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Why you should benefit NetEnt’s local online casino jackpots

There are two different types of NetEnt Jackpots available at the NetEnt Casinos. The pooled jackpots bring you some of the highest in the industry while the local jackpots offer you lower jackpots but a higher chance of winning. It’s this last type of jackpots that are preferred by experienced players and I’m going to explain why you should benefit these local jackpots too.

Pooled jackpot are lucrative yes, but…

There’s always a but, isn’t there? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as in this case it might give you a better insight in how a local jackpot works and what the advantages can be if you pick a certain jackpot game.

Let’s start with the pooled jackpot games NetEnt is offering to give you an idea what’s the biggest difference between a pooled jackpot and a local jackpot. To do this the best way, I’m going to use my favourite online casino, Fun Casino.

Fun Casino’s jackpot page is giving you a great overview of all updated jackpot amounts. You’ll find the highest jackpots first (most probably pooled jackpots). Among the top 6 jackpots, you’ll find 3 of them to be from NetEnt including Mega Fortune™, Hall of Gods™, and Arabian Night™. These are three of the four main NetEnt Jackpots with the more exclusive Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot missing.

Being at the top of the jackpot list, it’s not a surprise that all these three NetEnt Jackpots are indeed pooled, and they are showing the following amounts at the time of writing (13-1-2019):

Mega Fortune™ Mega Jackpot: €1,496,946
Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot €1,407,943
Arabian Nights™ Mega Jackpot €945,377

However, all three games are pooled jackpot games, Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ are offering local jackpots as well.

Perfect to show you one of the differences between a pooled jackpot and a local jackpot. As you van see the Mega Fortune™ jackpot is offering around €1.5 million and the same goes for the Hall of Gods™ jackpot.

Now let’s see what the two local jackpots for these two NetEnt jackpot games have to offer:

Mega Fortune™ Major Jackpot
Mega Fortune™ Rapid Jackpot

Hall of Gods™ Midi Jackpot
Hall of Gods™ Mini Jackpot

As you can see, these amounts are way lower and you would easily lose your interest in a local jackpot knowing about these numbers, right? €1.5 million versus €61,000 or €8,000.

So I’m going to try my best now to explain why you should not give hope on these local jackpots. Why you should benefit these local NetEnt jackpots!

NetEnt local jackpots

All above involve pooled jackpots, but NetEnt is also offering four local jackpot slots including Divine Fortune™, Mega Joker™, Cosmic Fortune™, and Super Lucky Frog™.

It’s these four NetEnt slots that are offering local jackpots only, although there might be more than one local jackpot available so let’s make another overview. And again, the amounts you’ll find in this overview are the jackpots available at the time of writing (13-01-2019). It’s obvious that by the time you’re reading this article, the jackpots have climbed up or dropped after a win.

Divine Fortune™ Mega €69,656.09
Divine Fortune™ Major €40,00
Divine Fortune™ Mega €8,00

Cosmic Fortune™ Mega €23,997.22
Cosmic Fortune™ Major €5,109.56
Cosmic Fortune™ Midi €5,316.90
Cosmic Fortune™ Mini €500.00
Cosmic Fortune™ Rapid €100.00

Super Lucky Frog™ Super €20,690.12
Super Lucky Frog™ Lucky €3,204.08
Super Lucky Frog™ Froggy €64.62

Mega Joker™ €10,376

Why local jackpots are way more attractive than you would think!

Now it’s time to get to the point and get to the conclusion that local jackpots, even though less lucrative than pooled jackpots, are still very attractive to play for.

But to get to this conclusion, you should know the differences between the jackpot games. Besides the height of the jackpots, there’s another thing very different. The above local jackpot amounts are from Fun Casino which is run by L&L Europe. All online casinos run by L&L Europe are showing the same local jackpot amounts, but if you have a look at the local jackpots at Mr Green, for example, you’ll notice that all amounts are different. That’s because Mr Green doesn’t belong to L&L Europe and the other way around. That’s why the local jackpots at Mr Green and Fun Casino differ from one another.

Now that’s exactly what a local jackpot is all about. Okay, they don’t offer you millions, but they do have a lot of advantages over pooled jackpots. They are linked to just one NetEnt Casino or one operator, which decreases the competition. And with the competition I mean those players chasing the same jackpots as you are. The only players you have to compete with are those playing at the same NetEnt Casino as you are or at the same operator.

Pooled jackpots, on the other hand, are available at an impressive network of NetEnt Casinos including Fun Casino and Mr Green. So while players from just one NetEnt Casino of operator are responsible for the local jackpots to climb up, players from the entire network of NetEnt Casinos are adding to the pooled jackpot. That’s why this type of jackpot is also called network jackpot.

This network and all players involved are responsible for the pooled jackpots to climb up, the reason why these are much higher, getting into the millions. A good thing, but all these players adding to a pooled jackpot, are also chasing this pooled jackpot!

And for that reason local jackpots are equally attractive as you’re dealing with less competition which results in a bigger chance to win a certain jackpot.

The choice is yours! Do you go for the big bucks and maybe millions of players chasing the same jackpot or do you go for a smaller local jackpot and maybe hundreds or thousands chasing the same jackpot? Do you prefer to decrease the jackpot and with that the competition or do you still want to go for a jackpot maybe chased by millions of other players?

One more reason why local jackpots should not be ignored

Besides leaving the massive competition of a pooled jackpot behind, increasing your chances to win, there’s one more reason a local jackpot can be way more attractive than you would initially believe.

There’s another reason why local jackpot slots like Cosmic Fortune™ and Mega Joker™ are among the most popular games around. It’s the fact that local jackpots are won way more often than a pooled jackpot. So it’s not only that you have less competition, but you and your competition have more jackpots to share.

Instead of a million players chasing one jackpot of €5 million, for example, this advantage could end up in 1000 players chasing 3x €20,000 jackpots.

It’s just an example to show you the differences between a pooled jackpot and a local jackpot and how your chances to win each of them look like.

If you now changed your mind and came to the conclusion that local jackpots give you a better chance of actually winning a jackpot, all there’s left to do is to pick the local jackpot game of your choice.

Go classic with Mega Joker™ as this game is offering a classic slot as you often see them in bars and restaurants.

Go for the space-themed Cosmic Fortune™ slot which is boasting an amazing five local jackpots

The Super Lucky Frog™ slot will always have a special place in my casino heart as my very first casino article was about this jackpot slot which has three local jackpots to offer.

The newest addition is Divine Fortune™ which is definitely the most modern of the 4 local slot games developed by NetEnt which results in divine graphics and maybe even more divine jackpot wins!

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