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NetEnt’s reality series The Challenge boosts employment applications

The iGaming industry is the fastest growing digital industry in the world which leads to a phenomenal increase in the number of jobs available in the industry. And of course, NetEnt is no exception, the reason why the company came up with its first-of-its-kind reality TV-style series The Challenge as part of the Employer Branding Campaign. The campaign was designed to cement NetEnt’s reputation as a top-tech employer in a highly competitive industry. The result?

Rapidly growing industry with new jobs created daily

The iGaming industry is a thriving one on a global scale offering many opportunities for people with almost any skill set from almost any country. No matter if a developer, graphic designer or HR manager, the chance that there’s a challenge waiting for you within this dynamic industry is large.

The iGaming industry is showing no sign of slowing down and new jobs become available every single day. Which is good news, but a sector that has so much growth must have enough competent staff to back it up. And that’s where iGaming companies at the moment, no matter if an online casino operator or supplier, experience some difficulties. Due to the phenomenal growth and success of this relatively new industry, iGaming companies more often have difficulties to find customer service agents, programmers, developers, graphic designers, content writers, legal specialists, payment and fraud executives and trading and odds analysts.

Malta is known as an international iGaming hub and while the population of this small island in the southern Mediterranean has a population of just 440,000, some 6,000 of them are directly involved in the iGaming industry. The industry also puts roughly €1.2 billion – or 12 percent of GDP – directly into the economy.

Even Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Minister Emmanuel Mallia mentions the attractiveness of the iGaming industry in an interview with a local newspaper. He would like to see young people being encouraged to move away from traditional occupations such as lawyers or architects and begin looking at professions in the iGaming industry and financial service industries which reflect the modern digital era.

We are currently living in a digital revolution. The future is here and while it means that traditional jobs will fall by the wayside, it is not a loss since the digital single market is a priority of the EU Commission. A digital single market will improve the situation for everyone throughout the EU and it is for this reason that we must prepare our youth and future generations.

And the Minister is absolutely right. Without the young generation getting ready for the digital revolution, the industry might face difficulties on a larger scale in the future.

I already see a trend in Malta in which iGaming companies are investing in a different type of advertisement. Not the regular advertisements in which they are simply showing off, but in order to attract talent. The popularity of the sector soars and so does the demand for only the best talent.

In such a competitive industry, companies must stay one step ahead of their competitors and this means hiring only the best talent they can find. To tackle the staff issues, iGaming companies started to invest more in training their employees with a chance to develop better skills and to become the best in what they do. Even if no experience in iGaming or whatsoever, companies have employees walking around to train the newbies to get familiar with the industry and the way it works. This way, everybody has a chance to end up in a dynamic, professional, efficient business environment. Before you know, you’re among those passionate employees on an island that has enough to offer including around 300 sunny every year.

Did NetEnt’s strategy pay off?

It certainly did! NetEnt’s reality TV-style series The Challenge hit 1.4 million views since the launch beginning of May. NetEnt has enjoyed impressive interaction across its social media channels and website thanks to The Challenge which ahs been leading to an impressive boost in employment applications.

Part of the Employer Branding campaign, The Challenge has helped NetEnt scale new heights in terms of awareness and recruitment. Job applications went up by 86% and traffic from social channels to NetEnt’s website increased by 325%.

Per Eriksson, CEO of NetEnt, said: “NetEnt is always looking to stay one step ahead as we strive to be leaders in the sector and we take an innovative approach to all we do including recruitment and employee engagement. It’s a project we can all be proud of as a company as it highlights how fun but challenging it is to work here every day. It’s good to give prospective candidates an exclusive behind-the-scenes view at what working at NetEnt really looks like. The success of The Challenge shows that our workforce is never afraid to go above and beyond and their dedication will only continue to lift us.”

NetEnt’s The Challenge

More than 900 employees at seven global locations took part in The Challenge, which saw four members of the NetEnt team, climb one of the European Alps’ tallest mountains with support from colleagues in-house.

Tasks designed to strengthen the company’s strong culture were completed by staff across the business as NetEnt transferred its gamification expertise to the branding campaign.

Taking place over eight episodes, the reality TV-style series is presenting a rare insight into the workings of a major, multi-national organisation. The open and authentic behind-the-scenes look at the progressive tech company is providing the iGaming industry and beyond the chance to learn more about NetEnt and its company culture.

By on 12 July, 2017