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What payment options are available at the NetEnt Casinos?

Sometimes I try to visualize what a player, completely new to the NetEnt Casinos, might wonder. Of course, the main question is what NetEnt Casino is best for you, but it’s the different aspects of a NetEnt Casino that defines what online casino fits you best. One of the aspects is the payment options like credit cards and e-wallets. In this article, I explain the different payment options available at the NetEnt Casinos and why they could be the best option for you.

The first online casinos popped up on the internet in 1994. However, it took quite a while for the online casinos to be accepted by the majority.

That online casinos were available online, didn’t mean that players jumped straight into the world of online casino games. After all, there were zero regulations at the time, and you had no clue if your money was safe or if the games were fair.

But a lot has happened since then, with regulations being in place to protect both operators and players. Suppliers need a licence as well. With online casinos and suppliers forced to work with licences in different markets, players can be sure games are fair.

When it comes to the safety of payment options, we came a long way! Besides the safety of credit cards and debit cards, e-wallets won in popularity. Bank transfers are still available as well, but a bank transfer takes the longest to appear on your account.

Let’s have a look at what payment option is the most popular today, and which to pick if you’re looking for efficiency, or economically responsible.

E-wallets benefits:

  • Widely available
  • Faster than credit cards
  • It’s an efficient and convenient payment option
  • E-wallets provide an efficient way to deposit or withdraw money.
  • Great for quick withdrawals
  • Some e-wallets offer bonuses for online casinos

How does an e-wallet work?

Using an e-Wallet is basically using a digital wallet. It’s exactly what the name considers, a wallet filled with digital money. It’s one of the most efficient payment options used in the NetEnt Casinos. You can use an e-wallet to deposit money into your casino account and withdraw money.

All you have to do is register for an e-wallet and make sure to have enough funds in your personal E-wallet for a deposit. You can deposit to any NetEnt Casino by logging in to your account.

Some E-wallets, such as PayPal, are automatically connected to your bank account, which helps to have enough funds in your account.

A factor that distinguishes e-wallets from credit cards is that e-wallets can only have access to the information that you provide and the funds that you made available. Therefore, e-wallets provide enhanced security by not accessing your complete banking data network.

How to get an e-wallet?

With the number of e-wallets still growing, you have an even better choice than ever before. They are all known to be easy to use, and the same goes for the registration process.

This registration process can be different and totally depends on the e-wallet of your choice, but in general, the process consists of the following steps:

  • Downloading an application or opening the registration page online
  • Providing personal details
  • Proof of identification
  • Email verification
  • Linking a credit card or debit card to your e-wallet or top up the funds in your e-wallet with another deposit option
  • Login into your account or open the app when needed to top up your casino account

Safety & Security:

When using an e-wallet, the biggest concern is the vulnerability of someone accessing your account. However, most transactions require some form of password or biometric authentication. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult for someone to steal your e-wallet and pay for something. Thanks to the latest encryption technologies used by the service providers, the chance of a third party accessing your account is an unlikely scenario.

The best E-wallets to use in an online casino:

  • Neteller was one of the first e-wallets available at the NetEnt Casinos and by now one of the most popular e-wallets.
    • Launched in 1999.
    • Deposits are instantly available in your casino account.
    • Depending on the NetEnt Casino, also withdrawals can be instantly, but more often it takes up to 2 days to appear in your e-wallet.
    • Neteller is active in dozens of countries.
  • Skrill is now part of the same company as Neteller and is accepted largely at the NetEnt Casinos.
    • Launched in 2001.
    • Using Skrill, you can expect your deposits to appear in your casino account instantly.
    • Like Neteller, Skrill is available in most countries in numerous currencies.
    • Deposits might be in your account instantly via some NetEnt Casinos, but it can also be up to 2 working days. This depends on the NetEnt Casino you play your favourite casino games.

Credit cards and debit cards benefits:

  • Widely available
  • It’s one of the oldest options available for online payments
  • Bank account and e-wallets standardly come with a debit card
  • It’s an efficient and convenient payment option
  • Your deposits appear instantly in your casino account
  • A credit card or debit card is an efficient way to deposit
  • Most NetEnt Casinos won’t impose any additional charges (always check to be sure)

How does a credit card or debit card work?

Debit cards and credit cards have been the number one leading payment options since the advent of online casinos. If this payment option remains the number one, only the future can tell. For now, it is still the preferred way of making a deposit by the majority of the players.

Most people receive a credit card or debit card when opening their bank account or registering for an e-wallet. This means that players have access to this payment option instantly without any extra effort. Entering the credit card details is then enough to make a deposit.

How to get a credit card or debit card?

