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NetEnt’s first ever Real-Time 3D slot Gems of Adoria™

Over 20 years of developing video slots with its first 3D video slots launched a decade ago, it seems NetEnt is taking the slot development to the next level! The Gems of Adoria™ slot is the first Real-Time 3D slot, a slot being flipped by NetEnt… like literally! The slot promises cutting-edge 3D symbols flipped and rotated. You even get the opportunity to change your perspective on the reels by shifting the camera angle.

Almost a decade ago, it was one of NetEnt’s first 3D slots, Gonzo’s Quest™, that manage to impress me for the first time. The Gems of Adoria™ slot as announced by NetEnt is causing the same type of excitement I had back then.

NetEnt’s first real-time 3D adventure

I can come up with a great story about Adoria, but the truth is that it doesn’t even exist. The intro makes me believe that we’re being led into ancient ruins, which makes sense looking at the rest of the game.

I better get to the facts straight away, because there’s so much to explore in Gems of Adoria™! Even though I have nothing else than a preview video, I’m sure I can figure out what is going on in this first Real-Time 3D video slot ever!

The future of the 3D video slot is here

The first thing I noticed is that we’re talking about the first advanced 3D symbols. If you look further than that, you will see the future possibilities.

I’m pretty sure NetEnt will unlock all HTML5 features to get to even more advanced designs with many more details. I just see the beginning of it all in the Gems of Adoria™ slot.

Gems of Adoria™ slot launch

From the 9th of June 2020, you will have access to the ancient ruins of Adoria and its 8 gems, each with a different value. Following NetEnt’s description, you will need a minimum of 3 gems to create a winning combination.

The slot is about to offer a nice RTP of 96.13% which is pretty average for a NetEnt video slot. The minimum bet in the Gems of Adoria™ slot will be €0.10 while the maximum can go up to €200 per spin. This makes the game suitable for both casual players and the experienced ones.

Real-time 3D slot

What is a Real-time 3D slot?

A Real-Time 3D slot is a video slot that uses advanced 3D animations. Instead of static 3D animations, you now get to see dynamic 3D animations. A static 3D tiger won’t turn his back to you while a Real-Time 3D slot tiger can turn his back to you or jump right at you. A Real-Time 3D slot offers an interactive video slot experience thanks to the lively 3D animations.

Gems of Adoria™ is a real-time 3D adventure that takes you closer to the reels than ever before.

This time, it’s not just the reels that spin… you do too!

Why is Gems of Adoria™ not just a 3D video slot?

NetEnt continues to bring innovation to the reels and the Gems of Adoria™ slot is taking things to the next level. Therefore, it’s not just a 3D video slot, it’s more than that. It’s a Real-Time 3D video slot!

In the Gonzo’s Quest™ slot, for example, we see a real 3D video slot. Even though the NetEnt character Gonzo comes alive in the game, he’s still rather static for a 3D character. This is all about to change. And who knows, maybe Gonzo gets his own Real-Time 3D video slot in the future. That would be brilliant!

So what’s the difference with 3D?

Images in 2D simply show you an object from the front without any depths. 3D means three-dimensional and therefore an object is showing width, height, and depth. With these basics, you understand that many NetEnt slots developed in the past decade have been designed with 3D animations in mind. A simple 3D image already gives more depth to a game than a simple 2D image.

Now we’re talking about a Real-Time 3D video slot, but what exactly makes the difference? 3D images show width, height, and depth, but that’s all. The images are showing depths more than 2D, but you won’t see the back of a static 3D tiger. Turn that same 3D tiger into a Real-time 3D tiger, and he might turn you his back, saving you from being eaten!

3D animations coming alive

In the above image, you see the words Mega Win in 3D. Letters are showing width, height, and depth, but that’s it. Watch the above Gems of Adoria™ slot preview, on the other hand, and you’ll see this same 3D image coming to life. That’s Real-Time 3D! A Real-time 3D is interactive and delivers an immersive experience to the player.

The 3D symbols are more dynamic than ever before. Even the camera moves around the reels in 3D space. Nothing in this game is static, besides maybe the gameplay itself! The symbols, for example, can flip vertically and horizontally for better payouts and greater rewards.

Gems of Adoria™ slot

Gems of Adoria™ slot features

By combining this new player experience with traditional video slot features and never-before-seen slot mechanics, NetEnt is able to present a new slot experience on the 9th of June. The Gems of Adoria™ slot will offer a sci-fi and fantasy-themed slot featuring Striking Wilds, Flipping symbols, and Free Spins.

As seen in the above preview video and images, the Gems of Adoria™ slot is taking you closer to the reels than ever before. This in combination with the innovative slot features, such as Flipping symbols, you can start to look forward to an online casino experience like no other.

What are Flipping symbols?

When Flipping symbols are activated, two to five consecutive symbols in a row flip, either horizontally or vertically. Each flip results in a better payout than the previous result.

It’s definitely one of the coolest features ever seen in a video slot

Flipping symbols are completely new to the NetEnt slots as never seen before in a game before. It’s thanks to the Real-time 3D animations this future is introduced in the Gems of Adoria™ slot.

The introduction of Striking Wilds

In this upcoming Real-Time 3D slot, Striking Wilds can strike at any second. When activated, a number of Wilds strike the reels to increase the chance of winning big. The Striking Wilds feature hits the reels with two to nine Striking Wilds. These hit the reels randomly and lead to fantastic returns!

And Free Spins to enhance winnings

You want to get into Free Spins where you have a greater chance of winning big payouts! Three or more Scatter symbols, recognized by glowing blue stones encased in rock, will take you into Free Spins. During Free Spins, the action really starts to ramp up. Wild symbols can again appear anywhere on the reels in Free Spins. Wilds substitute for all symbols, except Scatter symbols.

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