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NetEnt Roulette Games soon upgraded to HTML5

While NetEnt is well-known for its innovative video slots and popular titles such as Gonzo’s Quest™, Starburst™, Guns ‘N Roses™, Planet of the Apes™, and many more, it’s not all video slots there is. NetEnt’s wide collection of table games have always been appreciated, but I’m sure many will look forward HTML5 upgrade involving French Roulette™, American Roulette™, and European Roulette™.

French Roulette™, American Roulette™, and European Roulette™

Many believe Roulette is Roulette, but nothing is less true. Of course, the basics of the Roulette Games are pretty much the same. There are a Roulette wheel and a field to place your bets, but this last one, that’s where you’ll find the differences.

That’s why NetEnt has a bunch of Roulette variants available and those most popular will soon be upgraded from Flash to HTML5. The reason why is simple. Flash is becoming history when it comes to web technology and HTML5 has become the leading software.

French Roulette Touch®, American Roulette Touch®, and European Roulette Touch®.

Roulette fans couldn’t be happier as the HTML5 upgrade doesn‘t only mean an upgrade from Flash to HTML5, it also means that the three most popular Roulette versions will also become available as a NetEnt Touch® game.

If your favourite Roulette version wasn’t available at the mobile NetEnt Casinos yet, you’ll most probably find it there from the 24th of May. That’s when all the desktop versions will be replaced with an upgraded version and all Touch® versions will become available at the NetEnt Casinos or will be replaced by a version developed in HTML5.

What’s new?

Besides all popular Roulette versions now being available as NetEnt Touch® games, you won’t see any notable changes, except maybe quality wise. HTML5 brings so much more possibilities when it comes to the development of online and mobile casino games. Game wise, all three Roulette variants will be the same with the same bets and rules available.

European Roulette™

NetEnt’s European Roulette™ offers you the standard Roulette options like these are available in the other Roulette versions including the standard inside and outside bet types, as well as a very well designed 3D roulette wheel.

The European Roulette™ wheel has 37 slots numbered 0-36 and it’s up to you to predict which of these numbers will be selected next which means you can guess which slot the ball will land in after the wheel is spun. Before the ball starts rolling, all players have a chance to play their bets on either one number or a combination of numbers. You can place bets on the Roulette table using table bets, inside bets, outside bets and neighbour bets.

With the game rules are based on those of the European Roulette™, this new HTML5 Roulette has some extra’s to offer. The Hot/Cold numbers, for example, but there’ll be a Race You can also look forward to the Favourite bets button, Double Bets function while the statistics can help you to place future bets. Thanks to the virtual croupier, the game has a pretty good real feel giving this online European Roulette™ version an extra dimension.

American Roulette™

NetEnt’s American Roulette™ game is offering you the standard options such as the inside and outside bets as well. However, the American Roulette™ wheel has 38 slots numbered 0, 00, and the numbers 1-36.

This means your chances of guessing the right number is slightly smaller, but the American-styled Roulette has some advantages to offer as well. First of all, there’s an attractive table of which the colour blue differs from other roulette versions designed by NetEnt.

The American Roulette™ offers a dynamic billboard showing hot and cold numbers as well as many other statistics. The voice announcements are making this game more realistic. Although no Live Roulette, the dynamic billboard and the racetrack betting will make up for that.

French Roulette™

Just as NetEnt’s European Roulette™, NetEnt’s 3rd HTML Roulette, French Roulette™, offers you the numbers 0-37. Usually, the table and the wheel show the same colours, but French Roulette™ will show the table numbers in red and green. A difference hardly noticeable if you ask me.

Besides the 37 numbers, you can also place your chips on the outside bets. These are exactly the same as with European Roulette™ but as we’re talking about the French version here, the bets are shown in French. If your French isn’t that impressive, the numbers will lead you or else you can always go for European Roulette, although the French Roulette™ does offer the authentic Roulette atmosphere.

By on 13 April, 2018