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NetEnt’s exclusive virtual casino now live with Ninja Casino and Bethard

It was last week that both Bethard, and Ninja Casino, launched NetEnt’s exclusive virtual casino, allowing both brands to fully leverage their identity. Players can enjoy a wide range of live casino tables and can easily switch between them without returning to the lobby. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the most amazing casino environments that would make some Las Vegas casinos jealous.

Virtual Live Casino

The virtual multi-table live casino solution from NetEnt is giving the NetEnt Casinos the ability to emphasize their brand.

NetEnt’s Virtual Casino allows players to change tables and games without having to return to the lobby which creates a natural and intuitive casino experience.

A choice of live dealers and different tables, including Roulette and Blackjack, will be available at the exclusive virtual live casinos. Depending on the brand and the casino markets targeted by the online casino, live dealers will be speaking different languages. The live casino will become available to players via a range of camera positions, creating an immersive UX that offers visibility of the other tables.

Some of the Virtual Live Casinos are offering a special sports roulette table as well showing players a feed of live football results.

Ninja Casino’s Virtual Live Casino

Last week, Ninja Casino, the flagship brand from Global Gaming, launched Ninja Casino Live, an exclusive virtual casino delivered by NetEnt. Utilizing NetEnt’s advanced streaming technology, Ninja is able to customize the look and feel of the casino to provide their players with a truly unique live casino gaming experience that fits and strengthens the brand. Ninja Casino Live is one of NetEnt’s Virtual Casinos, set on one of the top floors of a futuristic skyscraper where you’ll find a choice of live dealers and different tables, including Roulette and Blackjack, with one table being with a Swedish speaking dealer.

“Our ground-breaking exclusive virtual casinos have breathed new life into the live casino experience. They take the offering to a new level and allow operators to maximize results by having a significant input into the design and build of the product,” said Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

“Ninja Casino Live will enable us to offer a completely new, fully immersive casino experience on mobile. We are thrilled to be the first operator to launch a dedicated Swedish Blackjack table on a NetEnt exclusive casino and are very pleased with the level of customisation that will increase engagement, with Ninja Casino Live fitting perfectly into our Ninja Casino offering”, Dirk Camilleri, Head of Casino at Global Gaming, added.

Bethard Casino’s Virtual Live Casino

The custom-built virtual casino product reflects Bethard’s bold and innovative style. In the casino, Next Level Live, players can move between three stunning external environments (underwater, volcano and space), depending on the action on the two blackjack and one roulette tables.

Bethard is one of the Exclusive Virtual Casinos where you’ll find a special sports roulette table showing a feed of live football results.

“Bethard is a super-ambitious brand with aggressive growth plans to match. With Next Level Live, we have jointly created a unique live casino experience that perfectly fits their personality and is guaranteed to boost engagement,” said Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

Bjørnar Heggernes, Casino Manager at Bethard, said: “Next Level Live allows us to have an unprecedented level of product ownership and control and the result is a live casino which is 100 percent Bethard. This authenticity means that players are getting the true and irreplaceable Bethard experience – we are sure our players will love it.”

By on 21 December, 2018