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Upcoming Rage of the Seas™ slot awakens the pirate in you

Now I still miss my favourite pirates from the Netflix series Black Sails, the announcement of the Rage of the Seas™ slot couldn’t come at a better time. What’s a pirate slot adventure without a Galleon ship, canons, a little monkey, a parrot, a giant squid and of course, pirates!!!

Do you have it in you to become a pirate? If so, keep an eye out for this new pirate slot. From the 17th September 2020, NetEnt invites any wannabee pirate aboard the Galleon for adventurous time on the reels!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirates will never be forgotten. Many think that piracy is something of the past, but it actually still exists. Certain ports and coasts of Africa and Asia still deal with pirates.

I saw a touristic bounty island in Malaysia protected by the army, for example. No doubt they were protecting the conservation sea area. But the rifles made me believe that duty is combined with keeping the coast of Malaysian Borneo free from pirates as well.

Pirates are still active in the worst way possible, yet we do keep looking up to the legendary pirates. Watching Black sails, you meet some of those legends. Meanwhile, we will always keep Jack Sparrow close to our hearts!

Legendary pirates are still cool and that’s probably why they introduced “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”. The day falls on the 19th of September, two days after NetEnt launches the Rage of the Seas™ slot. It’s almost too much of a coincidence!

Pirate slots NetEnt

As mentioned before, pirates remain in the spotlights, the reason they appear regularly in NetEnt slots. Of course, we didn’t forget the Ghost Pirates™ slot which is still available at the NetEnt Casinos.

The theme of the Ghost Pirates™ slot has a lot in common with the upcoming Rage of the Seas™ slot. There’s pirates, there’s a parrot and there’s a big sailing ship! The only difference? The pirates in the Ghost Pirates™ slot are not what you think they are! Raw, raw!

Hook’s Heroes™ is another pirate-themed slot, but its design differs from the above pirate slots. The combination of Caribbean style music and original pirate-themed cartoon graphics do offer an entertaining game.

NetEnt used to offer a few more pirate slots, but the big HTML5 update caused a huge loss. Mainly older NetEnt slots left the stage, not worthy enough to receive an update. Games created with a younger version of HTML or Flash were ditched by NetEnt. It’s sad to see some of them go, but in return, we can now enjoy a new generation of NetEnt slots, the one better than the other!

Over the years, we lost a few slots and Pirates Gold™ was one of them. It was one of the oldest NetEnt slots and wasn’t worth saving. No hard feelings because of that, especially not now the Rage of the Seas™ slot is launched within a few weeks.

What’s to see in the Rage of the Seas™ slot preview?

Well, you’re told to raise the sails and to prepare to spin! That’s when you see a bunch of pirates appear on the reels for a big win. That’s just a common winning combination.

Keep watching to find out more about the Boost symbol. This symbol has an important role to play as it’s able to expand the reel from 4 symbols to 7 symbols.

The Boost symbol can land on the reels 2,3 and 4. That’s how the 5 times 4 symbols can expand to become 4-7-7-7-4. The Boost symbol shows a mischievous monkey that climbs up the reels. While the little monkey climbs up, he opens the 3 windows to reveal 3 more symbols.

What activates the feature spins?

Feature Spins are spins that offer a certain feature during the number of spins given. They are not Free Spins as you still pay a bet. But they are interesting enough with one of the Random features activated.

Feature Spins become active when a Boost symbol appears and the reels extend. The Rage of the Seas™ slot starts with 1024 bet ways. When this pirate slot expands to 1 reel, you end up with 1792 bet ways. Expanding to 2 reels offers 3136 bet ways, and expanding to 3 reels gives you a whopping 5488 possible bet ways.

What are the Random features all about in the Rage of the Seas™ slot?

Feature Spins come with one of the Random features from Wilds to Reel Upgrades. Every time a Boost symbol ends up on a reel, it extends, awards 4 Feature Spins and activates one of the following Random Features:

  • Stacked Wilds (can appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 and cover from 1 position to 4 positions)
  • Spreading Wild (can land anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4 and sticks one or two Spreading Wilds onto the reels 2,3 or 4)
  • x2 Multiplier
  • Major Reel Upgrades (removes all anchor and barrel symbols)
  • Minor Reel Upgrade (removes all anchor and barrel symbols)

Free Spins feature

Either three Boosted reels (3 Boost symbols) or 3 or more Scatters activate the Free Spins feature.

When 3 Boost symbols appear, the remaining Feature Spins turn into Free Spins. The Random features activated already remain activated during the Free Spins feature.

When at least 3 Scatter symbols land on the reels you activate either 5, 8 or 12 Free Spins.

By on 15 August, 2020