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NetEnt Rocks Trilogy complete with Motörhead online slot™

It was a busy week for the iGaming industry as some of the most important events took place. One of them was ICE Totally Gaming 2016 and as one of the pioneers NetEnt could, of course, not be missed on the floor. While giving its visitors a look into the future in the NetEnt booth, it was on the first day of ICE the Jimi Hendrix video slot™ was revealed which will be released on 21st April. The Jimi Hendrix video slot™ follows the Guns N’ Roses video slot™, released on 21st January while the NetEnt Rocks Trilogy will be complete from September 22nd, the day the Motörhead online slot™ will be launched.

About Motörhead

From Hard Rock (Guns N’ Roses) to the most inventive electric guitarist in rock (Jimi Hendrix), I now have the honour to write about heavy metal as this was Motörhead’s main style. I can’t say I am extremely pleased about the Motörhead slot™ being the third rock video slot in the NetEnt Rocks Trilogy, but let’s see if my blond locks end up dancing in the air while I try to find out more about Motörhead, getting familiar with their sound.

I have to admit that “Rock Out”, the first song on YouTube’s Motörhead playlist, didn’t let me fall in love with Lemmy Kilmister who is basically Motörhead. This simply confirms the fact that the loud and fast style of heavy metal produced by Motörhead isn’t my music style. it seems the rock style changed along the way as well as Motörhead’s lineup with Lemmy Kilmister as their only consistent member.

When the industry standard call-out for Jack & Coke is renamed to “The Lemmy”, you know Lemmy Kilmister’s favourite drink wasn’t Green Tea. This fact and Lemmy’s passion for playing slot machines do make me wonder where it went wrong as the main band member of Motörhead was born on Christmas Eve as the son of a vicar. It seems the rock legend always have been a troublemaker, constantly hitting up friends for money to cater to his love for slot machines. No wonder people start to call him Lemmy, as in “lemme a fiver”.

At the age of 16, Lemmy saw the Beatles at Liverpool’s Cavern Club after which he got himself a 6-string ending up playing in a series of bands in northern England. His move to London led to a gig as a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, a nice link between two of the NetEnt Rocks Trilogy slots. Things started to work out for Lemmy when he became bassist and singer for Hawkwind, but this adventure came to an end when in 1975 Lemmy was arrested for drug possession.

Lemmy didn’t hesitate after his return to England and immediately formed his own band which he named Bastard. It was his manager, though, who advised him to change that name as Bastard would never be allowed on TV’s Top of the Pops. Inspired by the last song he’d written for Hawkwind, he changed the band’s name into Motörhead.

Motörhead online slot™

Being a Motörhead fan or not, the world was shocked when on 28th December 2015 the news came out that Lemmy forever left this planet’s stage. Two days before, exactly 70 years and two days after his birth, the rock legend was diagnosed with cancer. Only a few months after Lemmy drunk his last “Lemmy”, NetEnt announced the Motörhead online slot™ of which we can say it is going to be a nice tribute to the rock band, but Lemmy in particular.

Those who have enjoyed playing the Guns N’ Roses video slot™, since its release in January, must agree with me that there’s no other software developer who could do a better job other than NetEnt. I’m sure heavy metal lovers will enjoy the Motörhead online slot™ once developed and launched at the many NetEnt Casinos bringing a fitting and authentic homage to Lemmy and his lifework: Motörhead.

NetEnt Rocks Trilogy

After the Motörhead online slot™ is released on September 22nd, the NetEnt Rocks Trilogy will be complete as it will be on April 21st that the Jimi Hendrix video slot™ will be released. For now, you can already enjoy the best video slot this industry is rich since last month as the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ is bringing you rock royalty, bringing the best of Guns N’ Roses while you’ll be spinning when your singing!

By on 8 February, 2016