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Beetle Frenzy™ (EOL)

Beetle Frenzy classic slot

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Beetle Frenzy tends to be a modern video slot, but it belongs to the classic slots. Simply because a video slot offers five reels, while the designers of Net Entertainment gave this game three reels and five bet lines. But that doesn’t make this game less interesting as it has a lot to offer due to the extra features like a Wild, Bug Collector Feature, Flower Frenzy Bonus Game and

Lucky Spins, the main reason why it could have been a modern video slot. And even though many of you won’t be a big fan of the creepy crawlies this classic slot is all about, the game itself is definitely worth playing and can’t be missed by any players preferring classic slots.

Beat the beetles

Surrounded by greenery, biological graphics provide insight into the daily routine of a beetle or bug. Although not my favourite living creatures on this planet, we can’t live without it. Every single insect has a function on this planet, and while hated by many, some actually like to catch them and hold them as some sort of pets. As a child, I wasn’t afraid of anything and haunting locusts in a field was one of my favourite activities when on holiday.

These days though, I’m less enthusiastic about jumping, flying, and buzzing insects, except ladybugs and butterflies, and unless this kind of fauna can be found on the reels of a classic slot like Beetle Frenzy, surrounded by flora. Even though Beetle Frenzy isn’t a typical classic slot like Mega Joker and Gold Rush, it does offer three reels and five bet lines. The extra features Beetle Frenzy is offering could have been part of a modern video slot as you will find many at the NetEnt Casinos.

Betting options

With a minimum bet of 0.10, available in a multitude of currencies depending on the NetEnt Casino of your choice, the low-risk players will love Beetle Frenzy. Five levels and five different coin values are available to increase your bet. But with a maximum bet of 25.00, Beetle Frenzy isn’t interesting enough for high rollers. I doubt if the many extra features and an x400 Scatter win can change that, but for those who like to play an easy-paced game, with low-risk bets and interesting extra features, Beetle Frenzy will do for sure.

Buzzing Features

Even though insects aren’t the most popular living creatures on this planet, you actually start to like them when playing Beetle Frenzy as they are responsible for most of the wins. Bigger wins can be made due to the black bug Wild as it substitutes for all other symbols. The Scatter, on the other hand, the golden apple, can be very profitable in this game especially when eight or nine of these appear as these can multiply your total bet up to an x200 or x400 Multiplier.

Flower Frenzy

Three flower symbols of the same colour on one active bet line will start the Flower Frenzy Bonus game. You get the chance to win multiple bonus games per spin, depending on the number of active bet lines. The more bet lines you activate, the more bonus games you will get.

The Flower Frenzy bonus game offers spinning reels surrounded by a tiled frame with a tile selector that moves continuously around the frame. It’s up to you to stop the reels as a symbol with a value will display on each reel. The tile selector continues to move around the frame, but when you click the spin button the tile selector will be stopped and will come to rest on one of the tiles. If the symbol on the tile matches any of the real symbols you win.

Lucky Spins

You win one Lucky Spin when four identical icons land on each of the four corners what means that the central reel will spin again which often ends up generating a bonus win.

Bug collector

When three jar icons appear on a bet line the Bug Collector Feature will open and you can win multiple bonus games per spin. The number of bonus games won is based on the number of bet lines you’ve activated. Select jars to reveal mystery wins, while the Bug Collector bonus game ends the moment you pick a jar with the exit symbol.

For once bugs will be your friend in Beetle Frenzy, but the flowers, fruits, and glass jars can be even more interesting as they can activate bonus games and cause extra high wins. All Beetle Frenzy features pay fairly well and it’s a real breath of fresh air to have three different bonus games in what should be called a classic slot, while it tends to be a modern video slot.