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Silverback Gold slot features revealed!

In exactly 31 days, NetEnt launches a new innovative slot. Earlier this month, they admitted they had been rather silent the past year. I’m going to tell you what caused the silence. But even more, I can finally tell you want innovations you can expect from the Silverback Gold slot features. The takeover by Evolution Group in December 2020, the silence this year, trust me, it all starts to come together! 31 days left for the NetEnt slot launch of the year 2021!

Silverback Gold slot launch date

Godfather Gorilla

On 16 December, the Godfather of the Gorillas makes his entrée at the NetEnt Casinos. It’s the one and only Silverback Gorilla!

I think I can speak for many that we miss the monkey business from Planet of the Apes slot (EOL) and the Go Bananas slot (EOL). We do have the Gorilla Kingdom to enjoy, but now the Godfather of the Gorillas is on his way.

Gorillas live in troops and each troop has an adult male, the leader, called silverback. It’s the distinctive patch of silver hair on the back that gives the leader Gorilla the name Silverback.

The silverback is the centre of the troop’s attention, makes all the decisions, mediates conflicts, and determines the movements of the group. Like a Godfather Gorilla! But I’m going to be honest, this article is not about this Godfather Gorilla, it’s about new innovations, the Silverback Gold slot features, developed by NetEnt.

Why so quiet lately?

I’m sure NetEnt fans didn’t miss the fact that the supplier of some of the best online slots, only launched a few new games this year.

So why so quiet this year? The program as planned by NetEnt before the takeover by Evolution Group, sent between one and three new slots to the NetEnt Casinos each month. This entire year, we welcomed nine new NetEnt slots. The Silverback Gold slot is NetEnt slot number 10 for Europe.

The four US states NetEnt is active in also saw Pork Knox™ and Magic Maid Cafe™ becoming available this year.

Not really a new NetEnt record, but the reason why is clear! Time for a new phase, new inventions, and new innovations to keep NetEnt’s motto “Better Gaming” alive! This process involved the Silverback Gold slot features.

NetEnt admitted it wasn’t the busiest year for NetEnt fans, but for the crew behind the games it was! We don’t get to see what’s going on behind the screens.

We can’t tell you too much about this launch right now… But we’re not monkeying around with this one. Silverback Gold is scheduled for a December 16th launch, and we’re promising epic jungle themed immersion coupled with novel adapted mechanics and a vibrant art direction, all of which have been designed to provide an experience that will make you want to beat your chest with joy,! said NetEnt in an announcement.

This entire year, NetEnt has been busy reinventing the wheel. With brand new game concepts as a result. That explains it all! Because of NetEnt’s hard work, we can look forward to what is announced as one epic game! So let’s look into the Silverback Gold slot features to see if we can find the epic part!

What to expect from the Silverback Gold slot features?

I still have no footage available, except for the above poster. This means no print screen images or whatsoever are available. Nothing to show us exactly what the Silverback Gold slot will look like and what to expect from the epic game mechanics. But I do have more details, so let’s see what the Silverback Gold gameplay promises us!

Silverback Gold slot details

  • RTP of 96.03%
  • 5×4 reels and 1,024 bet ways
  • Max win of 45,000 your bet
  • High volatility slot
  • Buy feature available
  • Interesting for the multiplying multipliers and transforming symbols during Free Spins
  • Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers, Silverback Attack feature, Bonus Game with multiplying multipliers, Free Spins with transforming symbols

Silverback Gold features

I don’t know for sure until I try the game, but it all looks very promising to me. I have the idea that this game is going to offer the player more involvement than usual.

From 16 December, you chase down the Godfather under the Gorillas. He has no other role to play than the big boss, the highest paying symbol. He’s of big importance throughout the entire Silverback Gold slot.

During Free Spins, you get a chance to collect tokens and fill up the meter in order to transform lower-paying symbols into the Godfather Gorilla! The final mission is to transform the highest-paying symbol into the Golden Silverback.

Don’t want to wait for Free Spins? If the Buy Feature is available, then you can activate Free Spins at 100 times the bet. When you activate the Buy Feature you are guaranteed to activate 10 Free Spins.

Silverback Attack feature

The main game brings the Silverback Attack! Randomly activated, Silverback symbols land on the reels. Good for gorilla-sized wins.

You’ll see 6 to 20 mighty Silverback symbols launch themselves onto the spinning reels! But this feature is not only reserved for the main game. It can also be activated randomly in the Free Spins feature.

Silverback Gold bonus game

Three or more Scatter symbols activate the Bonus Game. The reels change into a 5×4 grid with 3 spins to start with and only tokens landing on the reels.

The Scatters stay stuck on the reels while all other symbols move on and spin again. When a token lands on the reels, it reveals what it’s worth. The number of spins gets back to 3.

The end has come when the spins counter shows 0, all positions are locked, or when you reach a total of 300 tokens. Time to experience the Godfather of the Silverblack Gold slot features, the Free Spins feature!

Silverback Gold Free Spins

Now you enter into what can be experienced as the deepest, darkest jungle! The story goes that the Silverback Gorilla isn’t the Godfather Gorilla after all, it’s the Golden Silverback!

Enter the Free Spins feature, or keep reading, and it all makes sense. The number of Scatters activating the Silverback Gold bonus game, activates 10, 15, or 20 Free Spins respectively.

When a Scatter lands on the reels during Free Spins, it awards additional Free Spins. More awards come along the collect meter climbs up.

The collect meter fills up directly with the tokens you collected during the Silverback Gold bonus game. More tokens appear randomly on Silverback symbols during free Spins.

The more tokens, the more symbols transform. The following system applies for symbols to turn into the highest-paying Silverback symbols:

  • 30 tokens upgrades Crocodile symbols
  • 60 tokens upgrades Leopard symbols
  • 120 tokens upgrades Snake symbols
  • 200 tokens upgrades Bird symbols
  • 300 tokens upgrades Silverback symbols

300 tokens and all the symbols turn into Golden Silverback Symbols. That’s when the jungle shows its rich nature, one we human beings stopped to respect in the past decades! The deepest of the jungle hides the best-kept treasures, and you will find the proof in this upcoming jungle-themed NetEnt slot. An epic adventure awaits!

By on 15 November, 2021