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Vampiress Amilia arrives at the NetEnt Casinos presenting the Blood Suckers 2™ slot

The Blood Suckers 2™ slot, the sequel to Blood Suckers™ which was released 8 years ago, has arrived at the NetEnt Casinos. It’s the better version of one of the most popular NetEnt slots and while some familiar details have been copied, a new character and bonus game changed the Blood Suckers™ experience completely.

Blood Suckers 2™ slot launch

In all eight years that Blood Suckers™ has been available at the NetEnt Casinos, the game managed to stay popular with players. Not necessarily because of the theme, graphics or gameplay, but mainly because of an incredible payout percentage of 98%.

Now Blood Suckers 2™ finally arrived at the NetEnt Casinos bringing a modern game with fantastic animations. It’s time to meet Femme Fatale Vampiress Amilia, a great addition to what can be called one of the better video slots launched by NetEnt this year.

One of the highlight in this new NetEnt video slot is the bonus game which has been expended in comparison to the bonus game in the first Blood Suckers™ slot. A great improvement thanks to some great animations involved. Danger lurks in every coffin bringing some true video slot excitement to the NetEnt Casinos.

Whatever danger tries to get to you, Amilia is always on your side. For her own sake, though, because she simply wants to protect what belongs to her or actually to her ancestors. She came to the vampire castle to find the HiddenTreasure of her ancestors who were slaughtered by vampire hunters ages ago.

Blood Suckers 2™ gameplay

In the eight years between the launch of the Blood Suckers™ slot and the Blood Suckers™ 2 slot, a lot has happened in terms of technology and the speed of the internet. A true video slot revolution has been the result and you’re about to experience one of the better slots launched by NetEnt this year. Great graphics and animations in combination with an intimidating character and advanced video slot features is what you can expect from the Blood Suckers 2™ slot.

In the spotlights, the bonus game, but every single aspect the Blood Suckers 2™ slot has to offer is worth playing for. In exchange, players have to give in on the payout as it won’t be 98% as in Blood Suckers™ which is until today the highest payout available among the modern video slots.

You get a lot in return and besides the great animations available in the Blood Suckers 2™ slot, the game is also featuring Wild substitutions, Blood Rose Free Spins, the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game and two Random Features: Bonus Shot Feature and Scatter Shot Feature.

A thrilling slot experience will be perfect in preparation for Halloween which is only a few weeks away.  Frightening and intimidating characters, terrifying music and a typical horror theme are the best ingredients for a spine-chilling experience at one of the many NetEnt Casinos the Blood Suckers 2™ slot was launched today.

By on 12 October, 2017