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Why NetEnt is the one and only software supplier in the iGaming industry

While I was looking for an interesting subject or good promotion to write about, I was confronted with something that already annoys me for quite a while. The originality of video slots offered by the many software providers. Originality seems to be a very difficult point to some suppliers, the reason NetEnt always managed to be ahead of the game. Hard work and lots of effort always resulted in original games never seen before in any online casino. Why is being original so hard if thousands of subjects are available? Why would you copy your competition’s slot games, if there are still so many subjects and themes out there to be covered?

Copy cats all the way!

It was in February, during ICE 2017, that NetEnt announced a cooperation with Global Merchandising Services & The Emoji Company. Original, that’s for sure as no emoji-themed slot wasn’t available yet. At least as far as I know, but such an early announcement seems to be waking up some sleeping dogs or should I call them unoriginal dogs? Those not motivated enough to come up with brilliant subjects, themes and animations themselves.

NetEnt in a press release: “The game is due for release in Q3 2017, following the summer launch of the anticipated feature film The Emoji Movie

Not hard to figure out that it would take NetEnt over a half year before the game was going to be launched, time enough to come up with an emoji themed slot themselves Microgaming must have thought. How original!

Named Emoticoins, Microgaming didn’t go far to get at least some bit of originality into the game and the same goes for the design and slot features of the game. Since I’m a NetEnt fan site, I won’t go too deep into the game but I let’s compare this video slot to NetEnt’s Emojiplanet™ slot.

NetEnt’s Emojiplanet™ slot:

Microgaming’s Emoticoins:

You have to play both games to see the true differences, but it’s not hard to guess who wins the prize for originality!

There’s a reason there’s an entire website about nothing else than the NetEnt Games and thanks to Microgaming attempt to come up with an emoji-themed slot first, it’s very clear that NetEnt is the original one here. As always!

I have a hard time dealing with originality and many in the industry feel the need to keep it easy instead of original. It’s a fast-moving industry and it’s hard to keep ahead of the competition, but those who do work hard to do so will eventually be rewarded. Hard work pays off in the iGaming industry and the hard working ones will always win it from the lazy ones. Hard work and originality will be rewarded and besides, it keeps you motivated to come up with innovative products or original content in my case and that of the software suppliers.

NetEnt’s Emojiplanet™ slot was recently launched at Mr Green only, three weeks before the official release date. Was it really planned or did NetEnt find out about the bad copy plans of its competition and decided to keep the honour to themselves launching the Emojiplanet™ three weeks earlier? If so, I can’t even blame NetEnt! But no matter what, and I know I was slightly disappointed at first, NetEnt again proves to be the one and only software supplier in the iGaming industry launching the most original version of an emoji-themed video slot. It doesn’t matter how many emoji-themed video slots will follow, it’s hard to beat NetEnt!

By on 8 August, 2017