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NetEnt’s sneak preview of the Emojiplanet® slot 😍

You love them, and you hate them. 😃 Sometimes I also hate that I love them, and then I hate that I hate them.😈 I might love them more than that I hate them, the reason I use them a lot. While others might hate it that I love them, it’s hard not to love them. Intensifying happiness, as well as sadness, these tiny smiley faces have more power than we would love to admit. And even though we have a hate-love relationship with them, they are here to stay, taking over the planet movie by movie, and video slot by video slot. 😉

It’s almost too thrilling for words 😀🎬

We know they exist, we know they have power, but we have no idea what their world looks like, but that’s about to change. The official The Emoji Movie will be in the cinemas from August 4, 2017, unlocking the never-before-seen world inside your smartphone. The movie trailer doesn’t reveal much so it’s hard to get any expectations from the movie. Is it going to be that bad or that good. Well, I happen to 😍 3D movies, so it can never be bad, but I do hope it’s becoming better than the trailer which wasn’t much appreciated by the crowd. YouTube doesn’t have emojis as likes, but thumbs and this trailer is having a lot of thumbs down. I did give it a 👍, but maybe it’s only the creative minds that see the ingenuity of this movie trailer.

The trailer isn’t much revealing, but having a good look into The Emoji Movie, you’ll find out that you’re going to drawn into a world hidden in all of our smartphones. While these tiny smilies changed the way we communicate, a journey to Textopolis will forever change the way we feel about emojis. Can it turn the haters into lovers and lovers into haters? I don’t think so, but unlike those sceptic trailer/movie watchers out there 😕, I do think the movie will be an original and funny one.

So soon we’ll know where all these tiny smiley faces, and things, live and from where they send us the extra emotions into the real world. It won’t be easy to bring the world a dynamic movie with a bunch of characters that have only one facial expression to share with the viewers, except for one, Gene (T.J. Miller), the one emoji born without a filter, having multiple expressions to deal with, and therefore, determined to become “normal” 😉.

Sooo, now you know the story behind the movie while this is the official The Emoji Movie teaser trailer 🎬

And this, this is NetEnt’s trailer, a sort of sneak preview of the Emojiplanet® slot 😅

And the next preview, that’s what I expect the Emojiplanet® slot to be 😊

Although the above sneak preview is revealing as much as the movie trailer is about The Emoji Movie, it is a nice teaser to watch. Obviously filmed in Malta, where you’ll find one of NetEnt’s offices, the teaser has a fun story to tell. If the Emojiplanet® slot is going to bring as much originality as the teaser, players will have a lot to look forward to.

The teaser is showing us how emojis have the power to take over if you let them, but a wake-up call might save the day. It’s obvious that NetEnt is already investing in the video slot with the aim to bring the NetEnt Casinos and millions of players the best of the best. NetEnt is about to bring a whole new subject to the reels and I’m sure originality and innovation will be some of the priorities during the development process.

This highly anticipated branded slot will become available in August of 2017 and will follow the summer launch of The Emoji Movie. To be able to create the Emojiplanet® slot, NetEnt teamed up with Global Merchandising Services & The emoji Company. The looks of the game will depend on the license agreement signed which means I’m not sure if the new NetEnt slot will be an extension of The Emoji Movie with original fragments from the movie, for example.

Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, comments: “As a leader in both mobile online gaming and innovation, Emojis is a perfect fit with NetEnt. Every day, millions – if not billions – of people around the world enjoy using Emojis. They have become a language in their own right; it is hard to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with.”


For the first time, these tiny little emojis will be brought to life on the reels, for sure accompanied by some of NetEnt’s innovative features. The new NetEnt game will be developed and designed with a mobile first approach, ensuring a great slot experience whether playing at home or on the go.

Jens Drinkwater, Licensing Manager at Global Merchandising Services Ltd said: “We are tremendously excited to bring the colorful and exciting world from the emoji company to the gaming community. We are sure that the Emojiplanet® game will be a fantastic success for players of all ages.”

By on 7 March, 2017