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NetEnt promises fresh and new announcing Silverback Gold slot

It has been rather quiet around NetEnt this year, with only a few new games launched in 2021. Apparently, NetEnt has been busy reinventing the wheel, with brand new game concepts as a result. That explains it all! That means we have something epic to look forward to with the Silverback Gold slot announced for the 16th of December 2021. What do we know about this upcoming NetEnt slot?

We can’t tell you too much about this launch right now… But we’re not monkeying around with this one. Silverback Gold is scheduled for a December 16th launch, and we’re promising epic jungle themed immersion coupled with novel adapted mechanics and a vibrant art direction, all of which have been designed to provide an experience that will make you want to beat your chest with joy!

Silverback Gold slot promises gorilla business…

Besides the first posters as an introduction to the Silverback Gold slot, I don’t have much information about the Silverback Gold slot, yet!

Besides the first comments from NetEnt, I have no clue what the Silverback Gold slot is about to offer. At least not when it comes to its gameplay, video slot features and animations. All I have so far is: “an epic jungle-themed immersion, coupled with novel adapted mechanics and a vibrant art direction”.

This basically means that NetEnt fans can look forward to another jungle-themed NetEnt slot. But this is everything but a surprise when you look at the first slot images. The “novel adapted mechanics”, that’s what triggers my curiosity and activates my imagination.

However, as long as I don’t have any more clues than just this, I have no details to mention. “A vibrant art direction” can mean everything as well. I assume we can look forward to epic graphics, but what makes them epic, I hope to tell you soon.

We’re being kept in the dark regarding the gameplay. But at least, the title of the upcoming NetEnt slot and its first images made it clear that we’re about to find the Godfather Gorilla on the reels.

Silverback Gold slot launch date

Godfather Gorilla

I love the jungle and I look forward to every single slot that offers a jungle theme! Especially when we can expect new slot innovations.

And let’s be honest, we all miss the monkey business from Planet of the Apes slot (EOL). Instead, we now get to enjoy the Silverback Gorilla. Pretty intense! After all, the silverback is the centre of the troop’s attention. He makes all the decisions, mediates conflicts, and determines the movements of the group. Like a Godfather Gorilla!

Fortunes will await you around every corner as you delve into the unknowns from our leafy world of adventure and exploration.

Gorillas live in groups. These groups are known as troops. And each troop has an adult male, the leader, called silverback. It’s the distinctive patch of silver hair on the back that gives the leader Gorilla the name Silverback. Besides this, the Gorilla is typically more than 12 years old. We will soon find this leader gorilla back on the reels in the upcoming Silverback Gold slot.

By on 28 October, 2021