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Parthenon™ slot takes you to the Athenian Acropolis

Chichén Itzá, Borobudur and Parthenon are all temples! In different parts of the world and within different religions, but can I choose which one impressed me the most? No, because they are all massive structures incredibly important for the people and the history of the countries they are in. NetEnt’s newest game, the Parthenon™ slot brings you to the top of the Acropolis. Here you find one of Greece’s most important temples, dedicated to the goddess Athena. The game offers you a beautiful sight of the Parthenon, as well as a high volatile gameplay including a Wild Generation Zone, the Avalanche™ feature and Free Spins with an increasing Multiplier.

The expansion of the Quest for Immortality™ slots series

In 2015, NetEnt launched the first part of the Quest for Immortality™ slots series. The Pyramid: Quest for Immortality™ slot was the first of what has now officially become a slot series with two slots available.

There’s a chance that there won’t be another part, but for now, we can enjoy Pyramid: Quest for Immortality™ and Parthenon: Quest for Immortality™. The latter was launched last week, on the 3rd of June, but that day, ironically International Bicycle Day, I had a great need to launch myself from my bicycle through the air.

My rather inconvenient bicycle accident caused my reviews to be published late, but better late than never. Especially in this case. While I took the necessary rest with my poor face in tatters, I completely missed the news about the upcoming Starburst XXXTreme™ slot. So stay tuned, because a lot of good NetEnt stuff is coming our way!

But let’s start with the second part of the Quest for Immortality™ which brings us one of the most impressive structures built worldwide, as well as a high volatile gameplay.

Visit the Parthenon

With the second leg of the Quest for Immortality™ slots series available, it’s time for a visit to Ancient Greece with the Parthenon temple on the Athenian Acropolis in the spotlights! Whoever had the chance to visit the immense temple, will agree with me that the massive structure and its surroundings are truly magical!

In the middle of Athens, you find the historical neighbourhood Pláka, clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis. A must-see when in the capital city of Greece, but it’s mainly the rocky outcrop above the city that will keep asking for your attention.

The hill contains the remains of several ancient buildings, one more impressive than the other. The most famous of them all is the Parthenon and even though it’s hard to ignore the scaffolding, I considered the structure larger than life.

Completed in 438 BC, it’s the most important ancient building with historical significance. There might be many other acropoleis in Greece, but there’s only one Parthenon!

Parthenon™ slot

High volatile Parthenon™ slot

With the arrival of the Parthenon™ slot last Thursday, NetEnt fans and slots lovers can enjoy another high volatility slot. This means that it’s better not to expect frequent wins, but large wins instead. High volatile slots are famous for their massive payouts, not for the ongoing series of wins.

High volatile slots are incredibly popular with players. Most slots with high volatility are rather simple, but the Parthenon™ slot has a bit more to offer than simplicity alone.

Initially is all you see is a smaller temple. But just like it’s the case with historical buildings, it’s only those that take the time to truly enjoy a building that will see the true beauty of it. You watch an ancient structure through a Smartphone camera worrying about your followers, you will never see it!

Don’t focus too much on the 6 reels and its 4 or 5 symbols, but look ahead to not miss out on this game’s real beauty. I know it won’t be easy. Play the game at Race Casino, for example, and it’s only a matter of time that you notice it’s the Wild Generation Zone you have your eyes on. Let me explain why!

Wild Generation Zone feature

The Parthenon™ slot’s main feature is the Wild Generation Zone feature. Playing the Greek-themed video slot, you will soon find out what this zone is all about. It all starts with the 4 top symbols surrounded by a gold light.

The Parthenon™ slot turns all symbols appearing in the Wild Generation Zone, and involved in a winning combination, into a Wild symbol. This brings a lot of action to the reels already, but the combination with the familiar Avalanche feature turns this game into a true slot gem.

There are no extraordinary animations or whatsoever, but the combination of slots feature will keep you captivated for sure. If it isn’t the divine and triumphant music that keeps you around anyway!

Avalanche feature + Free Spins

Just like the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality™ slot offers the Avalanche feature, also Parthenon™ slot gives you consecutive wins with after each win an new chance to win within the same spin.

Symbols in winning combinations disappear, leaving space for a new Avalanche of symbols, which continues until there are no more wins.

During the Free Spins feature, the game multiplies all winnings by the current Multiplier. The Multiplier starts at x1, and with each symbol transforming into a Wild symbol, it increases the multiplier by 1 up to a maximum of x20.

3 Free Spins symbols that appear anywhere on the reels in the main game award 8 Free Spins. Each additional Free Spins involved with the activation awards 4 additional Free Spins.  You receive another 2 Free Spins during the feature when the Scatter Meter reaches 3.

By on 7 June, 2021