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One week to go for the classic-themed Swipe and Roll™ video slot to become available

We love NetEnt for its wide range of original video slots, over and over again enriched with a new theme, great design, and innovative video slot features. Next week, the Swipe and Roll™ video slot becomes available at all NetEnt Casinos, offering a typical classic slot game with a modern touch. Swipe and Roll™ isn’t designed to show you the latest technologies, though, it’s simply developed to bring you back in time!

Old school slot machines

Many times did I describe the history of the slot machines and over and over again I’m surprised about how this industry developed itself since the first gambling machine was invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco California (US) in 1887. Better known as the Liberty Bell, the first gambling machine consisted of three spinning reels containing symbols like Horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and, obviously, the Liberty Bell. And even though these type of gambling machines were banned for a while, the start of a thriving industry was there already. The slot machine crossed the borders already and started to show up in cigar stores, saloons, bowling establishments, brothels, and barber shops.

The good old one-armed bandits have been there since 1887 to never disappear again! Charles Fey and Sitman and Pitt played an incredible role in the existence of the gambling machine and the same goes for NetEnt when it comes to the online version of the game. There’s no supplier that meant so much for the general development of the online slots as NetEnt.

Since its establishment in 1996, NetEnt has been a true pioneer and creation after creation, new innovations were brought to the NetEnt Casinos. Next week, NetEnt isn’t launching one of those typical video slots enriched with rich animations and outstanding video slot features. The Swipe and Roll™ video slot will be bringing a different type of game, one that brings you back to the time in which only the traditional slot machine was available. That’s why Swipe and Roll™ is placed in an arcade 50’s dinner with music coming from the never-forgotten jukebox.

What to expect from the Swipe and Roll™ video slot

While the Swipe and Roll™ video slot is offering many characteristics so typical for a classic slot, this new NetEnt slot will be classified as a modern slot. This is exactly why I can highly recommend to try the Swipe and Roll™ video slot at LeoVegas where this game has been exclusively available for months already. At LeoVegas, you can already enjoy the Swipe and Roll™ video slot which is offering an old-school slot machine with a modern gameplay.

NetEnt has been doing a great job to give you a traditional classic slot experience including an original slot design, and old school winning effects, but when it comes to the slot features, NetEnt went slightly more modern. The talented developers added a Wild, an x3 Wild, a Wild Re-spin, a Coin Wheel feature and a bonus game. All of these could be placed on a timeline of their own with the Wild in the beginning and the Wild Re-spin at the end of the line.

The fun thing is, that NetEnt did a great job with the video slot features available in the Swipe and Roll™ video slot. No matter how modern the features are, NetEnt managed to give them the old school look while the designers added some old-fashioned fruit symbols as well. The familiar liberty bell has been used as a Scatter and the Wild can be recognised by the diamond symbol.

Not so Classic either, are the 20 bet lines that will be crossing the five reels. This is very typical for a modern slot game and the reason the Swipe and Roll™ video slot is classified as modern. Nevertheless, this game is highly recommended if you’re into classic slots as your experience will be rather classic and traditional than modern. There will be no cutting-edge animations and no bonus game like you’ve seen in the Jumanji™ video slot, for example. Give this game a go at LeoVegas now or wait a little while longer until the official game launch at all NetEnt Casinos next week Tuesday 7th August.

By on 1 August, 2018