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Upcoming Codex of Fortune™ slot offers proven NetEnt slot mechanic

The Codex of Fortune™ slot will be featuring Wild substitutions, Free Spins and Re-Spins! Now I have the task to tell you what proven slot mechanics NetEnt is talking about here. This all without any preview video available yet. Not even an image, other than the image below which shows nothing more than an old structure as if I’m walking through Gonzo’s jungle. But challenge accepted to see what more I can find out about the new NetEnt slot that’s planned for the 30th June 2021.

Codex of Fortune™ slot

What’s in the name?

Well, since I have no clue yet what the Codex of Fortune™ slot is going to be all about, I have to figure it out with the name and the few clues I have. So when I look for Codex, I get that we’re looking forward to a historical-themed slot.

NetEnt will again take us back in time as the oldest codex is an extant Greek codex. It is said it dates from the 4th century and has the name Codex Sinaiticus. It’s a biblical manuscript written in Greek.

A codex is a historical ancestor of what we now simply call a book. Codex is often an ancient manuscript book with handwritten content. Instead of it composed of sheets of paper, they consist of vellum, papyrus or other materials.

Now we at least now what a codex is all about. Anything else that can lead us to more information?

Well, there’s a book called Codex: A Fortune and Glory Adventure. In the book, a soldier of fortune is hired to guide a lady archeologist deep into the heart of the Mexican Jungle to search for an ancient treasure. Most probably a very old codex.

On the cover of the book, I can see a historical structure. It could be a structure as I’ve seen many in Mexico. It’s almost the same structure I found on the Coming Soon image on the NetEnt Games page. Coincident or did I find NetEnt’s source of inspiration for the Codex of Fortune™ slot? Or did NetEnt just use them for all their upcoming games and is it nothing else than a dead end? I’m afraid, it’s the latter.

But we might be dragged into the jungle again for some sort of Gonzo’s Quest™ adventure or a Lost Relics™ kind of adventure. That we’re going to be introduced to a piece of history, no doubt, but what environment NetEnt will take us? We just have to wait and see I guess. The game gets released on 30th June and more info will follow soon!

What does NetEnt have to say about the upcoming Codex of Fortune™ slot?

Not so much either, to be honest! NetEnt promises a 5 reels and 4 rows counting video slot. There will be 40 fixed bet lines in the upcoming Codex of Fortune™ slot. Also announced are the video slot features including Wild substitutions, Free Spins and Re-Spins! Nothing serious so far.

The best part seems to be the opportunity to collect special key symbols. These allow you to level up and progress further in your quest for what is probably the codex of fortune. When you level up in the cryptic Codex of Fortune, you have a chance to multiply your wins!

Do I know what video slot mechanism NetEnt means? No, I’m sorry but it doesn’t ring a bell. As soon as it comes to me which gameplay it is that NetEnt has proven to be successful, I’ll promise I’ll bring you an update.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy many adventurous video slots such as Lost Relics™ and Rise of Maya™. NetEnt slots that seem the type of the upcoming Codex of Fortune™ slot are the Golden Grimoire™ slot and the Turn Your Fortune™ slot.

By on 17 February, 2021