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Why NetEnt video slots are worth playing

For nine years I have been writing about the iGaming industry, its online casinos and the online casino games so essential for the industry. It was with the launch of the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot that I started to appreciate NetEnt and the video slots in general. Created by NetEnt, at that time still known as Net Entertainment, it was with this particular slot launch that I started to see what NetEnt was capable of. By now, tens of online casino games have been developed by the Swedish software developer, but none of them impressed me the way Gonzo’s Quest™ did eight years ago.

Why the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot?

While the moon shines brightly over the waters, players will see Gonzo’s ship entering the bay. Time to get ready for one of the biggest video slot adventures as the old ship brings you Gonzo Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador and NetEnt’s most well-known slot character who later on got nicknames The Gonz.

As a Spanish conquistador, Gonzo has only one mission to accomplish, to find the lost city of gold, El Dorado, hidden in the deepest of the jungle. Follow Gonzo into the jungle to see what hidden treasures are there to be found while Gonzo keeps you entertained with the moonwalk and gets slightly impatient if you decide to take your time. Gonzo is quite a character, the reason millions of players embraced the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot and I’m definitely one of them.

It’s not only Gonzo Pizarro who managed to steal my heart seven years ago, it was also NetEnt for creating a video slot that changed the way a slot game is played forever. I personally, call it the start of a video slot revolution in which 3D animations and innovative slot features have an important role to play.

It was the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot that introduced the Avalanche™ feature, for example, of which I believe it is one of the best video slot features ever created. It was NetEnt who was responsible for this invention that nowadays can be found in several of the NetEnt slots.

The Avalanche™ feature, whereby symbols fall into place on the reels, is a feature you should experience at least once. The Avalanche™ technique replaces the traditional spinning of the reels which means the symbols fall into place while winning combinations are created. Symbols that make up a winning combination, will disappear in a 3D explosion while the gaps left behind will be filled with new falling symbols. And as long as there are consecutive winning combinations possible, there will be Avalanches with the Multiplier going up with each consecutive win.

The success of a video slot these days totally depends on the video slot features involved but an entertaining slot character and high-quality animations and graphics certainly help for a video slot game to become beloved by millions of players. The cutting-edge 3D animations in Gonzo’s Quest™, definitely adding to the slot experience, amazed many players over the years and are one of the aspects responsible for the fact that the NetEnt slot never lost in popularity. If you didn’t know it was launched seven years ago already, you would believe it was launched only recently which shows the innovation it was offering seven years ago.

The above describes perfectly why I choose the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot as an example, but I should also mention a few recent NetEnt slots launched such as the Planet of the Apes™ video slot and the Finn and the Swirly Spin™ video slot while the upcoming Jumanji™ slot is just another great example.

Planet of the Apes™ video slot

Many innovative NetEnt slots have been released in 2017 with the Planet of the Apes™ slot as one of the highlights. I wasn’t convinced when the branded slot was announced, thinking it would be the 1968 film the video slot would be based on, but finding out it were the latest Planet of the Apes films from 2011 and 2014, I started to believe in it. And when the preview video was published, it only took me second to be convinced this game was going to be another success.

Rarely do you see so many innovations in just one video slot and it seems the Planet of the Apes™ has it all. The moment the Planet of the Apes™ video slot was launched at the online casinos, I was hypnotised by the many slot features and high-quality animations. With the dual reels, combining the two movies, you can enjoy a true NetEnt innovation.

Finn and the Swirly Spinn™ video slot

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, especially after the Planet of the Apes™ slot launch, a new type of slot game was invented by NetEnt. The Finn and the Swirly Spin™ slot is the host of a completely new slot mechanics in which symbols do not land in the standard way but will follow a spiral pattern starting at the outside corner and ending in the centre position.

In each of the 25 spaces, 25 separate symbols appear that are independent of those around it. As this is the case in Gonzo’s Quest™, symbols involved in winning combinations will disappear and the remaining symbols will move to fill the empty spaces. This time though, symbols will move forward following the spiral and among these symbols the Key symbol that appears at the beginning of the spiral with the first spin.

It’s the spiral pattern that will be responsible for the Free Spins Key to find the heart of the game after which you’ll enter a floating world where 4 Irish bars are located. However, if no more winning combinations occur, the Free Spins Key will be sent back to the beginning of the spiral at the outer outside of the game.

Jumanji™ slot

The video slot revolution continuous with the upcoming Jumanji™ video slot, a NetEnt slot that brings the bonus game to a whole new level. The most adventurous board game ever is will become available during the bonus game, bringing a whole new slot experience. However, you must realise you’re opening the box of Pandora as soon as you’ll enter the Jumanji™ slot when launched on June 21st.

If you have the bravery it needs to open the Jumanji™ video slot, you’ll be assured to have an adventurous time on the reels. Do you have what it takes? Do you have the guts and the bravery to keep going as the Jumanji™ video slot will make you fear the monsoon, makes you want to run when a wild stampede runs into the game, makes you lose your mind when it’s time for the monkey madness, and makes your heart beats faster when the wild-growing carnivorous plant shows up from nowhere! Brave and fearless you must be!

Meanwhile, you can also expect new slot innovations with the dangerous board game in the spotlights. The Board Game feature is unique and among the first of its kind as it combines elements of board games and Free Spins features. This while NetEnt transformed the calamities that befell Alan into features with slot mechanics, bringing the Wild Stampede feature, the Sticky Vines feature, the Monkey Mayhem, and Monsoon Wilds.

By on 10 May, 2018