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Three NetEnt Mega Jackpots totalling €16.3 million won within five weeks

NetEnt has an impressive range of progressive online casino jackpots to offer, including four pooled jackpots. All of them are known as Mega Jackpots and often climb into the many millions. Three of them (yes three out of four) have been won in the past five weeks resulting in NetEnt paying out a total of €16.3 million in pooled jackpots. The third Mega Jackpot, linked to the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot, was won yesterday by a player at one of the NetEnt Casinos running away with a staggering €5.5 million.

Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot win June 2017

Before I’m going to give you an overview of all three Mega Jackpots won in the past five weeks, let’s start with some NetEnt Jackpot news that came in hot off the press. It was yesterday, Sunday 2nd July, that it was at around this time of the day that a very lucky player at one of the NetEnt Casinos got a bit of a shock. At least, I would when winning a dazzling amount of €5.5 million.

The Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot is giving players a preview of what wealth looks like. Depending on the time you’ve been playing the NetEnt slot, you can slowly get used to being rich, wealthy, lucky! But what, what if that moment comes when all bells are ringing after you’ve hit the heart of the Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot Wheel? I think that at first, it would be very hard to believe until a representative of your NetEnt Casino confirms your Mega Jackpot win.

Unfortunately, it will take a while before I can tell you what NetEnt Casino we are talking about here, the nationality of the player and some other facts involved with such an impressive win. It can easily take NetEnt weeks before more information about this comes available. Completely understandable as this win will change a player’s life forever. Most of the time, the player’s name remains anonymous but we might find out what country the player is from, although I’m always curious what bet the player was playing with when hitting that jackpot.

As soon as I find out more about this life-changing Mega Jackpot win, I, of course, inform you as soon as I can. I might not have too much information about yesterday’s win, but there’s a fact that I can’t ignore and which is, maybe, even more interesting than yesterday’s Mega Jackpot win. It’s the fact that the Mega Fortune Dreams™ Mega Jackpot win from yesterday follows two other recent Mega Jackpot wins involving the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot and Hall of Gods™ Jackpot.

Three Mega Jackpot wins within five weeks

There has been an increased number of articles regarding a Mega Jackpot win. No wonder, because three out of four Mega Jackpots have been won in the past five weeks. That’s a lot of NetEnt Jackpot news and some have been climbing up so high that I couldn’t resist telling you about these life-changing jackpots.

The series of Mega Jackpot wins started end of May when a lucky player at one of the NetEnt Casinos cashed the Mega Fortune™ Mega Jackpot of €3,291,942. This jackpot was won eight weeks before as well. Eight weeks was the period of time this NetEnt Jackpot needed to climb up to €3.3 million again which is simply amazing. Five weeks further, it is today that the jackpot passed the €2 million again and, therefore, highly recommended.

So, that was the first of a series of Mega Jackpot wins at the NetEnt Casinos as it was only three weeks later that another Mega Jackpot win occurred. This time it was the highest online casino jackpot available in the industry at that time. It’s the Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot that I’m writing about which was showing a spectacular €7,525,467 when won at the NetEnt Casino. This jackpot got 35 weeks to climb up and if only it was growing as fast as the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot, it definitely would have been a new world record. If only…but it doesn’t so the record of €17.9 hasn’t been broken yet, but I’m 100% sure there’s one happy player somewhere in the world enjoying a big fat win of €7.5 million.

It was yesterday that a third NetEnt millionaire was created within a humble period of five weeks. With the other two Mega Jackpots being hit recently, and the Arabian Nights™ still patiently climbing up, there’s only one Mega Jackpot that could be involved in yesterday’s jackpot hit, the Mega Fortune Dreams™ Mega Jackpot. As mentioned before, it concerns a jackpot of €5,505,845 which brings the total of all three Mega jackpots won in the past five weeks to €16.3 million!

By on 3 July, 2017