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New heroes about to arrive thanks to the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ video slot launch

NetEnt is totally into super heroes this year! Only a few weeks ago, the Wild Worlds™ video slot brought three superheroes to the reels and in two weeks time, the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ video slot will follow. This time four superheroes will arrive at the NetEnt Casinos with the goal to protect their city from the evil Deep Pockets!

New NetEnt slots 2019!

In 2018, NetEnt already promised to launch more games in 2019! The software developer expects to launch about 30 to 35 new NetEnt slots in 2019 and quite a bunch has been launched already!

It all started with the Golden Grimoire™ slot in February, bringing more magic to the reels than ever before! A grimoire brings you all the secrets magic has to offer! Looking for some magic in your life, the Golden Grimoire™ slot is a must!

March 2019 was reserved for Scudamore’s Super Stakes™ and Temple of Nudges™. The first game launch resulted in the first branded NetEnt slot launched in 2019 as the game is developed in cooperation with Peter Scudamore, a true horse racing legend. Even if you’re not into horse racing, I advise you to play this video slot anyway to enjoy a whole new slot experience!

The Temple of Nudges™ slot has a lot of familiar aspects, mainly coming from the popular Gonzo’s Quest™ slot. I personally would still choose Gonzo over the Temple of Nudges™ slot, although this new NetEnt slot offers a great combination of video slot features.

How April was a month to look forward to when it comes to new NetEnt slots. First, we saw the Wild Worlds™ slot becoming available at the NetEnt Casino, bringing the first 3 superheroes of 2019! You can never have enough superheroes and the gameplay speaks for itself with a 5×5 reel! Definitely worth playing, but my video slot heart was touched more by the Dead or Alive 2™ slot.

Launched exactly 10 years after the Dead or Alive™ slot, the sequel to this immense popular slot brought a new slot innovation! It was hard to compete with the first version of the slot, but NetEnt definitely did a good job offering three free spins features instead of one in the Dead or Alive 2™ video slot. Of course, different video slot features are available in each free spins feature, but that’s not what makes them so special. The real difference can be found in the volatility level of each free spins feature with a feature available for each type of player. No matter if you like to play carefully or you’re a high roller, you’re a beginner or an experienced slot player, with a Low, Medium, and High volatility Free Spins feature available in Dead or Alive 2™, this game truly is for everybody!

You can never have enough superheroes and the same goes for action-packed video slots. NetEnt tries to listen to its players more. To see what their wishes are and that’s most probably why two superheroes-themed video slots are launched in a short period of time. First, players got a chance to see three bird superheroes in action in the Wild Worlds™ slot while the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ slot will bring the four heroes – Flare, Chronos, Zero.x, and Psyop to the reels.

To be launched on the 23rd of May, the Narcos™ slot is going to bring the 2nd branded slot, bringing you straight to Colombia where world’s infamous drug lords ruled the country during the 80’s and 90’s! Entertainment guaranteed!

But, before we see the Narcos™ slot being launched on 23rd May, it’s the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ slot that’s going to arrive at the NetEnt Casinos on the 16th of May, the day that three new NetEnt superheroes are being introduced to the world!

When this day arrives, you’ll arrive in a dystopian futuristic world where Deep Pockets tries to take over the world and ruin it! Hence, NetEnt created four heroes in order to save their city. Besides four new superheroes, NetEnt added Stacked Wilds, Multipliers, Multiplying Re-Spins, and Overlay Wilds as well.

Arcane: Reel Chaos™ video slot features

Every time again, it’s a big surprise what the newest NetEnt slot is going to offer and often, all we have is a preview video. That’s how we get curious, wondering what will be next. The first footage of the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ video slot is showing an action-packed game in which the city must be saved from the villain called Deep Pockets.

As we saw in the Wild Worlds™ video slot, villains indeed bring a lot of action to the reels, and the same goes for the four heroes trying to protect their city! You’ll see the villain and the heroes battling it out in the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ video slot but the big question is, who will win the battle?

It will be 4 against 1 which, usually isn’t fair, but villains do have the habit to be meaner and stronger.  Will the four heroes Flare, Chronos, Zero.x and Psyop be able to beat Deep Pockets? I can’t say, but I do know that each of the super heroes got a special slot feature of their own which means there will be at least four special features available in the Arcane™ slot. A lot of features, that’s a fact. But who will win the battle, that we’ll only find out as soon as the Arcane: Reel Chaos™ video slot becomes available on the 16th of May!

By on 1 May, 2019