought you lots of piñatas! Now again, you’ll see piñatas on the reels in the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot, but the game seems to be more picante!

A fiery Mexican feast awaits you in the upcoming Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot. This spicy tortilla slot is filled with Multiplier Wilds and a tasty bonus game added on top.

NetEnt goes Mexican

Most probably because of the recent situation, it’s for the first time I announce a video slot without the usual YouTube preview video. Usually, NetEnt has a preview video available which gives you a good impression of what the next new NetEnt slot is like.

This time, however, there’s no preview video available yet and all I could find is a game description on their website. That’s more than nothing and I’m sure I’ll manage to get a good impression of the upcoming Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot anyway.

It’s no rocket science to find out how a NetEnt slot is going to work. And the above slot image shows what the game will look like. It seems we’re going to meet Willy’s hot chillies on the 30th of July.

I see a lot of hot chillies on the reels indeed, a pink piñata as seen in the Spiñata Grande™ slot, and of course we see Willy on the reels as well.  The styles of the two games are quite the same while both bring you to a Mexican party.

The Mexican party in the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot is going to be fiery hot! The party takes place in the burning hot desert, with Mexican cactuses and sombrero hats hanging.

Enjoy the simple upbeat guitar-plucking accompanying you, as well as the sounds of a Mexican village. This while hot weather wildlife surrounds you while you enjoy the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ video slot.

Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot

When will NetEnt launch the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot?

While there’s no YouTube preview video available yet, the launch date is getting closer anyway. Usually, you can preview a new NetEnt slot around 6 weeks before on YouTube. However, it’s most probably thanks to this situation that things got delayed.

While no preview video is available yet, NetEnt still plans to launch the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ video slot on the 30th of July.

What’s so special about Willy’s Hot Chillies™?

One thing is for sure, the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ video slot offers a good number of Multiplier Wilds. Multipliers can multiply your wins with x2, x3, x4 or x5. And if two or more Multiplier Wilds appear, they’ll be added.

This Mexican-themed video slot also allows you to activate Willy’s Hot Wheel in which Wild symbols transform into pointers. These same pointers will point at a carousel of features. The Bonus Wheel can activate coin wins, extra pointers, extra spins and Multipliers.

The design of the game doesn’t offer anything special, but I think that’s the idea. The graphics are extremely simple and NetEnt describes them as low-poly count-inspired visuals.

Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot features

As mentioned, I have no preview video that provides me with a showcase of the video slot features. I have to rely on a description on the NetEnt website. But so far, I can confirm that the video slot features available are pretty standard.

After all, we saw Multiplier Wilds before, and a Bonus Wheel isn’t an innovation either. However, I have no idea what these video slot features will look like and how they work exactly.

Multiplier Wilds

To understand a Multiplier Wild, you have to know a Wild. This latter is actually nothing more than a Joker. When it appears on the reels, it increases the chance to create a winning combination. Most of the time, a Wild substitutes for all other symbols, except bonus symbols like Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins symbols, etc.

In the Willy’s Hot Chillies™ slot, there’s plenty of Multiplier Wilds available. Multiplier Wilds can also substitute for other symbols like the Wild, but as an extra they offer a Multiplier at the same time. Therefore, Multiplier Wilds in this Mexican-themed slot offers a x2, x3, x4 or x5 Multiplier as well.

Multiplier Wilds can appear on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Stacks can cover from one position to the entire reel, depending on how the reel lands. If two or more Multiplier Wild symbols appear on a winning bet line, their Multipliers are added.

Willy’s Hot Wheel

Willy’s Chilli is hot! You can expect a spicy game and Willy’s Hot Chillies™ Bonus Wheel is what makes this upcoming NetEnt slot fiery as can be!

The game promises to get spicier as soon as a Bonus symbol on reel 1 together with one or more stacks of Multiplier Wild symbols. It’s only then that you activate Willy’s Hot Wheel!

In the middle, there’s the carousel which offers you a chance to win certain items.

You see the Willy’s Chilli Multiplier on the side of the game. Every time a Chilli Multiplier appears on Willy’s Hot Wheel, the Chilli Multiplier Meter increases with +1. All winnings are multiplied by the Chili Multiplier.

The Hot Wheel offers the following items:

  • Coin Wins, of up to x30 times you bet
  • +3 Willy’s Hot Wheel spins
  • an extra symbol yo turn one of the reels into a Fire Pointer
  • a Chilli Multiplier symbol which increases the Chilli Multiplier by +1

By on 30 June, 2020