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NetEnt’s Secrets of Atlantis™ video slot reveils secrets lost island of Atlantis

Something I love about the many NetEnt slots developed in the past years is the variety of topics. In the 7 years that I’ve been writing about online casinos and the online casino games, I had the honour to describe a great variety of topics. From rich pigs to aliens, horror to fruity slots, and history to the future, nothing seems too crazy enough for NetEnt and new topics keep coming up. This year the NetEnt Rocks slots series is in the spotlights including Guns N’ Roses™, Jimi Hendrix™, and Motörhead™. Great video slots that are among the best video slots the industry is rich, but it’s a fact that some love history more than rock music, hence NetEnt choose to create a history-themed video slot revealing the secrets of the lost island Atlantis. The Secrets of Atlantis™ slot is now available at all NetEnt Casinos, as well the mobile version Secrets of Atlantis Touch®.

Why Plato’s Atlantis?

Probably because one of the developers at NetEnt came up with the idea, inspired by a book or film. Maybe he or she was reading about Plato’s work or watching a documentary on television. One thing is for sure, the legend is still alive, even though no real proof of its existence was ever found. All we have is a story written by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. The story was first told in two of Plato’s dialogues, the “Timaeus” and the “Critias,” written about 330 B.C. The story is about the famous lost island that saw its fate in 9,600 B.C when it disappeared into the sea in just one day and one night. This was a long time before Plato was born himself and considering the fact that google didn’t exist yet and no YouTube video was available showing the particular event, I’m wondering how it is possible that such an event was described in detail more than 9000 years after it happened. Was the story simply based on true facts that involved other islands such as the Greek island of Santorini was destroyed by a volcanic eruption around 1,600 B.C?

After weeks of writing about the lost island Atlantis, I come to the conclusion that it must be the legend or the idea of a lost island that has been captivating historians, dreamers, occultists, and New Agers for many generations. Especially because the island was often idealized as an advanced, utopian society holding wisdom that could bring world peace. Something to hold on to in times of war I guess.

Meanwhile, there will always be “Atlantis believers” out there that keep on dreaming about a lost island thought of as a peaceful utopia while a team of highly qualified software developers doesn’t need proof to come up with a video slot revealing all of Atlantis’ long-kept secrets.

Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, comments: “NetEnt delivers innovative game themes designed to attract players and keep them coming back for more. Now they’ll be able to get submerged in this stunning slot which once again shows why NetEnt is at the head of the market when it comes to casino games.”

Secrets of Atlantis™ video slot

Secrets are there to come out and that’s exactly what NetEnt is up to when it launched the Secrets of Atlantis™ video slot today and its mobile version Secrets of Atlantis Touch®. Thanks to this new NetEnt slot, you don’t have to wait for the scientists to come up with proof of Atlantis’ existence. You are about to found out what the island looks like while it’s laying peacefully at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. While you get a free history lesson, you will also enjoy a NetEnt slot packed with special features including a Highlight feature, Nudge Wilds, Colossal symbols Re-Spins, and a Win Both Ways function.

While you submerge yourself in the underwater world available in the Secrets of Atlantis™ slot, you’ll be surrounded by familiar creatures such as crabs, turtles, jellyfish, clams and pearls. But you’re also going to meet the only resident of Atlantis who got a very important role to play in the Secrets of Atlantis™ video slot

By on 24 August, 2016