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Classic Slots

While some casino games have been played for centuries, classic slots aren’t that old. The origin of the slots can actually be found at the very first poker machine and fruit machines.

This poker machines was designed by the New Yorkers Sitt and Pittman in 1891. This first poker machine consisted of 5 reels with on each reel five poker cards as symbols which resulted in just one bet line.

The rules were easy. You got a poker combination on the one bet line available, you could expect some sort of profit. At the time, gambling was forbidden in America. Therefore, wins were awarded by free drinks or cigars. Since that time things have changed a lot as winnings can be paid by real money, also the common gambling machine has been through a real revolution.

classic slot machines
Mega Joke screenshot

History classic slots

Not much later the first classic slot was designed and produced by a car mechanic from San Francisco, called Charles Fey. It was 1895 when the first one-armed-bandit was invented, named Liberty bell, consisting of three reels. The Liberty Bell also consisted of just one bet line. Winnings were created by card symbols such as diamonds, spades, and hearts. Also added was the cracked Liberty Bell, the symbol the name of the classic slot refers to. The Liberty Bell looked much like the games we still see as classic slots which can be found at different Netent Casinos.

Liberty Bell

As the demand for the Liberty Bell slots was huge, Charles Fey could not build them fast enough in his small shop. Nevertheless, he refused to sell the product. In 1907, it was Chicago manufacturer of arcade machines Herbert Mills, that started producing a slot machine that had a lot in common with the Liberty Bell. He also introduced familiar fruit symbols like lemons, plums, and cherries. Until today, they are recognizable for the classic fruit machines while often used in modern video slots as well.

classic slots
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Classic slots

Not even two decennia ago the first online casinos introduced the classic slots and until today these classic games can’t be missed in any online casino. As no other Net Entertainment knows what a player likes and even though most Netent Casinos offer a wide range of modern video slots, the classic ones are still very popular probably due to the easy character of the game. As one push on the spin button is enough for the slot machine to start spinning. Even though the assortment classic slots is smaller, you’ll have plenty of choices. Take the jackpot slots Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker for example.

Fruit slots

While NetEnt uses the term classic slots, many players will know these same games as fruit machines. Fruit machines are an entertaining, yet a simplistic, type of classic slot. This type of slot is particularly popular with players who are a fan of the nostalgic fruit symbols. Luckily, these are often used by NetEnt in classic slot games.

Structure classic slots

Classic slots look about the same, but still, they do differ from each other. Every slot machine has its own symbols and extra features which will make sure more winning combinations are possible. Just like the symbols, the winning combinations vary per slot machine. As usual, winnings will be made on the three reels between one and five bet lines, the rows of symbols that trigger a win. Bet lines can either be horizontal or diagonal. There can be more than one pay-out line per game, depending on which classic slots game you’re playing.

Although most classic slots consist of a basic game, some classic slots also offer a bonus game. A bonus slots game could have one or more pay-out lines, depending on the game you play. Some classic slots also include extra features such as a joker, nudges (re-spins) or a head or tail game. While modern video slots have paytables, the winning combinations of the classic slots are always shown on the slot machine itself.

Classic slots features

While modern video slots offer a large selection of extra features as 243 Ways to win, Bonus games, Expanding Wilds, Wild Symbols, Free Spins, Gamble Features, Multipliers, Scatters, Stacked Wilds and more, classic slots are less extensive. Still, they do offer extra features such as the Joker, Nudges, Hold features, Head or Tails, Mystery games and more. Nudge and Hold features give players the feeling they are in control. A Hold or a Nudge enables players another opportunity to try for a specific match with the symbols of a first spin.

The Joker has the same function as the Wild feature does in the modern versions as it substitutes for all other symbols. Therefore, more winning combinations can be made. After a win is awarded, the Head or Tails game can double the win over and over. For this reason, a small win can become a big win. You obviously need a bit of luck as this extra feature can also make your win disappear.

When a Mystery feature is involved, special Mystery wins will be awarded while playing the main game. Most of the time this game can be found in a classic slot that consists of three reels and three to five bet lines. The Mystery symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and three of them will award a Mystery win.

Jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are without a doubt the biggest paying NetEnt games. As the name already suggests, a progressive jackpot keeps rising. The more players play with real money, the faster a jackpot rises. Although video slots as Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ do offer over a million as jackpot, the classic games won’t go that far, but while the classic jackpots are not as big, they do fall more often and only local players have the opportunity to win the classic jackpots.