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Upcoming Finn’s Golden Tavern™ slot will bring NetEnt’s own Leprechaun back to the reels

In the year 2017, a new stranger showed up in NetEnt town! With his green suit, ginger appearance, and his Michael Jackson kind of moves he’s a remarkable appearance and now he’s back again! It’s soon enough that NetEnt’s own Leprechaun Finn is back on the reels, this time visiting his favourite tavern and you’re invited to join him from the 18th of December.

Once again, you get to enjoy the cheerful Leprechaun that’ll be waiting for you at his brand-new tavern! While you had a chance to visit the pubs Golden Pot, Lucky Mug,  Star Bar, and Lava Lair in the Free Spins feature in Finn and the Swirly Spin™, launched in 2017. In December, you’re invited to join Finn to his local tavern where your beer tastes better than ever before!

Did you enjoy Finn looking for his pot of gold in the Finn and the Swirly Spin™ slot, in the Finn’s Golden Tavern™ slot, Finn shows you his treasure map and asks you to get your compass so you two can have a brilliant time on the reels with Finn being able to pass on some of his Irish Luck to you and of course the game is going to offer you all the best of the original slot!

I wasn’t expecting anything grand from a game called Finn and the Swirly Spin™ and I didn’t know that Finn was going to be a Leprechaun. That wouldn’t have helped anyway as the originality of a typical Irish slot was long gone with so many Irish-themed games around already. Try to add originality to a theme used for video slots as often as Ancient Egypt, Indiana Jones, outlaws, safari, Norse mythology, wolves, and so on! It’s not easy to come up with a unique video slot based on such a theme, but in 2017 NetEnt actually did.

It wasn’t really Finn himself that brought the originality to the reels as we’ve seen many Leprechauns in the video slots created by the many different suppliers. I have to admit that NetEnt did give him a unique character, but the true originality of the game can be found in the gameplay. It was the brilliantly innovative new mechanic that did the job in which symbols follow a spiral pattern that twists around the screen rather than landing in the standard way.

Leprechauns are known to do things in unusual and unexpected ways, and the Finn and the Swirly Spin™ slot proved that once again and the same goes for its successor, the Finn’s Golden Tavern™ slot which will see the return of the unique spiral spin mechanic after it proved to be a hit with slot players from around the globe.

NetEnt’s Spiral Spin mechanic: how does it work?

After Finn and the Swirly Spin™, it will be in December that we see the Spiral Spin mechanic return to the reels in the Finn’s Golden Tavern™ slot, again hosting the innovation in which symbols do not land in the standard way but will follow a spiral pattern. The pattern starts at the outside corner and symbols will follow the spiral pattern in an attempt to reach the centre position.

If you have a good look at the above preview video, which is revealing what Finn’s Golden Tavern™ will be all about, you’ll see that the same spiral has been used to lead the symbols to the heart of the treasure map.

In each of the 25 spaces, 25 separate symbols appear that are independent of those around it. Symbols involved in winning combinations will disappear and the remaining symbols will move to fill the empty spaces. Symbols will move forward following the spiral and among these symbols the Key symbol that appears at the beginning of the spiral on the first spin.

In Finn and the Swirly Spin™, the spiral pattern is responsible for the Free Spins Key to find the heart of the game after which you’ll enter a floating world where 4 Irish bars are located. However, in Finn’s Golden Tavern, it’ll be the Free Spins Chest that needs to find the heart of the game in order to enter the Free Spins feature.

What else is new?

This time, when the heart is hit by the Free Spins Chest, no four taverns will become available as you’ll be still in the Golden Tavern, but this time by night when the bar truly comes alive. During Free Spins, the Multiplier at the bottom tends to climb up every time five stars hit the Multiplier Meter and when the Chest symbol hits the heart of the game again, it’ll unlock its magic. That’s exactly the moment Finn is promising that the next round of beers is on him! Bless Finn!

Don’t take an adventure with Finn for granted and make sure you’ll give the Finn and the Swirly Spin™ slot a try in order to understand the awesomeness of NetEnt’s very own Leprechaun! Then, make a note in your agenda on the 18th of December as this is the date Finn will return to the reels! This time he’s after a totally different treasure and you’re invited to join the fun! The upcoming latest offering in the Finn series from NetEnt will offer the same style of video slot featuring a Wild Symbol, a Free Spins Chest, Free Spins with a multiplier meter and a coin bonus, as well as 2 different Random Features.

So have a night out with Finn at his local tavern, try your luck with some swirly spins and see if he can give you the luck of the Irish!

By on 18 October, 2019