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What are NetEnt’s different betways

A video slot gameplay consists of different aspects including betways and video slot features. I often write about the different video slot features, but what about the betways. What are NetEnt’s different betways, and how do they work? In this article, you find out everything regarding the different betways available in the NetEnt slots.

What are betways?

Betways are lines or ways that determine a win in a video slot. The classic slots offered up to 9 betlines, but rather 1, 3 or 5. The majority of modern video slots have more than 9 paylines with up to 117649 in a Megaways slot.


The majority of the NetEnt slots offer paylines. These are lines that run from left to right on the reels of a video slot, following a particular pattern.

It’s the classic way to determine a winning combination in a NetEnt slot. Symbols appear everywhere and if 2-3 of the same symbols appear on a payline, following the pattern of that payline, it means they form a winning combination. A winning combination pays out a win that’s determined by the paytable of the video slot.

When the same symbols appear (usually from left to right) in a pre-determined pattern, the player receives a win according to the betting table.

  • Paylines
    • A certain number of lines which determine how many patterns the symbols can follow for a winning combination. It can be anything from 1 payline to hundreds of paylines. Sometimes, you can also switch off paylines to lower the total bet.
      However, I would not recommend playing with fewer paylines. Simply because it’ll bring no benefits to you as a player.
  • Fixed paylines
    • While standard paylines offer a chance to switch off paylines, fixed paylines are what they are. For example, if there are 20 paylines available, you can’t change them.
243 Betways

243 Ways to Win

A video slot that consists of 5 reels and 3 rows without any paylines is standardly a video slot with 243 Ways to Win. It’s pretty easy to understand as every combination of consecutive symbols from the first reel, is a winning one.

Let’s say that a winning combination consists of at least three of the same symbols. And you find one on the first reel, one of the same on the second reel, and one on the third reel. This is automatically a winning combination, no matter what row the symbols appear on.

Cluster Pays explained

Cluster Pays

Among the different betways, also the Cluster Pays! As the term already reveals, the Cluster Pays is all about clusters. When a NetEnt slot offers a Cluster Pays mechanism, it means that the game has no paylines available. Instead, winning combinations consist of symbols in a cluster. This means that if you have more than a minimum number of symbols grouped together, a win is generated.

To know what the minimum number of symbols, you can check the paytable. More and more matching symbols increase the cluster size and add to the excitement.

Megaways different betways


NetEnt slots that belong to the Megaways slots series contain a random reel modifier, which varies the symbol height on each reel with every spin.

Thanks to the Megaways mechanism, the number of ways to win changes each time you hit spin. Therefore, a Megaways slot experience is incredibly unpredictable while giving you the chance to land spectacular wins. 

Each Megaways slot is different, the usual number of Megaways is 117649 Megaways. While offering more reels and rows, as well as a dynamic outcome, this type of betways basically works the same as the 243 Ways to Win.

Which of the different betways works for you?

It’s tough to advise on different betways as no player is the same. Some prefer the traditional paylines while others can’t wait to see the dynamic outcome of a Megaways slot.

Of course, it also depends on the video slot features involved, and the theme used for the symbols and surroundings. For each option, I added a link to the game review where a demo is available to try. Soon enough, you know which of the different betways fits you best!

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