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What to expect from NetEnt’s classic slots

Even though NetEnt is offering over 150 online casino games, the category classic slots isn’t as comprehensive as the category video slots. However, these classic slots are still very popular and I totally understand having a look at the Return to Player percentages which can be around 99% with some of the games.

NetEnt’s Classic slots

Jackpot 6000™, Super Nudge 6000™ and Mega Joker™ are the most popular slots belonging to the category classic slots. All of them have one thing in common, the main game consists of only three reels instead of the five reels added to the modern video slots.

While the more modern versions do offer a variety of symbols, standard classic slots often show nostalgic fruit symbols on the reels while standard slot features have been added to the games too.

Classic slots slot features

Heads and Tails is just an example of the slot features often found on many of these ‘one armed bandits’, just as the Super Meter is a very interesting one as it can be responsible for extra high winnings of which the Super Meter in Super Nudge 6000™ is my personal favourite which is combined with the Super Nudges taking care of extra winning combinations. A Wild is typical for modern slots because this particular slot feature is called a Joker in most classic slots.

Why classic slots

Every time I am going to try out a classic slot game I’ll have the idea it is going to be boring, but these games keep on surprising me simply because the moment I start playing I forget the world around me. The reels keep on rolling while you wait for a first winning combination to appear. I get sort of hypnotized watching the reels while the sounds of the game make me feel like I’m playing a reel slot machine or being in Las Vegas. Sounds a bit weird maybe, but these games do take you away from daily life, even if just for a while, and I guess that’s why these games are still favourite with a big group of players.

Besides the ‘enchanting’ sounds of a classic slot machine, I’m pretty sure that the Return to Player (RTP) percentages attached to classic slots such as Mega Joker™ and Jackpot 6000™ have something to do with it too. Both of these classic slots offer an RTP of 99% which is above average as the highest RTP of a modern slot game is 98% linked to the Blood Suckers™ video slot.

Most popular classic slots:

Mega Joker™
No wonder Mega Joker™ is one of the most popular classic slots developed by NetEnt because it is the only one that has a jackpot linked to it. Progressive of course, which means that the jackpot climbs up constantly as a percentage of every single real money bet is added to the Mega Joker™ Jackpot. This online casino jackpot is local which means that the meter shows a different amount at every single NetEnt Casino and can only be won by local players. And maybe this NetEnt Jackpot isn’t the highest in the industry, it is won very often making sure many players at the NetEnt Casinos benefit the Mega Joker™ Jackpot.

Just as Super Nudge 6000™ and Jackpot 6000™, also Mega Joker™ is a typical classic slot enriched with a basic game and a top game which is also known as the Super Meter. Nostalgic as the game is you will find fruit symbols on the reels, so recognisable for these classic fruit machines. Most of the time classic slots have a very simple design and Mega Joker™ is not an exception, but because the slot has been split up by the designers of NetEnt, this classic slot game got more interesting than you would think in the first place. Make sure you activate this Super Meter by playing with ten coins for bigger wins.

Jackpot 6000™
Looking for a traditional classic slot, as often seen in bars or gambling establishments, Jackpot 6000™ is highly recommended. Just as Mega Joker™ and Super Nudge 6000™, Jackpot 6000™ can be called traditional as there are no bonus features involved like we know them from the modern video slots. A Heads and Tails game and a Supermeter is all Jackpot 6000™ has to offer while winnings can go up to 6000 coins each spin. Boring? No, I can’t say traditional slots are boring at all and many players still know how to found these classic slots. Besides that a Netent Casino is just simply not complete without these old fashioned slot machines around.

By on 16 July, 2015