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Time to get to video slot Valhalla with the new NetEnt slot Vikings™

Announced in February 2018 already, the long-awaited new NetEnt slot Vikings™ has arrived! Players are now able to raid the reels for fortune but no raid will be successful without Ragnar, Bjorn, Lagertha, and Floki to back you up! Time to enter the slot Valhalla to enjoy the acclaimed drama series Vikings on the reels at one of the many NetEnt Casinos.

Vikings TV-series

It’s hard to believe you’ve never heard of the acclaimed TV-series Vikings (see the above trailer) with so many vikings walking around town these days. The tough and cool hairstyle of Ragnar and Bjorn definitely didn’t remain unnoticed with the male public! In my opinion, the hairstyle stands for ferocious aggressiveness as Vikings are very well-known as fearless warriors while they deserve to be called brave and courageous as well.

It’s these Scandinavian sea-warriors that the History® channel based a TV-series on produced by TM Productions and Take 5 Productions. The action-packed TV-series quickly become a TV favourite since the first season aired in 2013.  and appeals to a vast audience worldwide.

Farmers at first, a bunch of the local farmers start to create a bigger interest in overseas raids, leaving their farms and families behind in order to find valuable treasures elsewhere.

One of the farmers is Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history. The series initially follows the journey of the fearless farmer that rises to fame by the successful raids into England and France. It’s after these successful raids that with the help and support of his family and fellow warriors, Ragnar Lothbrok becomes a Scandinavian king and therefore Ragnar can be called the greatest hero of his age.

It’s the Viking Age we’re talking about here, an important period in Northern European and Scandinavian history which officially started in 793 AD and ended in 1066 AD when no raids took place anymore. During this period Scandinavian Norsemen explored Europe by its seas and rivers for trade, raids, colonization, and conquest.

Known as brutal raiders, Vikings were expert boat builders as well. The keels made their longboats easy to steer and made it possible to float high in the water while their boats were perfect to land on the beaches. The Vikings loved their boats so much that it was a great honor to be buried in one along with all their clothes, jewellery and even their animals. Following the Vikings series, you’ll agree with me that Floki is the one and only boat builder around! It’s therefore that Floki can be found on the reels in the new Vikings™ slot that was launched at all NetEnt Casinos today.

“With its epic storytelling and loyal global fanbase, Vikings is an iconic franchise. It is a perfect brand for us to partner with and to bring to life for slots players. “Since first announcing the partnership at ICE in February the anticipation and excitement has been building all year. At NetEnt, we are huge fans of Vikings too and are delighted with the product we’ve created,” says Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Game Products.

The Vikings™ slot now available at all NetEnt Casinos

I’ve been waiting for today’s slot launch for months, but I have to admit that I wasn’t doing a triple somersault when I found out about the Vikings™ slot. It’s only a few months ago that I was introduced to the TV-series and I had no choice other than to start watching the series. I caught up pretty quickly, though, as the TV-series ended up to be better than expected.

After watching almost all seasons of Vikings, I’m very pleased to be able to see some of my Viking heroes back on the reels in the Vikings™ slot. Of course Ragnar Lothbrok and Bjorn belong to my Viking favorites, but I also appreciate Lagertha’s bravery. And Floki! In my opinion, the Vikings™ slot wouldn’t be complete without this remarkable boat builder and TV character!

Another fascinating character from the series, The Seer, got a role to play as well. Not on the 5 reels and 3 rows, though. The Seer, Oracle of Kattegat, will only appear during the intro where he’ll be greeting you as the curious visitor asking you if you would like to have some questions answered about the future or your fate in life. I personally wouldn’t like to know, but maybe you’re interested in finding out what your next session on the Vikings™ slot is about to bring.

As usual, a video slot session can turn out to be good or bad. Maybe you’ll leave the reels with all money lost, but maybe you’ll end up a richer than before. Having a look at the gameplay, I would love to believe that the last option will be the case as I’m sure the gameplay isn’t to blame with a Hotspot Feature, a Shield Wall Feature, a Raid Spins symbol and a Raid Spins mode including 3 Hotspots. Additionally, in Raid Spins the excitement gets ramped up even more with the game changing to a 7×5 layout and amazing 78.125 ways to win.

The main game is offering a 243 ways to win which basically means that all winning combinations from left to right will be a winning one. But the Vikings™ slot has so much more to offer and the slot features are making this game truly worth playing.

An extended Vikings™ slot review is available since today for both the desktop version and Vikings Touch®, but let me give you an extended summary of the game while you’re at it.

You’ll get another chance to enjoy the Hotspot feature as we’ve seen before in the Joker Pro™ slot. As the name already reveals, there will ne a Hotspot. This one can be found in the middle during each spin and whenever a Stacked Viking symbol lands completely in the Hotspot area, all other Viking symbols in the play area are transformed into the Viking symbols that landed in the Hotspot and paid out as Scatter Pays of which the paying table can be found under the Info button at the left bottom of the game.

If you’re into Vikings like I am, you won’t be a surprise that the Shield Wall feature involves a good number of shield. In reality, a shield wall was held up in order to ward off the arrows of the opponent. After playing the Vikings™ slot at Fun Casino for a while, I strongly believes that the Shield Wall feature appears completely random. The Shield Wall feature is available in the main game as well as during the Raid Spins mode.

Brings me to the Raid Spins, a slot feature that makes the Viking™ slot incredibly attractive to slot fans, as well as Vikings fans. If you think the Hotspot during the main game is attractive, you’ll for sure appreciate the 3 Hotspots in the Raid Spins mode. Three Raid Spins symbols on the reels 3,4, and 5 will activate the Raid Spins mode and transform the layout to 7 reels and 5 rows resulting in an amazing 78.125 ways to win. Do I need to say more?

By on 22 November, 2018