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Too hot? Looking for a refreshing video slot experience?

It’s been hot in Europe and me, myself, and I are getting ready for another 8-day long heatwave that’s pretty normal for the little rock I live on in August. I don’t know if another heatwave will hit Europe, but if so, I’ll have some refreshing video slot experiences for you at the beach with Wild Water™, or look for some shade and water in the jungle with Jumanji™, and if it can’t be cold enough, let’s go ice fishing in Lucky Angler™!

Go fresh, go NetEnt!

Summer in Europe can be experienced in many different ways as some will still be fresh and cool in the north while others struggle daily with the heat. I personally, love the heat but 42 degrees is a tad too high for me as well. I’m comfortable with everything between 30 and 35 degrees! You won’t hear me complain with these temperatures, but from experience, I know that August can be a bi… uhm a bit too hot and humid!

So if your country is still providing temperatures of over 25 degrees or if over 20 degrees is a struggle for you already, and you’re planning to spend some time playing video slots, why don’t you go for the cooler games, the ones that might bring some refreshment, even if the temperatures remain the same, playing an icy-cold game like Lucky Angler might bring some refreshment. It’s all in the head and a cold theme might work refreshing!

Wild Water™ video slot

Where to spend a hot summer day better than at the beach? I know, I know, not everybody lives close to the beach so it’s not always the way to go for everybody and that’s exactly why I have the perfect solution for whoever isn’t close to a beach. It’s called Wild Water™, a summer-themed video slot that, in the first place, doesn’t to be much refreshing until….you hit those waves!

The Wild Water™ video slot will take you to the beach, back in 60’s and 70’s, when beach bums ruled the waves. Ride the waves while enjoying Wild Substitutions, stacked Surfer symbols, Free Spins and 2 different types of bonus wins.

There will be the Surf Team Bonus and Surf’s Up Bonus available, each offering a Multiplier. When the Surf Team Bonus is activated, a massive x200 Multiplier will become available as well. The Surf’s Up Bonus Win pays a modest x20 Multiplier.

jumanji videoslot

Jumanji™ video slot

I can’t provide any more shade than the shade of the jungle! Destroyed at a heartbreaking speed, the jungle is at stake, but let’s say we still had easy access to it. It wouldn’t only provide the shade you desperately need on a hot day, but also the most wonderful wildlife. I would say there isn’t a better place to spend a hot day! There’s plenty of shade and you might even find a refreshing natural pool or river for a dive.

Half the world’s rainforests have been destroyed in a century, and at this rate, you could see them vanish altogether in your lifetime and maybe the only jungle left in a few decades is the one in the Jumanji™ slot.  A sad story and let’s hope it will never get to this point! Having said that, I give you easy access to the jungle in the Jumanji™ slot where you can enjoy the jungle madness, in an enjoyable  way. Even if you don’t feel the refreshment, the action this game is providing, will make you forget about the heat anyway!

You’ll be experiencing all the calamities that befell Alan in the Jumanji film from 1995 as they have been transformed into features with slot mechanics. The Board Game feature is unique and among the first of its kind as it combines elements of board games and Free Spins features.

Have an exciting time on the reels enjoying the 4 random features, the adventurous Board Game with 4 different Free Spin features, a Mystery Feature, coins wins, and extra dice rolls.

The level of graphics, animation and sound is polished to perfection by the creative NetEnt developers and really bring the jungle to life along with its many creatures. So go ahead and throw the dice, but remember – once you roll there’s no turning back!

Lucky Angler™ video slot

If the beach and the shade don’t provide enough refreshment in your opinion, there’s only one way to go…in the direction of Antarctica. If ice fishing won’t help you to feel refreshed, I don’t know what will do the job. There’s ice everywhere and everything about the Lucky Angler: A Snowy Catch video slot has a cold feel to it.

There’s ice, there’s snow, there’s cold-water fish, and you’ll be hanging out in the cool dark blue waters of Antarctica. Here the ice is melting, another depressing piece of information, but I can assure you that you will have enough refreshment around to cool down for a bit. Besides, this game is offering a lot of slot excitement.

The Lucky Angler™ video slot is featuring a Win Both Ways function, Free Spins, and Sticky Wild substitutions. With a mix of fun features, soft graphics, and continuous icy kind animations, the Lucky Angler: A Snowy Catch™ is one of the coolest places to hang out when it comes to the NetEnt slots.

By on 1 August, 2019