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Win millions thanks to a €4 million Mega Fortune™ Jackpot

If you’re aiming to win the big bucks at an online casino, you might be interested in one of the highest iGaming jackpots at this moment, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot. It’s this Mega NetEnt Jackpot which, in the 6 weeks it hasn’t been hit, climbed to an incredible €4 million. Not as high as the last win of €7.4 million won 6 weeks and 4 days ago, but still one you should not be ignoring. As the highest NetEnt Jackpot right now, I don’t think I have to tell you why you should bring the Mega Fortune™ slot a visit at one of the many NetEnt Casinos, but I do have a lot of information about this online casino jackpot to share anyway.

Highest NetEnt Jackpot

As the highest NetEnt Jackpot available in the iGaming industry, it’s no wonder that this jackpot is growing super fast. High as it is already, I expect this jackpot to grow faster and faster every day this online casino jackpot isn’t won. When the next win will be, is as unsure as can be, but no matter is soon or not, the winner will become the newest NetEnt millionaire. The winner that manages to reach the Jackpot Bonus Game hitting the bonus wheel right in the heart will be at least €4 million richer. This jackpot can be won with any bet available, but it is generally known that your chances will grow with an average bet or higher instead of the minimum bet.

Average jackpot win Mega Fortune™ Jackpot

Those who read my jackpot messages, do know I love statistics. With regard to the jackpots, statistics do tell me more about the jackpot. They tell me how long it has been that the jackpot was hit last, the lowest jackpot hit ever, the highest jackpot hit ever, the last jackpot hit, the total number of jackpot hits this year and more about the average of an online casino jackpot.

Current Mega Fortune™ Jackpot statistics tell me that the jackpot was won latest 6 weeks and 4 days ago paying out an incredible €7.1 million. This Mega Jackpot shows an average of 11 weeks to be won while paying out an average of €4.3 million. With €4 million in the jackpot right now, the jackpot is almost reaching the average of €4.3 million while still 5 weeks to go when it comes to the average time it needs to be won normally. This certainly shows that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot’s popularity is still on the rise, no doubt about that.

More about the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot

As mentioned before, this particular online casino jackpot needs an average of 11 weeks and 2 days to be won by a player at one of the 120 NetEnt Casinos the Mega Fortune™ slot is available. This means that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot creates about 4 to 5 new millionaires every year, sometimes more, sometimes less.

The Mega Fortune™ slot, offering the Mega Fortune™ pooled jackpot as well as two local jackpots, was launched in June 2009 and available for 6,5 years. In all these years, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot has been hit an incredible 34 times. Looking at this statistic, the average number of millionaires created by NetEnt is 5.2 a year. The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot was won 6 times in 2016 creating an incredible number of 6 new NetEnt millionaires.

When is the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot going to be hit next?

If only I knew, I would be a millionaire myself, but luckily we don’t know when or at which NetEnt Casino the jackpot is going to be hit. Statistics are good fun, but let’s have a look at the highest Mega Fortune™ Jackpot won in January 2013. With this hit, NetEnt paid out an astonishing €17.8 million which is obviously higher than average. For sure that the jackpot took a lot longer to climb up and it wasn’t won 11 weeks after the last hit. It must have been months and it can be again months for this NetEnt Jackpot to be won or it might be happening right now making my article absolutely useless.

Running on the Random Number Generator, you just never know when the next jackpot is going to be paid out by NetEnt. Even NetEnt doesn’t know as all their video slots, with or without jackpots, are linked to a Random Number Generator (RNG), a computational algorithm designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that is entirely random. It is this particular algorithm that is responsible for all wins including the win involving the Mega Fortune™ Mega Jackpot.

What about the Mega Fortune™ slot

A Mega Jackpot always needs a host and in this case, that’s the Mega Fortune™ slot which was launched at the NetEnt Casinos in June 2009. Quite a while ago, not making it one of the newest NetEnt Games. The newest jackpot slot developed by NetEnt is the Divine Fortune™ slot which was launched only a week ago bringing three existing local jackpots in a new coat to the NetEnt Casinos.

Still, I do believe that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot is attractive enough for players who aim to win a multi-million jackpot. Besides, this video slot is giving you a glimpse of what your future can be when you become the next NetEnt millionaire.

The Mega Fortune™ slot is available at the majority of the NetEnt Casinos offering you a video slot linked to one pooled jackpot and two local jackpots while you can also enjoy a great gameplay consisting of Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins, and a bonus game that can lead you straight to a millionaire’s life.

By on 30 January, 2017