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Starburst PowerPots provides players a chance to share a jackpot

Inspired by NetEnt’s most popular video slot Starburst™, the Swedish software developer announces a completely new community jackpot system that involves a group of players that in the end will together share a jackpot. The concept will allow players to collect Starburst tokens across an entire family of NetEnt’s best performing games for a range of prizes.

What is a community jackpot?

A community is basically a group of people. They can live in the same place or they can have something in common and in the case of a community jackpot they will share something. This something is what attracts players for many decades already, sometimes paying out millions of euros. In this case, I have not too much information about this new product, but it seems that the Starburst Powerpot is a new innovative jackpot system that will allow you to play your favourite NetEnt slots while having a chance to win a share of a jackpot.

From what I understand is that this engaging concept is providing a jackpot system, but to become part of it, you’ll be collecting Starburst tokens across multiple online casino brands and games. By collecting the Starburst tokens, a chance is created to bag a community jackpot with other players. Yes, with other players as selfishness doesn’t exist in a community! Sharing is caring!

How does the new Starburst Powerpots concept work?

I’m a bit of a cheater this year and instead of checking out NetEnt’s new products at ICE 2020, I’m hitting the roads and beaches of Nusa Penida, a beautiful island in front of Bali. But luckily I’m being updated constantly about NetEnt’s new and refreshing products such as the Starburst Powerpot. And it seems that players are now going to play together, sharing a progress bar. This progress bar is going to be filled up by a community of players and the progress can be followed by the entire group. The bar has to be fully charged for the community pot to be divided among any number of players. And the best part, you don’t have to be online constantly to receive your share.

Starburst PowerPots was developed in line with our customers’ and players’ expectations, taking cue on everything from art assets to mechanics. We are using leading-edge games design approaches to make this jackpot family with our most powerful games simple to understand yet compelling. Using the Starburst brand will create massive acquisition while these jackpot mechanics will drive huge engagement for players,” said Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.

The announcement also described all games to be enriched with an additional Major progressive jackpot so what games are going to be part of the new community jackpot system is a bit unclear, but I hope to find out more about the games involved. What I do know is that both online casinos and players will love this new structure as it brings a great experience for both.

I always said that it is more interesting for players to share the big bucks for a decent chance to win. We all know we’re having a bigger chance to be hit by a bus rather than winning a multi-million jackpot, so I believe it’s better to settle for a smaller jackpot knowing you’ll win that (share of a) jackpot than waiting until eternity for a multi-million jackpot that you might never win. I guess this idea of winning a jackpot is not an idea anymore and will soon be available at the NetEnt Casinos. And that’s what we all love NetEnt for!

By on 6 February, 2020