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Win a Kronaby Hybrid Watch while enjoying a Winter Casino promotion

Looking for a winter break? Yeah, probably not going to happen this year. This winter is different from other winters and it seems not many will have a break from it. Meanwhile, online casinos try to make you forget about it and CasinoLuck even decided to come up with a winter break. During this Winter Casino Promotion, you can enjoy a few winter-themed video slots. While you’re at it, you can also win a Kronaby Hybrid Watch.

Winter Casino Promotion

I bet many had to change their plans and skip their usual winter traditions. I and winter, we are enemies! despite the fact that I was born in a cold and rainy country, I never managed to become friends with the cold.

When summer gets to an end, I start to thinking of where to spend the coldest months. This year is different, and I have to deal with colder days. It’s okay, instead of celebrating my January birthday with 2 birthday cakes in Cuba, from a sunny beach in Mexico or the rice fields in Bali, I celebrate it with the people I love the most at home.

It’s always what you make of it yourself, even though governments all over Europe are trying their best to make things as hard as can be. Brick and mortar casinos are often closed, so if playing a good game of luck is what makes you happy, you’re not able to play offline. Like shopping isn’t able offline in most countries, online solutions are all around these days.

So we don’t have to stop doing what we like with so many alternatives. And, let’s be honest, we never really liked to go through harsh weather anyway in the middle of the winter. Not if the alternative was a nice warm couch with a soft blanket.

To make things more fun, there are enough online casinos with a Winter Casino promotion. Sometimes a series of winter bonuses, winter free spins, winter casino tournaments, winter challenges or a 3-day Winter Casino Promotion like CasinoLuck offers from upcoming Monday to Wednesday. While you enjoy up to 180 Free Spins for some enjoyable winter video slots, you also have a chance to walk away with a Kronaby Hybrid Watch!

Why do you want a Kronaby Hybrid Watch?

As usual, CasinoLuck gives away a super great gadget. This time it’s a Kronaby Hybrid Watch. And to be honest, I had to ask google what gadget it is we’re talking about here, besides it being a watch.

Well, I’m not into the latest gadgets so a Kronaby Apex 43mm Hybrid Watch says nothing to me. I assume it’s a watch with a 43mm screen. No need for rocket science to figure that out, but what’s the hybrid part all about?

“Kronaby hybrid smartwatches have a Scandinavian aesthetic that incorporates a powerful technological component that allows connection to the smartphone through the Kronaby App compatible with iOS 9 and Android 5.0 (or further versions).”

It doesn’t help much the above description, but apparently, Kronaby is a Swedish watch brand. A luxurious one as you can easily pay hundreds of euros for a Kronaby watch.

The watch offers:

– yes you don’t believe it, that you’ll always be on time
– you never miss what matters
– an easy way to decline a phone call
– you never lose track of time
– you never have to charge your watch
– motivation to move
– a gentle wake-up call that only wakes up you and let everybody else continue sleeping

What a watch! A must-have if you ask me! To win this clearly essential watch, a special draw is organised by CasinoLuck right after the Winter Casino promotion ends. A deposit on a promotion day awards you one chance to win the Kronaby watch. Make a deposit on all 3 days of the promo and you will be given 3 tickets for the draw.

Winter Casino Promotion Day 1: Monday 25th January Frozen Gems

Not a NetEnt slot, I assume Frozen Gems brings you colourful gems packed as an ice cube. NetEnt slot or not, today’s video slot gives you a chance to activate up to 60 free spins plus a chance to win the Kronaby Hybrid Watch.

Make a deposit to instantly get spins in Frozen Gems

– Make a deposit of €20 to get 10 spins
– Deposit €30 to get 20 spins
– Deposit €50 to get 60 spins
+ the chance to win a Kronaby Hybrid Watch

wolf-cub slot

Winter Casino Promotion Day 2: Tuesday 26th January Wolf Cub™ slot

Howl at the full moon in the Wolf Cub™ slot which is bringing you to the deepest of a snowy forest where you’ll find some of the friendliest forest friends.

It’s mainly during the Free Spins feature that a magical blizzard will bring you more chances to win, but also the main game is bringing you a Wild.

However, you’ll be looking forward to three or more Scatters to trigger the Free Spins feature with the Blizzard Feature. The number of free spins awarded depends on the very first spin after activating the Free Spins feature. All the reels with Scatters will spin with a number of free spins on them. The sum of these numbers is the number of Free Spins awarded.

Winter Casino Promotion Day 3: Make a deposit to instantly get spins in Wolf Cub

– Make a deposit of €20 to get 10 spins
– Deposit €30 to get 20 spins
– Deposit €50 to get 60 spins
+ the chance to win a Kronaby Hybrid Watch

Wednesday 27th January Wild North slot

Make a deposit to instantly get spins in Wild North

– Make a deposit of €20 to get 10 spins
– Deposit €30 to get 20 spins
– Deposit €50 to get 60 spins
+ the chance to win a Kronaby Hybrid Watch

By on 23 January, 2021