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Silverback Gold™ promises Buy Feature option. What does this mean?

A modern video slot has different aspects. More than a classic slot that often depends on a few reels, rows, bet lines and slot features. Nowadays, there’s so much more to a video slot and developers still come up with new innovations and inventions. NetEnt promises a few in the upcoming Silverback Gold™ slot and in this article I highlight one of the newest slots inventions, the Buy Feature option. What is a Buy Feature option? What advantages does it have for you as a player? Are there NetEnt slots with a Buy Feature option?

What is a Buy Feature option?

The Buy Feature option allows you to skip the main game in which you usually activate a speciual feature like Free Spins. This saves time as you don’t have to wait for a certain combination that awards the special feature.

Every modern video slot has at least one special feature available. This special feature awards either a specific combination on the reels, Free Spins or a Bonus Game. Some activate randomly, for some you need a specific symbol combination. Both can take a while to appear and if the main game doesn’t keep you captivated, it can be a long wait.

It’s the cheapest option, though. You might see the reels turn many times with only regular wins. But you pay the standard bet.

If you want to skip this process, you pay the big price. Sometimes up to 100 times your bet. That’s also the price of 100 spins without regylar wins in return. So you can only hope that the outcome of the feature you bought, is a good one. Only then, it covers the price you paid for the Buy Feature and the loss of regular wins you could have won during the main game.

What are the advantages of the Buy Feature option?

Of course, the biggest advantage of the Feature Buy option is that you don’t have to wait countless rounds to activate a Free Spins feature or Bonus feature. It’s a real time saver.

These bonus features are perfect to bring big wins, but that’s without investing up to 100 times your bet. In case you use the Buy Feature option, you have an investment to win back during the bonus feature.

A bit of good luck already helps for a bonus feature to end nicely. However, there’s always a chance of dissapointment. Keep this in mind. A Bonus feature or Free Spins doesn’t guaranty massive wins. They do increase the chance of it, though.

And are there any disadvantages?

Yes, there are. The first one is that the Buy Feature is expensive. The price you pay, depends on the game you play. But it can go up to 100 times your bet.

It can be a lucky call, or not. That’s what video slots are all about and the same goes for the Buy Feature option. You can purchase the bonus feature, skip the waiting and win big. But the result of the bonus feature can be poor, with a big loss at once as a result.

NetEnt slots with Buy Feature option

By now, more and more NetEnt slots are available that offer the Buy Feature option. Even some of the most popular NetEnt slots offer a chance to buy Free Spins or activate the main slot feature.

I always recommend waiting for a slot feature to be activated organically, without paying a big price. It’s the economical way of playing a video slot and the nicest way to win big.

But patience isn’t for everybody, I know. So I assume that the Buy Feature is a perfect outcome to those players that have no patience, but eager to go for a big win.

But again, you pay a big price using the Buy Feature and wins won’t always cover your investment. Use the Buy Feature only when you can truly afford it. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that if you go for the Buy Feature, big wins will come faster. It just doesn’t work that way. There’s a chance yes, but as usual, there’s also that chance you lose.

Having said that, it’s time for that list with NetEnt slots with a Buy Feature option:

Buy Feature option in Siilverback Gold slot

Silverback Gold™ (launch date 16 December 2021)

Price to activate Buy Feature: 100x your bet

Officially, there’s no footage available of this upcoming NetEnt slot. All we have is a few posters. However, some find their way into finding some anyway. I like to follow NetEnt’s official announcements, not those of other websites.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the images and that some details are added to the large NetEnt slots encyclopedia I have in my head. On those first images, I saw a Buy Feature option next to the reels. It’s therefore that we can assume that the Silverback Gold™ slot offers a Buy Feature option.

The confirmation comes from NetEnt as they mentioned the following on their slots description:

Don’t want to wait for Free Spins? If the Buy Feature is available, then you can activate Free Spins at 100 times the bet. When you activate the Buy Feature you are guaranteed to activate 10 Free Spins.

Silverback Gold™ Buy Feature option

Asking for 100 times your bet, you know you pay, once again, the big price. Let’s say the minimum bet is €0.10. That would mean that you pay a minimum of €10 to activate the Buy Feature option in this upcoming innovative slot.

