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NetEnt releases 100 bet line counting Archangels: Salvation™ slot

From today, players at the NetEnt Casinos can enjoy themselves with an amazing 100 bet lines while playing the Archangels: Salvation™ slot. It’s today that NetEnt unveiled its latest heavenly slot game, Archangels: Salvation™, which has a devilish 100-bet lines – the first game in the company’s history to do so – but also features Free Spins, Wild substitutions, and 2 Wild Features that add even more to the game.

The battle continuous…

Good wouldn’t have been good without the Evil, and the other way around as well. The one wouldn’t exist without the other, which seems weird, but it actually makes sense. Without all the Evil in the world, we wouldn’t appreciate the Good as much as we do. It seems that Evil is a motivation for the good, to do good and to be good. And as long as humans exist, there will be good and evil. It always has been like this and it always will, no wonder NetEnt’s newest slot game brings an ongoing battle between the Good and the Evil, between Heaven and Hell, and between the Archangel and the Devil.

Archangels: Salvation™ sees us reach another milestone in our history with the debut of the 100-bet line and that’s credit to the team for being able to create such high-quality games with an innovative game design. We hope that players and operators alike enjoy the extra features we’ve included and look forward to seeing how the game performs,” said Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

With its 6 reels and 12 rows, the Archangels: Salvation™ slot and mobile version is no standard video slot and players will be delighted to find two new characters next to the reels. The left side has been reserved for the Good and turned into the Heaven hot spot area. The Archangel can be found in this area bringing enlightenment to the game. Of course, Evil tries to stop her from that with the Devil battling her from the right side of the game which is the Hell hot spot area.

Archangels Salvation video slot NetEnt

The Archangels: Salvation™ slot

In between the two NetEnt characters, you’ll find the video slot with its distinctive reels and the smallest symbols I’ve seen so far. From the first spin, you’ll hope to find the 2×2 Wild symbol in these hot spot area. If the 2×2 Wild is landing, completely or partially, in a hot spot area, a Wild feature is activated.

There are two Wild features available in the Archangel: Salvation™ slot. One is linked to the Heaven hot spot area and one to the Hell hot spot area. The Wild feature activated totally depends on the area the 2×2 Wild is landing in.

Landing in Heaven, the Heaven Feature is activated, promising a lot of extra Wilds with two stacks of Wild symbols being generated. If the 2×2 Wild lands completely in this same hot spot area, an incredible four stacks of Wild symbols will be generated. All of these stacks will be between 3 or 5 symbols.

The Hell Feature is activated when the 2×2 Wild lands fully or partially in the Hell hot spot area. Hell will start shooting singleton Wild symbols in the non-hot spot area, landing randomly on the reels. If the 2×2 Wild lands fully in this evil area, 16 singleton Wilds will be shot while 8 singleton Wilds will become available if the 2×2 Wild symbol lands partially in the Hell hot spot area.

The game provides a Free Spins feature as well, activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. If 3, 4, 5, or 6 Scatters appear, you’ll be awarded 10, 15, 20, or an incredible 25 Free Spins respectively.

By on 24 April, 2018