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Second Evolution slot announcement: Gonzo’s Gold™ slot

Since NetEnt’s takeover by Evolution in December 2020, we didn’t hear much about any new games. What has happened so far is that a few games in development were cancelled or transferred to other developers in their portfolio. In return, Evolution announced the Starburst XXXTreme™ slot. This game is available at the NetEnt Casinos for quite a while and now another sequel to a successful NetEnt slot has been announced by NetEnt. Gonzo’s Quest™ gets a sequel with Gonzo’s Gold™ slot that’s planned to be launched on 14th October 2021.

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! So I don’t! My favourite character is going to be back on the reels! Did he, after all these years, finally find the way to the lost city of gold, Eldorado? He’s been in the jungle looking for it for over 10 years!

NetEnt’s takeover by Evolution

It was in December 2020 that Evolution took over one of the most successful game developers in the iGaming industry. It’s because of this takeover that NetEnt now belongs to Evolution Gaming, together with Red Tiger, Ezugi, and Big Time Gaming. That’s quite a portfolio!

Straight after the takeover, like seriously on the same day contracts were signed, NetEnt’s Live Casino was wiped off the iGaming map. As if it never existed.

That was the end of NetEnt Live, but the start of a new beginning for NetEnt. Such takeovers can bring new inspiration, which will eventually lead to better games. Besides, NetEnt’s motto is “Better Games”. It could work!

A takeover like this turns a company into a diesel engine. It takes a while for the engine to get to full capacity, but when it runs….it runs fast!

Nobody but Evolution knows what the future beholds for NetEnt, but it starts to look good with Gonzo returning to the reels!

What the Gonzo’s Gold™ slot is going to look like? I don’t know! My crystal ball might be broken! I guess we just have to wait until more information comes available. All I know for now is that the Gonzo’s Gold™ slot launch has been set for 14th October this year. Bring it on!

Gonzo's Gold™ slot preview

How Gonzo set my (video slot) heart on fire!

Oh, it’s going to be a gold one, that’s for sure! When you know the Gonzo’s Quest™ slot, you know that this upcoming NetEnt slot, the second under the Evolution flag, is going to be another outstanding game.

Gonzo’s Quest™ appeared at the NetEnt Casinos in 2011, bringing the Spanish explorer Gonzo to the reels. I was already writing about the online casinos and the casino games available. But I can admit that I wasn’t super enthusiastic about video slots….until that day! The day that NetEnt announced the Gonzo’s Quest™ slot and my casino heart was set on fire for the first time.

I remember writing my longest article ever, with more images than ever! I was in love with the video slot. Okay, maybe I was in love with Gonzo! Come on….his moonwalk…sigh! And his grumpiness….it’s just fantastic!

Makes me wonder….is that why I choose to share my life with a French explorer of the seas? After all, Gonzo didn’t have much time for me, always exploring the jungle in search of the lost city of gold! They do have an awful lot in common!

Gonzo likes to explore, he starts to be extremely grumpy when I ignore him and is incredibly impatient, he has hair around his mouth and has a particular dance. Besides, I explored the jungle with both of them.

How many times Gonzo and I looked at the stone carvings in Gonzo’s Quest™. While my French Gonzo and I enjoyed the stone carvings in Mexico. Comparisons keep coming! Like both of them are totally in for a new adventure, in a new area, region, country!

What could the upcoming Gonzo’s Gold™ slot look like?

I don’t know where these new adventures will bring me, but I do look forward to exploring new surroundings with both! I’m sure Gonzo has a whole new experience waiting for us, with a new goal and new innovations. As long as he remains the same, I like him the way he is.

NetEnt introduced the Avalanche feature in Gonzo’s Quest™ in 2011. I cannot imagine that the Gonzo’s Gold™ slot will be without this successful slot feature. After all, it became a success because of Gonzo!

And the falling blocks in Gonzo’s Quest™, it’s almost impossible to make a sequel without those. The stone carvings can be replaced with gold, lots of gold, and I would understand. But the falling blocks as part of the Avalanche™ feature, what would we do without them.

I can totally picture the game with some sound effects recycled. Gonzo and these sounds are inseparable! But NetEnt might go for new sounds with an adventurous tune in the background.

I can only think about what I would add to the game to make the Gonzo’s Gold™ slot more successful than its predecessor. If that’s even possible! Maybe more water as gold asks for water! So some sound effects could involve the sounds of water. But on the other hand, Gonzo deserves more than that!

I bet Gonzo is longing for deep valleys with long and dangerous bridges, with ranging waters beneath him! Gold searching should never be easy! Maybe a snake or two, or even better, a clumsy hippo!

Gonzo’s Gold™ slot launch

No matter what the upcoming Gonzo’s Gold™ slot brings, as long as Gonzo is involved, I know it can become another big success! Maybe a new dance moves and a new outfit, but that’s it! They can’t chance Gonzo too much or they’ll break my heart!

I do look forward to a whole new slot adventure, though! Wherever Gonzo takes me on our dates, I’ll be fine! Avalanche feature or not, gold or no gold at all, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it to the max! See you soon, my old friend!

By on 24 August, 2021