Do this 10 times in a row, you pay €100. But it’s not said that your winnings will be over €100. The chance of no wins with 10 Free Spins are nihil, but you must think worst-case scenario here. You can end up losing a few euros with each Buy Feature option you activate.

I keep mentioning this. Because the Buy Feature is a more risky addition in a video slot, and we prefer happy players, not players that end up broke.

Starburst XXXtreme Buy Feature Option

Starburst XXXtreme™

Price to activate XXXtreme Spins: 10 (1 Starburst Wild) or 95 times your bet (2 Starburst Wilds)

The Starburst Wild has been a success for over 10 years already and returns in the Starburst XXXtreme™ slot. The Starburst Wilds can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. They substitute for all symbols, but more importantly, they expand over the entire reel.

Each expanded Wild awards a Re-Spin and a random Multiplier. During the Re-spin, an additional Starburst Wild symbol lands on the reels to expand with another Re-Spin as the result. All Starburst reels remain expanded during Re-spins.

Starburst XXXtreme™ Buy Feature

The sequel to the unbeatable Starburst™ slot sees the debut of XXXtreme Spins. This Buy Feature gives you two options.

Buy Feature option #1
You pay 10 times your bet for 1 guaranteed Starburst Wilds per spin

Buy Feature option #2
You pay 95 times your bet for 2 guaranteed Starburst Wilds per spin.

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand™

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand™

Price to activate Buy Feature: 80x your bet

Three or more Scatters on the reels in the main game of the Riches of Midgard™ slot, activate 8 Free Spins. However, each Scatter appearing on the reels during Free Spins award an extra 2 Free Spins. That same Scatter also awards an extra row with up to 7 rows available in total.

A Wild symbol that matches all other symbols may appear on the left Hot Spot reel which is an extra feature in Free Spins. The Riches of Midgard™ slot was NetEnt’s first slot with the opportunity with a Buy Feature option.

Riches of Midgard™ Buy Feature

The Riches of Midgard™ slot gives you the option to skip a process in which you wait for the 3 Scatters to appear.

This time, you offer 80 times your bet for 8 Free Spins. During these Free Spins, a Scatter still awards more Free Spins.

Feature Buy NetEnt slots

Dead or Alive 2™

Price to activate Buy Feature: 600 coins x your bet

It was the massive demand for a sequel to the classic NetEnt slot Dead or Alive™ lead to the release of the Dead or Alive 2™ slot. The same goes for the Buy Feature option in this sequel. Fans just wanted it and they got it!

The great thing about this NetEnt slot is that it offers you many choices. Not only can you choose to make use of the Buy Feature option, you can also pick the type of Free Spins. There are three different Free Spins features to choose from.

Train Heist Free Spins

The Train Heist Free Spins feature brings low volatility. This means you can look forward to many wins, but not the highest wins. There’s a Multiplier Meter that sends every Wild for the meter to go up with +1. It also adds another Free Spin. If the Multiplier reaches x16, 5 additional Free Spins are awarded.

Old Saloon Free Spins

Pick the Old Saloon Free Spins and you pick a medium volatile gameplay. All wins are multiplied by x2 and Wilds become Sticky Wilds. They stay in place until the end of the Free Spins feature. Collect one or more Wilds on each of the reels for 5 additional Free Spins.

High Noon Free Spins

The highest volatility is reserved for the High Noon Free Spins feature. Wild symbols included become Sticky Wilds. Whenever 2 Wilds land on the same reel, they transform into x2 Multiplier Wilds. Or even x3 Wilds with 3 Wilds landing on the same reel. A 2x plus a x3 Multiplier Wild on the reels will act as a x6 Multiplier. Collect one or more Sticky Wilds on each of the reels to activate 5 Extra Free Spins.

Dead or Alive™ Buy Feature

You can easily buy the Free Spins feature and the price is clear! You will always pay 600 coins multiplied by your bet. The higher your bet, the higher the price. Obviously!

You then activate 12 Free Spins, but it’s up to you to pick your choice of Free Spins.

By on 28 November, 2021