As mentioned before, it basically comes as a standard service from your bank or e-wallet. No matter if you have a traditional bank account or e-wallet, you can apply for a VISA card or Mastercard.

Credit cards are definitely losing popularity and are hard to get approval for. Therefore, the majority of the people nowadays have a debit card., This means you can only spend money you actually have in your account to prevent credit card bills in the future.

The best way to get a credit card or debit card is to apply for one via your bank or e-wallet provider.

Safety & Security:

One of the most important benefits that come with using a credit/debit card is the level of security. It is not that easy for an external party to hack through this payment, as licenced online casinos are secured with quality SSL encryption. Using a credit card often comes with an extra security option such as a confirmation code.

The best credit cards to use in an online casino:

  • VISA is by far the oldest payment option available at the NetEnt Casinos, and until today the most popular way to deposit.
    • Launched in 1958
    • VISA has a slightly higher market share than Mastercard
    • Accepted at all NetEnt Casinos
  • Mastercard is almost as popular as VISA and available at all NetEnt Casinos.
    • Launched in 1966
    • Accepted at all NetEnt Casinos
Payment options NetEnt Casinos prepaid card

Prepaid card benefits:

  • The safest way to deposit money in your casino account
  • A prepaid card is not tied to a bank account or e-wallet
  • Prepaid cards are disposable
  • Sometimes prepaid cards can be used for withdrawals up to the maximum allowable amount

How does a prepaid card work?

It might look like an outdated payment option, but this option is still moving forward. In general, the prepaid card works the same as a debit card. But without any ties to a bank account or e-wallet.

It’s almost impossible to trace the transaction back to the sender, but the most common reason for players to use a prepaid card is safety.  

Prepaid cards are also incredibly popular with penny players and mid-budget punters. It’s logical, as prepaid cards are limited to a few hundred euros. They contain a predetermined amount of money. Another deposit made this way requires another prepaid card, which needs to be bought elsewhere.

How to get a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards used to be mainly available in physical stores such as newspaper kiosks and tobacco shops. Nowadays, you can buy virtual prepaid cards online or via the majority of the payment services including VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller. They offer prepaid cards that you can then use to make a deposit. Of course, you can still buy physical prepaid cards in a physical shop as well.

Safety & Security:

With no direct ties to a bank account or e-wallet, it’s one of the safest payment options available at the NetEnt Casinos.

The best prepaid cards to use in an online casino:

  • Paysafecard can be used once and thrown away. They basically work as a gift card and once you spend the money, you can dispose of it in the bin. A Paysafecard is a 16-digit card that enables depositing by simply entering the numbers into the respective field on the payment page.
  • Reloadable Prepaid Cards are prepaid cards that can be recharged. Not all NetEnt Casinos support withdrawals to prepaid cards, so it’s best to check beforehand.
  • Virtual Prepaid Cards like Entropay. These are reloadable cards which you can register for on the internet. Unlike its reloadable and disposable counterparts, a virtual prepaid card requires registration. In return, they often allow withdrawals.
  • Physical Prepaid Cards like EcoCard. This is an example of a physical prepaid card and just a card that you can by and use whenever you feel like. EcoCard by EcoPayz can be ordered online and takes a few days to arrive. This card needs to be activated in a EcoPayz account, which doesn’t offer any advantages over any of the above prepaid cards.
Payment options NetEnt Casinos bank transfer

Bank transfer benefits:

  • Bank transfers are among the oldest and safest options for depositing and withdrawing money
  • This payment option is considered safe but slow
  • Most NetEnt Casinos have the bank transfer among their payment options

How does a bank transfer work?

Before e-wallets and Intermediary Payment Services, credit cards and bank transfers were the only payment options in an online casino.

By now, we moved on, with bank transfers losing in popularity. Some players still prefer a bank transfer sending money directly from their bank account to the bank account of the online casino. This means no intermediary payment services are used.

Until today, you can still use bank transfers to deposit money into your account, but it’s the slowest option and therefore online casinos are slowly moving away from this option.

How to make a bank transfer?

Bank transfers are executed through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, better known as SWIFT. This is a group of international banks operating a global network and facilitating the transfer of financial messages.

To make a bank transfer, you need an online banking account. Within this online casino account, you give your bank the instruction to send money from your account to the online casino’s account, providing their banking information.

To process the payment you log into your online banking account. After providing the recipient details and the amount you like to transfer, the bank often asks you to confirm the transfer. Often with a confirmation code or with a banking key.

Safety & Security:

With no intermediary services involved, it’s a very safe option to deposit money into your account. In return, you better expect your money to take days before it appears in your casino account. Some banks charge

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