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Wild-O-Tron 3000™ slot will bring sci-fi action to the reels

While NetEnt fans can look forward to the Wild Bazaar™ slot to be released tomorrow, 24th October, the next Wild type of video slot has been announced by NetEnt just one hour ago. This video slot won’t take you to a bazaar, but to a complete different scene although both games are all about Wilds! Check out what sci-fi fun the Wild-O-Tron 3000™ slot is about to offer when launched at the NetEnt Casinos on 11th December.

Sci-fi video slots

Science fiction is not really a theme that returns to the reels often, but on the other, I’m not an expert when it comes to science fiction. What is it that makes a video slot sci-fi? Robots, yes, but what else? Basically, science fiction is about the science and technology of the future, advanced science and technology, spaceflight, time travel, and extraterrestrial life.

Having a look at the NetEnt video slots, I do find a lot of history and fantasy-themed slots, but science fiction doesn’t seem to be a very popular subject. There’s the Alien Robots™ video slot that definitely fits the theme and I guess EggoMatic™ offers a bit of science fiction too with a rooster dressed up as a robot.

Then there’s Space Wars™ which involves a bunch of aliens and I just learned that extraterrestrial life belongs to the theme as well. So maybe NetEnt is offering more sci-fi video slots than I thought. And if time travel counts well, then I believe that SteamTower™ should be mentioned, while I’m not sure if Planet of the Apes™ and Magic Portals™ should be added as well. There used to be the Attraction™ slot, but I just found out that this video slot has left the NetEnt stage and the same goes for the branded video slots Frankenstein™ and Aliens™.

I also think that there’s a fine line between science fiction and fantasy which makes it difficult to categorize some video slots. One thing is for sure, though! NetEnt’s newest addition, ready to be launched on the 11th of December 2018, will definitely belong to the science fiction category with seems to be set in a lab with a focus on robots. That makes this upcoming video slot electrifying!

Electrifying slot features

Now we know that we can look forward to a sci-fi video slot, it’s not hard to guess that some innovative slot features will be involved as well. After all, science fiction is all about the science of the future so the least NetEnt can do is to add some futuristic features, right?

Not so much of the future is the Wild and Stacked symbols, but maybe we’re more lucky with the Wild-O-Tron feature. Each spin there is a chance to activate the Wild-O-Tron feature and I think that’s a good start, but what if indeed activated? The answer to this question can be found in the above preview video which was published by NetEnt today.

One thing I’m sure about, is that the Wild-O-Tron 3000™ slot will be offering an electrifying game with stacked robots and the Wild as the only symbols available. Pretty unique if you ask me, but does it bring enough action to the reels? Well, I would say not really, just until the futuristic machine on the right of the reels is brought to life spitting out electricity! That’s when the Wild-O-Tron feature is activated and all occurrences of a given symbol are transformed into Wild symbols during the spin. With luck, it can do so for up to 6 symbols, literally filling the screen with Wilds and boosting the chances to win big!

What else? Well, not much, but it’s obviously that the Wild-O-Tron feature is in the spotlights and this futuristic machine can bring you a lot of big wins! To see what this will mean for the volatility of the game, I guess we have to wait until the game is launched in December.

By on 23 October, 2018