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What’s new in Butterfly Staxx 2™ compaired to the Butterfly Staxx™slot

With two weeks to go for the sequel to the Butterfly Staxx™ slot to be launched at the NetEnt Casinos, it’s time that we have a look at the differences between this 2017 video slot and the 2019 version Butterfly Staxx 2™. It’s obvious that again, you’ll be surrounded by enchanting butterflies, but what new adventures are ahead of you when it comes to the video slot features?

Butterfly Staxx™ slot

Launched in 2017, the Butterfly Staxx™ slot was the first in line, but it wasn’t the first Staxx slot launched by NetEnt as it was in 2015 that Neon Staxx™ found its way to the NetEnt Casinos. In 2019, a third Staxx video slot was launched with Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits™. This means that the sequel to Butterfly Staxx™ will be the fourth Staxx game to be launched.

However, this article will be all about the two Butterfly Staxx™ slots, both bringing magical to the reels with swarms of butterflies around the reels and on the reels while you settle for a flowery surrounding.

Obviously, things will change in the sequel in order to bring an even better slot experience to the reels. But what is it that is going to attract players even more than this was already the case in the Butterfly Staxx™ slot?

Butterfly Staxx 2™ slot

The Butterfly Staxx 2™ video slot won’t be available until the 22nd of August, the day we get to experience another butterfly-themed slot, yet with new innovations.

Again, you’ll be able to enjoy the mystical butterflies that are about to fill your screen in the Butterfly Staxx 2™ slot. You’ll be taken back into the same enchanted world once, however in this new version, you’ll be treated a complete new slot experience with the Butterfly Staxx 2™ being the first of its kind.

You only have to watch the above preview videos to see the actual differences between the two video slots, but of course, I’ll go through each aspect of the two video slots to see where to find the big differences between the two butterfly-themed NetEnt slots.

Like the original Butterfly Staxx™, the game is a 5-reel, 4-row, 40-fixed line video slot featuring Wild substitutions and Re-Spins, but with way more fluttering butterflies and colourful flowers for you to enjoy. Step inside this gorgeous slot and discover a world beyond your wildest dreams.

Butterfly Staxx™ versus Butterfly Staxx 2™

Let’s go through every single aspect of the game to see if we can find a difference, even though I don’t have all the information about the two games yet,  I’m sure I’ll be able to figure things out.

The layout of the two video slots:
I don’t it’s a surprise that both games are sharing the same layout. Changing too many details wouldn’t result in a sequel and I think it all starts with keeping the basic of the games the same. This means that both Butterfly Staxx™ and Butterfly Staxx 2™ will be enriched with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed bet lines.

Standard video slot features
Butterfly Staxx™ is enriched with Wilds and it’s only normal that these Wilds have been copied to the sequel and so far nothing has changed, but what about the Re-spins available in the original slot? Do we find them back in the next generation slot or aren’t they good enough for this 2019 slot? Re-spins are always welcome and that’s why the Re-spins return in the Butterfly Staxx 2™ slot as well, but with way more fluttering butterflies and colourful flowers for you to enjoy.

Butterfly Spins 
What about the Butterfly Spins, do we see them back in the sequel? Also, the Butterfly Spins have been recycled and will be available in the upcoming butterfly-themed video slot. Butterfly Spins will be activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. It’s then that you’ll find only cocoons on the reels which can be dormant or active. Active Cocoon symbols landing visible on the reels turn into Butterfly symbols after which they will fly to the leftmost position not already occupied. The Butterfly symbols remain on the reels until the end of the Butterfly Spins.

Then what’s new? 
The Butterfly Frenzy feature is one of the new innovations, a standard pick-and-click game taken to new exciting levels. You pick out of several Butterfly symbols of which some will award coin wins and others can take you to the next stage in which you get another ten picks. With a total of 5 stages available, a truly magical butterfly experience is awaiting and the further you get, the bigger the wins will be!

And that brings me to the biggest innovation available, the Multiple Play Areas!!! When the two leftmost are completely covered with butterflies, a second play area comes along and when the three leftmost reels are covered with butterflies, a third play area will be unlocked. So in this new version of Butterfly Staxx™, you’ll have the chance to open up to 3 reel areas. That’s 3 reel areas on a single wager!

By on 8 August, 2019