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Phantom of the Opera™ slot soon available at the NetEnt Casinos

While another exciting new NetEnt slot has been announced already, bringing the famous emojis to the reels with the Emojiplanet™ slot, time is flying with only week left for the Phantom of the Opera™ slot to become available at the NetEnt Casinos. Theis new NetEnt slot will be another great addition to the series of Universal Monsters™ slots, this time featuring two Wild symbols, a Re-spin and Free Spins feature while a Pick and Click bonus game is available as well.

What to expect from the Phantom of the Opera™ slot

Ever since the Emojiplanet™ slot was announced at ICE 2017 in February, I thought it was this game that was going to bring the best design and gameplay. However, from what I’ve seen so far from this new video, I’m not sure this game is even going to be in my top 3. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I’ve played the game once launched, but at this point I predict the Phantom of the Opera™ slot to have a better chance. It can’t be all in the name you know.

The Phantom of the Opera™ slot is definitely bringing another branded slot to the NetEnt Casinos, but besides a big name, this game is also enriched with exciting graphics and an exciting gameplay. That’s probably why this game is going to end up in my top 3 favourite NetEnt slots 2017. I can’t promise anything yet, though, as the game will only be launched next Tuesday 24th July. Besides, we’re halfway through 2017 which means many more video slots will be launched including the Emojiplanet™ slot, the Planet of the Apes™ slot,  as well as a bunch of unannounced games.

If you have read my announcements and slot reviews, you’ll probably know I have high expectations of new NetEnt slots. Sometimes NetEnt manages to amaze me and other times I’m slightly disappointed. This time, I’m looking forward The Phantom of the Opera™ slot to be launched as the above preview video shows some incredible animations as seen in Universal Monsters Dracula online slot™.

In my opinion, the animations in the Dracula™ slot were a bit more sophisticated with Dracula turning into a bunch of flying bats in the Bat feature. A true spectacle on the reels I have to say, but as far as I can see, we can also look forward to some amazing animations in the Phantom of the Opera™ slot with the Phantom of the Opera in the spotlights.

A story to tell

While many of you might think of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s successful 1986 musical, the origin of the story of the Phantom of the Opera can be found in 1909, the year a serialisation was published in Le Gaulois written by the French writer Gaston Leroux. In 1910, the story appeared as a novel, inspired by historical events at the Paris Opera during the 19th century.

A copy of the novel landed in the hands of the founder of Universal Pictures, Carl Laemmle, who took a vacation to Paris in 1922 where he met The Phantom of the Opera’s author Gaston Leroux. After Laemmle told Leroux how much he admired the Paris Opera House, Laemmle got a copy of Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera after which he bought the film rights.

Besides a film and a musical, the story will soon be available at the NetEnt Casinos as well. Inspired by the horror classic, the new NetEnt slot will tell the story of the young opera singer Christine Daaé who discovers she has a mysterious admirer. The enigmatic masked presence, the Phantom, lives underneath the Paris Opera House. With the intention to help Christine to become a lead performer, the Phantom holds Christine as a prisoner, demanding her devotion and affection.

Phantom of the Opera™ slot features

In about a week, you must find yourself a way to your favourite NetEnt Casino. It’s on Tuesday 24th July that NetEnt is going to release the Phantom of the Opera™ slot bringing a pretty exciting new slot to the NetEnt Casinos.

You know you’re going to enjoy a high-quality game when you get a chance to enjoy a fantastic intro. That’s the innovation I respect NetEnt for and with every new slot game announced, I hope to see such amazing graphics. It’s also nice to see a 5×4 grid instead of the usual 5×3 grid, adding to an original gameplay which also includes a great number of video slot features including two Wild symbols, a Re-spin and Free Spins feature while a Pick and Click bonus game is available as well.

At least three Scatter symbols will be responsible for the activation of the Free Spins feature showing another impressive intro. Get ready for the Phantom to show his true colours while you can look forward to some true action on the reels.

When the Phantom appears on the utter left reel and Christine on the utter right reel you’ll be treated the Pick and Click bonus game. Roses are red, violets are blue, and big winnings might come directly to you if you manage to pick the right roses.

The Phantom’s famous mask can’t be missing on the reels and if it appears on the last reel instead of Christine, a Masked Phantom Re-Spin will occur with the involved bonus symbols being transformed into Wild symbols during the Re-Spin.

By on 17 July, 2017