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NetEnt’s Mega Fortune™ Jackpot pays out life-changing €3.5 million

While the number one online casino jackpot right now is showing an amazing €18.9 million and once hit by a player will be the highest online casino jackpot ever won, it was yesterday that a player at one of the NetEnt Casinos managed to win the second highest NetEnt Jackpot. It was until yesterday that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot placed second on the list of NetEnt Jackpots, paying out an amazing €3.5 million.

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot wins 2018

We’re in week 39 of 2018 and we have 13 weeks left until the end of the year. In these 39 weeks, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot was hit five times with amounts going from €2.6 to €6 million 8 weeks ago. This means that the average Mega Fortune™ Jackpot won in 2018 amounts €3.7 million.

Since the launch of the Mega Fortune™ video slot in June 2009, the Mega Jackpot linked to this NetEnt slot has been won 49 times! That’s about 49 new millionaires created by NetEnt with just one Mega Jackpot! Of course, that’s not the total number of millionaires created by NetEnt with another three Mega Jackpots available linked to Mega Fortune Dreams™, Hall of Gods™, and Arabian Nights™. The average Mega Fortune™ Jackpot won in the past 9 years is €4.1 million.

If you paid attention, you noticed a drop in the average jackpot won in the past 9 years and the past year. However, in the past, very high Mega Fortune™ Jackpots were won with a dazzling amazing €17.9 million in January 2013, €11.7 million in September 2011, €8,6 million in November 2015, and many more Mega Jackpots slightly lower than the last one.

The average time needed for the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot to find a new winner is 10 weeks and 2 days. Nowadays, it seems that the jackpot is won every two months with maybe one exception here and there. This time it took the jackpot 8 weeks and 3 days to find a lucky winner, but the last jackpot win took the winner 12 weeks to find it. I still think that a period of 2 months is more likely than a period of 12 weeks, just in case you’re looking for the right time to play the Mega Fortune™ video slot.

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot September 2018

Just before we exchange September for October, a player managed to hit that rewarding NetEnt Jackpot of €3.5 million and the only way to do so is by playing the Mega Fortune™ video slot. And I have to admit, that this is sort of the only information I have about this NetEnt Jackpot win.

Well, the exact amount is €3,467,888 and it’s about 18 hours that the Mega Jackpot was unofficially paid out by NetEnt. Of course, such a jackpot win needs some serious verification and the winner needs to be informed properly about what this kind of win means for a lucky gambler. These type of winnings are pretty life-changing and requires guidance from NetEnt’s side.

When all procedures regarding a Mega NetEnt Jackpot win have taken place, NetEnt often comes with a press release that involves more information about the jackpot win. Until then, we can only guess the details involved, but I prefer to provide confirmed details at a later stadium.

Mega Fortune™ video slot

Since its launch in 2009, the Mega Fortune™ video slot has become one of the most popular games at the many NetEnt Casinos paying out millions to lucky players all around the world. The game is giving players a chance to get used to the wealth he or she would be “confronted” with when becoming the next NetEnt millionaire.

And who doesn’t like the idea of becoming rich? And the wealth that can be found on the reels attracts many gold diggers which is totally understandable with expensive watches, diamonds, champagne, and an expensive yacht as the perfect motivation to keep

Another great motivation is the fact that the Mega Fortune™ video slot is available at over 100 NetEnt Casinos while a total of three progressive jackpots are linked to this video slot. This means you do not only have a chance to win the Mega Jackpot, but also the smaller Major Jackpot and the smallest Rapid Jackpot. These last two jackpots are local and will differ from casino to casino so don’t hesitate to look around a bit before you start the spin button of the Mega Fortune™ video slot as these jackpots might be higher elsewhere at a different NetEnt Casino.

Although the current balance of the Mega Fortune™ Mega Jackpot isn’t as high as before yesterday’s win, it will climb up super fast hitting the million within a few weeks. Besides, you still have the two local NetEnt Jackpots available so there’s always a jackpot win to be happy about.

By on 28 September, 2018