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NetEnt went above and beyond creating the Planet of the Apes™ slot

I know, I have been a pain in the – you know what- lately when it comes to the NetEnt slot reviews. More than once, I couldn’t keep my disappointment to myself, but this time it’s the other way around. I simply had no clue what to expect from the Planet of the Apes™ slot and I had lower expectations from this branded slot than I had of the Emojiplanet™ slot. Little did I know – after both games were announced at ICE 2017 – that the Planet of the Apes™ slot was going to be the most spectacular of the two. I have to admit, NetEnt is back in the game with the Planet of the Apes™ slot coming up soon, bringing another brilliant branded slot with more action and slot features than ever!

Planet of the Apes™ slot exceeds my expectations

Planning on watching the Planet of the Apes movie tonight, I hoped NetEnt would wait another day to announce the Planet of the Apes™ slot. That’s how I can’t tell you too much yet about the movie itself in relation to the new branded video slot announced by NetEnt today.

There’s a lot to tell anyway and from what I can see from the above preview video – which was published by NetEnt today – it is going to be the most spectacular game launched by NetEnt in 2017. The game is expected to become available at the NetEnt Casinos the 23rd of October. This means NetEnt has two months left to come up with an ever better game, but I don’t think this is going to happen. That’s how I believe the Planet of the Apes™ slot is going to be NetEnt’s biggest game this year. I wish I could say that Emojiplanet™ and Planet of the Apes™ are sharing this number one position in my list of best NetEnt slots 2017, but I never felt the excitement with the Emojiplanet™ that I expect to feel while playing Planet of the Apes™.

Let me tell you why. First of all, my expectations of the Emojiplanet™ slot were much higher than those of the Planet of the Apes™ title and none of my expectations came true. Of course, the game has become a hit with players thanks to a brilliant gameplay involving the Cluster Pays™ system and Avalanche™ technique, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. That can happen, especially since the game has been developed and designed with a mobile first approach.

Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt during ICE 2017 in February: “Planet of the Apes is one of the largest film franchises in the world never to have been applied to gaming before. With such a rich history, the brand resonates with everyone that has grown up with the films, and it will fit perfectly with NetEnt’s wide and divers player base. We are thrilled to have signed the franchise, and can’t wait to offer the game to players later in the year.”

Now the Planet of the Apes™ preview video has been published, I see what I want to see. Non-stop action on the reels, high-quality animations, a brilliant gameplay and an incredible number of video slot features. That’s what I call video slot excitement!

But again, it’s nothing else but a personal opinion about two totally different games. I just don’t like boring Match-3 games and you will never catch me playing a game like Candy Crush, for example, on my telephone. So this article is simply based on my opinion and has nothing to do with the abilities and skills of the very talented NetEnt designers. I know they always try to bring the players the best slot experience, but it’s impossible to live up to everybody’s expectations.

Or can they? That’s what I wonder when having a look at the above Planet of the Apes™ slot preview. It’s obvious that NetEnt has been investing a lot of time in this video slot, bringing players the best of the best. There’s so much going on, how not to like this new branded NetEnt slot? Amazing 3D animations, packed with slot features, a brilliant gameplay as never seen before and music that makes sure your adrenaline levels climb up in a good and exciting way.

The preview video already knows how to attract my attention from beginning to the end and that’s not an easy task, trust me. Having a look at it, I also couldn’t wait to start writing, motivated to tell you about everything this new NetEnt slot has to offer. That’s the feeling I missed with most other NetEnt slots this year. It was hard to find true inspiration with slots like Joker Pro™, Scruffy Duck™, Copy Cats™, Butterfly Staxx™, and Wolf Cub™ which will be launched tomorrow. Nothing to do with the quality of the games, but they just don’t make my video slot heart go wild like the Planet of the Apes™ slot will probably do.

I can’t be 100% sure about that yet, of course, and all I have to show for now is the above preview video slot, but I know all NetEnt video slots – almost by heart – and I know what a theme can do with a game but more importantly the gameplay, slot features in combination with advanced 3D graphics and vivid animations.

For the first time this year, I had hardly any expectations of a new NetEnt slot. Maybe because I’ve never seen the movie yet – tonight I will – or I expected it to be some sort of the same as the Creature of the Black Lagoon™ slot, I don’t really know. All I know is that the video slot, so far, exceeds the few expectations I allowed myself to have after the game’s announcement during ICE 2017.

What to expect from the Planet of the Apes™ slot

Developed in association with 20th Century Fox, the video slot is obviously based on the movie Planet of the Apes which premiered in 1968. Except that fragments in the video slot don’t come from the original movie, but from the movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Perfect if you have a good look at the new branded video slots’ gameplay that shows the two different phases of the Ape Army leader Caesar’s life.

That’s how the Planet of the Apes™ slot features the Rise and Dawn play areas, with each of them consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed bet lines, what we would call a standard video slot. Thanks to these dual reels, the game combines elements from the two movies, something to look forward to for sure!

Paying attention to the above preview video, you’ll notice that these dual reels are just the start of all the excitement offered by the Planet of the Apes™ slot as there’s so much going on on the reels. Besides I’ve never seen so many slot features in just one NetEnt slot including the Rise and Dawn Free Spins, Bonus symbols, Scatter symbols, Wild substitutions, a Stacked Wild feature, a Dual feature and the Rise and Dawn Bonus features.

By on 6 September, 2017