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New Football: Champions Cup™ slot available at one of the NetEnt Casinos already

With only four days to go until launch day, I have been looking around at the NetEnt Casinos to see if I could find the new Football: Champions Cup™ slot somewhere already. Some NetEnt Casinos have the game online before the official launch day and that’s how I was able to find the new NetEnt video slot at Klaver Casino. In four days, you can find two extended slot reviews on, but now I have found the new game available at Klaver Casino already, I think it would be a nice idea to give you a preview of the upcoming Football: Champions Cup™ slot. Let’s play some football, enjoying slot features such as the Penalty Shootout Bonus Game and the Free Spins “EURO 2016” Tournament.


I know I’m a girl, for 21 years already (ok I might be lying here), but these days girls do like football you know. I hardly had any other option, because when I was just a newborn, my dad decided to start a futsal team (indoor football). This is probably the reason why I love the smell of indoor gyms and locker room. It sounds weird, I know, but these gyms, gymnasiums or sports halls, whatever you want to call them, were my playground. Stairs, long halls, locker rooms, a sports bar and many doors were perfect to play hide and seek, play tag or whatever game we managed to come up with when we had to spend time at the gym. Twice a week was a minimum, so you can imagine I spent quite some time at the gym, getting used to the smell of my ‘playground’. Still when I walk into these areas, nostalgic feelings take over.

These same nostalgic feelings come back again when I open the Football: Champions Cup™ slot. The sound of the crowd cheering sounds so familiar to me and it’s one of the few things I miss about my home country. I am supporting PSV Eindhoven and I am a proud supporter I can tell you as my favourite football team managed to win the Dutch football league for two years in a row. I missed out on both celebrations as Eindhoven isn’t my home anymore, the reason I sadly had to give up on my PSV membership. Before I decided to move to a super small sunny island in the Mediterranean, also known as Europe’s most popular iGaming hub, I went to every single game at the Philips Stadium. And how I miss the atmosphere, the crowd cheering for your favourite football team, altogether singing along with club songs or offensive songs to the opponent, although I, of course, would never do such thing. You can imagine that NetEnt’s newest video slot, the Football: Champions Cup™ slot, launched on Monday, May 23rd, brings back some memories, good memories!

Football: Champions Cup™ slot: my first impression

Oh what can I say, one of the world’s best football teams around, with players like Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie,  didn’t manage to qualify. My first impression has something to do with this fact as the Dutch flag is missing among 24 flags available for players to choose. Painful, but the ugly truth and the reason I had to go for another team other than my personal favourite. Well, I lived in Italy for almost one year, so I could go for the Azzurri, but I clicked the Belgium flag as I think I’m going to support the Red Devils this year. The Dutch have a long football history with the Germans, so I rather not go für Die Mannschaft. Belgium it is, although I do support the Azzurri still.

The list of qualified countries grew this year as, for the first time, the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament involves 24 teams instead of the 16 teams in 2012. The countries that qualified for the UEFA Euro 2016: France (host), Spain, Belgium, England, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Wales, Albania, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Switzerland. Big chance you do find your country among these 24 countries or a second favourite you can support. If not, just pick one, an underdog, always fun to follow and you’ll never get too disappointed if they don’t get to the knockout phase.

Right after I started the game with a €10.00 bet, two Bonus symbols appeared on reels 1 and 2 and once the 5th reel stopped rolling, a third Bonus symbol was a fact. This means it took me one spin to activate the Penalty Shootout Bonus Game. It is generally known that the Dutch aren’t that fabulous in taking penalties, probably the reason why I failed to win my first Penalty Shootout Bonus Game. I managed to score three times, but my opponent was slightly better with four successful penalties. Well, fair enough, I’m happy anyway with my bonus score of 925.

Back to the main game, one with two different Wild features involved that make sure there’s always enough excitement on the five reels. I took me a bit longer to activate the Free Spins “EURO 2016” Tournament, one that really brings the excitement of a football tournament. This one didn’t take a month, though, like Euro 2016 will, but several minutes. Those few minutes are much fun though as you want your team to get as far as possible. Each Free Spin is like a football game and winning the match makes you advance to the next round playing another match. There will be cups to be awarded during this Free Spins “EURO 2016” Tournament and a Home Wild and an Away Wild are making this free spins more interesting. I managed to fight the Red Devils through the quarterfinals, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it to semifinals or final. Well, not bad, I would be very happy for my former neighbour country if they make it to the quarterfinals this year. Regarding this new NetEnt video slot, inspired by the UEFA European Championship 2016, I can only say that NetEnt did a brilliant job, implementing slot features that look rather like computer games. Luckily Klaver Casino is giving you the opportunity to enjoy this excellent sports video slot already to make you feel the cheers of the crowd, enjoy a football tournament, and to be the one to bring the victory to your team!

By on 19 May, 2016