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Santa’s loyal red-nosed reindeer goes mischievous in Santa vs Rudolf™ video slot

With the festive holidays coming up and Christmas closing in, there’s no better time for NetEnt to introduce its newest Christmas-themed slot game, the funniest of them all! This time you won’t see the Grinch nor the Gremlins as the biggest danger to Christmas, but Santa’s most loyal reindeer friend! Will Christmas be ruined or do you think Santa will manage to bring Rudolf back in control, giving back his much-needed hat! Whatever the outcome will be, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Santa vs Rudolf™ slot which is sharing its gameplay with the popular The Invisible Man™ slot!

Santa vs Rudolf™ slot gameplay

As mentioned in the intro, you can now enjoy The Invisible Man™ in Christmas spirit! Not very original when it comes to the gameplay, I know but after NetEnt’s first two Christmas-themed slots, in which two spring-themed slots were received a Christmas Edition, I’m happy with every Christmas game that doesn’t involve a spring slot. It’s not a secret that these two Christmas slots were a bit of a flop, even though the games, in general, are pretty popular.

Ever since that fiasco, NetEnt never did it again and ever since, great Christmas slots have been launched with the Secrets of Christmas™ in 2016, Jingle Spin™ in 2018 while this year, we see Santa clashing with Rudolf for stealing his hat! And I know, it’s sad that Rudolf is doing his best to ruin Christmas with so many little ones depending on him, but the video slot is pretty funny!

Even though NetEnt used the gameplay of The Invisible Man™ slot, there’s enough originality in this game with Rudolf being extremely stubborn and Santa being confused at first, losing his temper later on in the game. At this point, it would be better if the two would stay away from each other, but with Rudolf walking from left to right in the rows, and Santa from right to left, there’s a good chance the two will clash!

“The Santa vs Rudolf™ slot is following on from the huge success and laughs of Jingle Spin™ and a merry addition to our seasonal portfolio that perfectly captures the joy and cheer of this holiday season. Santa vs. Rudolf™ continues the humorous trend with goofy antics from our two favorite holiday heroes battling it out for seasonal supremacy. This narrative will be hard to resist even amongst the scrooges in our player base! Happy Holidays!” said Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.

Santa vs Rudolf™ slot features

You’ll find your way to the North Pole easily with the Santa vs Rudolf™ slot now being available at the NetEnt Casinos, inviting you to help Santa find his magic hat, hidden by the mischievous and extremely stubborn Rudolf. It’ll soon be time to deliver presents across the world, so there’s no time to waste! Help Santa to get a grip on his red-nosed reindeer friend while enjoying a Walking Santa Wild, a Walking Rudolf Wild, Re-spins, Free Spins, and the two enticing Santa’s Gifts and Rudolf Spins Bonus Features.

With candy cane, sleigh bell and reindeer symbols decorating the reels, this beautifully designed Christmas-themed slot is promising huge win opportunities and magnificent prizes. Instead of the Invisible Man and the police officer, you now find an annoyed Santa and stubborn Rudolf next to the reels and on the reels.

You’ll find a desperate Santa on the left of the reels and a mischievous Rudolf on the right and both of them received a Wild symbol of their own as well. It’s might look all Christmassy with bells ringing and presents waiting to be delivered by the sleigh, but Rudolf is a serious pain in the a…you know what, and it doesn’t seem he’s going to give up his newly invented game.

With the two Wilds both walking their own way on the rows, you’ll soon find out how the Santa vs Rudolf™ slot received the right name. It’s inevitable that a battle between the two will unfold. When the Santa Wild and the Rudolf Wild are in the same position on the reels, the two will collide after which 10 Free Spins are activated. During these Free Spins, you’ll find two meters, one for Rudolf and one for Santa that when one of them is full, you’ll activate the corresponding feature: the Santa’s Gifts feature or Rudolf Spins.

By on 3 December, 2019