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Save worlds and fight monsters in NetEnt’s upcoming Wild Worlds™ slot

It’s the When Pigs Fly™ slot and the Tornado™: Farm Escape slot that I think of straight away when having a look at the preview video of Wild Worlds™ slot, recently published by NetEnt. These two games aren’t available anymore, but that’s okay as the upcoming Wild Worlds™ slot will be a great mix of the two former NetEnt slots as soon as it’s launched on the 9th of April 2019.

Wild World™ slot launch

With the When Pigs Fly™ slot and the Tornado™: Farm Escape slot being canceled in the past years, it’s great to see that soon a new cartoon-themed slot will be available at the NetEnt Casinos. No flying farm animals this time, though, but a new generation of superheroes!

In the upcoming Wild Worlds™ slot, you’ll get a chance to join the superheroes in order to save worlds and fight monsters! In this new NetEnt slot, heroes and monsters will battle it out which result in lots of action on the reels. While there’s a war going on, you get to enjoy the 5×5 reels with clusters being responsible for the winnings!

From the 9th of April 2019, you’ll be able to enjoy another inventive video slot developed by NetEnt in which you’ll travel through different Free Spins worlds! In every world again, you’ll be welcomed with special Wild features and saving worlds have never been this much fun!

Wild Worlds™ slot features

Watching the above preview video, I just couldn’t help but notice that the upcoming video slot could be a reincarnation of the When Pigs Fly™ slot and the Tornado™: Farm Escape slot, but better! Much better! This time, you’ll be traveling different worlds while saving the world!

You’ll meet the three superheroes as soon as you’ll be able to play the Wild Worlds™ slot at the NetEnt Casinos in April. These superheroes will be part of the action, but most action will be produced by the many video slot features including Avalanches, a Destroy feature, Hero Wilds, Free Spins, Wild symbols, Free Spins Worlds, and more. I don’t even know where to begin!

It seems that the fun begins with the cluster wins. This time I’m not sure of anything as there’s so much going on and all I have is the preview video, but it looks like a cluster of three or more symbols count as a winning combination. Symbols can involve general symbols, hero symbols, and Wild symbols. These hero symbols are the most interesting as a winning combination involving hero symbols will turn all remaining hero symbols of the same type into Wilds. Wild symbols will substitute for all symbols (except maybe Scatters and other bonus symbols) and this will almost always result in even more winning combinations.

In a no win situation, which means that no clusters have been formed or whatsoever, you might see the Destroy Feature being activated. During this feature, one of the superheroes will stop doing what it does in order to destroy all coloured symbols, except for one colour. This colour will remain on the reels, giving you a second chance to achieve victory!

The Wild Worlds™ slot will give you the opportunity to travel through 3 different Free Spins worlds, where every world welcomes you with special Wild features. I’m not 100% sure, but I guess that three Scatters are responsible for the activation of the Free Spins Bonus wheel. A wheel with 6 different parts will appear and the world the arrow points to will be opened. There you’ll fight three different monsters in order to save the world.

There will be Fire Lands Free Spins with Random Wilds and two more Free Spins worlds. You’ll start with trying to defeat three monsters which I think can end up in the Boss Fight. If you manage to defeat the Boss, the next world will be unlocked!

That’s where the preview video slot ends and I’m left with a few questions. What are the two other worlds and can you travel through all three worlds after unlocking the Free Spins feature? If so, this video slot will be a leveled game. Even if it isn’t, I’m pretty sure we can look forward to an exciting game that will captivate you with each spin!

By on 23 February, 2019