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What are the best Valentine’s Day slots to play?

I could start my article by shouting Love is in the Air, but I won’t! Let’s not go cheesy! But it is a fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Some love it, some hate it! No matter how you celebrate this day, you might find some time to play your favourite NetEnt slots or take your chance with these Valentine’s Day slots. Don’t expect hearts and roses, because that’s not really NetEnt’s style. As I said, let’s not get cheesy!

Commercial or true love?

I really appreciate the humble bouquet of red roses I got yesterday, but Valentine’s Day for me is just another commercial day. I got my roses because my boyfriend thought I could use a nice gesture from the heart, not because of a commercial day. It helps that they are now selling roses everywhere, but it truly came from the heart.

In most countries, the restaurants are closed, so it saves many couples the hassle of sitting at dinner, forced by what is just another commercial day. It also saves many of us pictures on social media with the title Date Night! Come on couples, isn’t it date night every night. No matter if in a restaurant or romantically with the plate on the lap watching television? Love is to be found in many things and activities! Even doing the dishes together after dinner is an act of love!

So why Valentine’s Day? It’s just another way for you to spend your money on useless stuff! These items often end up in a drawer, box or even in the bin. We should actually call it F*** the Environment Day! If you want to go for it anyway, go for flowers! Girls love flowers or chocolate for that matter. And girls, go for socks and underwear for men! They always need them. Besides, they simply don’t care about Valentine’s Day at all! If you really want to keep it simple and environment-friendly, go for a post-it with a cute note. Humble, cute, and absolutely priceless!

So what Valentine’s Day slots can I recommend?

I promised it won’t be anything cheeky, and I keep my promise. However, the first of the Valentine’s Day slot I can recommend is the Dracula™ slot and it does bring a love story!

Valentine's Day slots 1 Dracula

Dracula™ slot

It’s one of my favourite NetEnt slots because of its design, as well as the slot features. The intro leaves you excited already, but the best is yet to come!

Love is in the air, but you won’t experience it until the game activates the Bonus Game. Until then, you’re looking at a rather intimidating Dracula of which you wouldn’t believe a “the one” is out there.

In Dutch, we say On every glass jar, there’s a cover that fits” which means there’s someone out there for everyone. Dracula proves that everyone can be loved by the right person. Play the Dracula™ slot to find out who Dracula is falling for and if there’s a happy end to his story.

Meanwhile, you enjoy a video slot designed perfectly with some of the best slot animations available at the NetEnt casinos. I can highly recommend the Dracula™ slot as one of the best Valentine’s Day slots to play.

Valentine's Day slots 2 Steam Tower

Steam Tower™ slot

I take every opportunity to put this NetEnt slot in the spotlights as I love the gameplay! Basically, I love everything about this game and it’s even perfect for my non-cheesy Valentine’s slots list!

This game is just brilliantly designed by NetEnt with an original Steampunk theme. If not familiar with the steampunk theme, you will probably have no clue what to expect from the Steam Tower™ slot.

Steampunk films are rather popular these days and pretty much anything can happen in a steampunk film. Check Sherlock Holmes (2009), Wild Wild West (1999), The Prestige (2006), and The Time Machine (2002) and you’ll see what I mean.

As usual with steampunk, also the Steam Tower™ slot is set in an alternate, futuristic version of 19th century Victorian England. This results in an amazing design, enriched with fantastic 3D animations, making Steam Tower™ one of the best creations by NetEnt so far.

The Steam Tower™ slot is a rather action-packed slot too in which you always aim to save the princess from a flame-spewing dragon. The princess experiences Valentine’s Day each time you save her from the top of the tower.

As you climb up the tower in Free Spins, the Multiplier increases the winnings and when you reach the top floor, you will not only save the princess but also receive a bonus coin win and a x7 multiplier.

piggy_riches video slot

Piggy Riches™ slot

He’s doing everything for her, Mr Piggy! She loves diamonds, he gets her diamonds. She loves a big house, he gets her a big house. Mr Piggy simply believes his Mrs Piggy deserves the best, far away from their usual muddy world!

I found it a beautiful love story, despite the fact that I don’t care about diamonds, a big house or expensive cars. My car right now is falling apart, but hey, it still drives, so it’s okay. If you would ask me if I prefer a car over flowers, I would say no. I don’t think anyone should win a girls heart with a white SUV that takes two parking. No, true love is won with small honest things, not expensive things.

Nevertheless, do we see Mr Piggy in action in the Piggy Riches™ slot. Nothing is good enough for his Mrs Piggy. Meanwhile, you enjoy one of the oldest NetEnt slots available at the NetEnt Casinos.

This filthy rich power couple is the pinnacle of sophisticated swine. No mud-rolling for these pigs, just fine champagne and the best that money can buy. This while you enjoy some sophisticated video slot features such as Wilds, Free Spins and Multiplier bonuses.

santa vs rudolf video slot

Santa vs Rudolf™ slot

Hahaha, I had to add this NetEnt slot to the series of lovebird stories! Those who know the Santa vs Rudolf slot will understand why the game is on the list of the best Valentine’s Day slots to play. Actually, it could be for three reasons:

-Because Christmas became as commercial as Valentine’s Day with useless presents in the spotlights.
– Many prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their furry friend over a human being, and I can’t even blame them.
– And the last reason why is simply because the two main characters are like a couple fighting!

I know it’s a Christmas slot as well, but the game is so good, it should be played all year round. It’s all about the love between a human and a furry friend. In this case, a very stubborn furry friend.

By on 13 February, 2021