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NetEnt’s Avalanche feature returns in crime-themed Cash Noire™ video slot

A few years ago, San Cayetano’s course changed forever when the first Green Ace murder took place in the Cat’s Eye bar. Lola Leclair, the owner of the bar, was the main suspect. Was it her that committed the Green Ace murders? There’s a murder to be solved in NetEnt’s latest Cash Noire™ video slot. Do you have what it takes to solve the case in this new crime-themed slot?

Cash Noire™ video slot

Welcome to the Crime Zone

This crime-themed slot is now available at the NetEnt Casinos and I love it! This unique NetEnt slot allows you to become the detective we all want to be at times. Besides that, Cash Noire™ video slot is offering an intense and low volatility gameplay!

It all started many years ago in San Cayetano, in Cat’s Eye Bar, a bar famous for its illegal card games. And yes, the bar’s reputation has never been great, but it was that one night that its reputation was ruined forever.

Cat’s Eye Bar attracted players who liked their card games. And as with many games, you have bad losers. This sometimes resulted in name-calling and in the worst case, a fistfight. But never did it turn worse than that.

Until that one night, when a stabbed man’s dead body slumped back in his chair was found. The only clue, a Green Ace card tucked neatly between his teeth.

A crime to be solved in the Cash Noire™ video slot

Tom Flint was the detective behind the case, but he never solved the case. Initially, he had his eyes on Lola Leclair, the owner of the Cat’s Eye. But the truth was that she only tried to protect her business. So she covered up the first Green Ace murder. But then another body was found at the Cat’s Eye Bar…. and another.

The Green Ace murder became the Green Ace murders and until today, nobody knows what happened. Was it local criminal Pit Viper that had something to do with it? After all, he was there on the night of the first murder.

The Green Ace murders were never solved, but detective Tom Flint dug deep into the case once again after a new clue was discovered. It’s time for you to get into the case and help Tom Flint finding the clues needed to solve the case. It’s going to be a wild ride, I promise!

The Cash Noire™ video slot is a mechanically thrilling game set against the backdrop of a murder mystery that will leave players on the edge of their seats. With the return of Avalanche™ and a strong feature set which ramps up to solve the crime, the gameplay has huge engagement and retention potential and we look forward to it being enjoyed by a wide variety of players,” said Andy Whitworth, NetEnt Chief Commercial Officer.

Expanding Crime Zone Cash Noire™ video slot

Cash Noire™ video slot gameplay

NetEnt’s famous Avalanche slot mechanic returns for another thrilling slot experience in the Cash Noire™ video slot and it all starts with a Crime Zone. Detective Flint got his eye on this crime zone which is marked out in glowing red, and shifts on every new spin.

When you manage to collect enough clues, you’ll enter into Free Spins. Here you can chase down a mysterious criminal through the winding city streets of San Cayetano!

Cash Noire™ video slot’s Crime Zone

On the left side of your screen, you collect the clues. These clues are important throughout the main game as it’s the only way to get into the Free Spins and to solve the case. Discover the clues in the Crime Zone as each winning symbol inside the Crime Zone unlocks a clue.

When a certain number of clues are activated, the crime zone expands:

-3 to 6 clues are activated, the Crime Zone expands to 4 symbols
-7 or more clues will expand the Crime Zone into 5 symbols
– 13 or more clues activate the Free Spins feature

The Mystery Symbol

If you hit a no-win spin in this crime-themed slot, it’s not game over yet as the Mystery Symbol can save the day. It can land outside the Crime Zone to transforms into a regular random symbol, giving you a second chance to win.

But if the Mystery symbol lands inside the Crime Zone, it reveals a random symbol and clones itself throughout all the spots of the pattern.

Solve the case with a chase!

When a series of Avalanches help you unlock all clues necessary in the Cash Noire™ video slot, you’ll get to the Free Spins feature. It’s time to chase a mysterious criminal through the streets of San Cayetano.

The Crime Zone expands to cover 5 spots while a street map reveals itself on the left side which marks your position. It’s up to you to chase and catch the bad guy in order to unlock the x10 Multiplier!

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