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What are local NetEnt Jackpots?

NetEnt’s pooled jackpots are among the highest in the industry, climbing into the many millions and, therefore, super popular with players. It is because of these million euro jackpots that the smaller NetEnt Jackpots look less interesting, but what players often don’t know, is that the smaller NetEnt Jackpots are local and can only be won by your fellow NetEnt Casino players. Luckily, some pooled jackpot games do offer a pooled jackpot combined with two local jackpots, the perfect combination.

What is a local jackpot?

While the most famous online casino jackpots such as Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ are pooled jackpots, we should not forget about the local jackpots available at the NetEnt Casinos as they do have a lot to offer. Ok, they don’t offer you millions, but they do have a lot of advantages over pooled jackpots. The fact that they are linked to just one NetEnt Casino, for example, is more interesting than you would think initially. Escape from millions of competitors chasing the same jackpot just by choosing one of the local jackpots as the only players you have to compete with are those playing at the same NetEnt Casino as you are. Besides that, local jackpots are won more often as well, another reason why local jackpots such as Mega Joker™, Cosmic Fortune™, Super Lucky Frog™, and the Wonders™ slots are highly recommended.

Combined jackpot slots

While Arabian Nights™ is offering a pooled jackpot only and Mega Joker™, Cosmic Fortune™, Super Lucky Frog™, and the Wonders slot are local jackpots, Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ do bring you the best of both NetEnt Jackpots. Both jackpot games offer a Mega Jackpot, which is a pooled and supported by tens of NetEnt Casinos. All NetEnt Casinos offering Hall of Gods™ and/or Mega Fortune™ also offer their players a Midi/Major Jackpot and a Rapid/Mini Jackpot. Much smaller, it is obvious that those two jackpots are local and, therefore, supported by just one NetEnt Casino. This way you have a chance to win a mega million jackpot while you have an even bigger chance to win one of the two local jackpots attached to Hall of Gods™ and Mega Fortune™.

Pooled jackpots

Climbing up super fast and super high, the majority of the players are in favour of pooled jackpots. The reason why this type of jackpot climbs up so fast and into the many millions is because the video slot the jackpot is linked to, is linked to tens of online casinos. It is because of this, millions of players worldwide are responsible for the growth of a pooled jackpot. The more online casinos offer pooled jackpot slots such as Mega Fortune™, Hall of Gods™, and Arabian Nights™, the faster a jackpot is growing just until one player manages to hit the jackpot becoming the next millionaire.

Local NetEnt jackpots

If you prefer to play for a local jackpot only, you have a wide range of slot games to choose from with Cosmic Fortune™ offering five local jackpots while the three Wonders slots are all linked to just one slot game resulting in rather high jackpots as well. Super Lucky Frog™ will forever remind me of my first article ever written for the iGaming industry which was about this video slot and its three progressive local jackpots. The Mega Joker™ Jackpot tend to climb up rather fast and hit very often. It’s the only classic slot developed by NetEnt offering a progressive jackpot. Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ offer you a perfect combination of NetEnt Jackpots including two local jackpots. Enough choice if you ask me and perfect for those who love to play for the big bucks.

By on 13 November, 2015