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Gold Rush™ (EOL)

Gold Rush classic slot

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

It’s the most classic slot designed by NetEnt, but still very popular. This is most probably due to the simplicity of Gold Rush compared to other slots like Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000.

But it’s obviously that the progressive jackpot shares the responsibility. I have good reasons to think that simply because the Gold Rush Jackpot can already be yours with a maximum stake of 0.60, depending on the currency you will be playing with at one of the Netent Casinos of your choice.

Every online casino attracts high rollers, players who like to play with high stakes, but the fact is that the major part of the players prefers to play with low stakes. Although every player would love to win a progressive jackpot, high rollers would rather choose Mega Fortune or Arabian Nights as these jackpot slots could offer you a jackpot consisting of millions.

However, you don’t often get the chance to win a nice jackpot with a low stake like with Gold Rush and that’s why I do recommend giving this classic slot a try.


Gold Rush is a typical classic slot like Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker, mostly recognized by the three reels combined with only one bet line. And that’s actually all Gold Rush has to offer as there is no bonus game, no mystery game or any other special feature.

The symbols used in Gold Rush are easy to identify as they can be found in many classic slots like for example the seven, the cherry, and the bar symbol. Symbols specialized for the Gold Rush slot are the ones that involve gold. The mining cart filled up with gold could be recognized from Boom Brothers, a funny video slot about three crazy brothers who have been working in a mine for way too long as they developed a weird habit involving a lot of dynamite.

Another gold symbol is the Gold logo, a very important symbol as you have to rely on this one if it comes to the jackpot win. When you have a look at the paytable on top of the game, you see three different levels. You also see that only the third one involves the jackpot. This level will cost you a bet of 0.60, a very low stake to win a nice jackpot.

Betting options Gold Rush

Wagers available in Gold Rush are one of the lowest, perfect for low-risk players with prizes which can be equally attractive to high rollers too, depending on the NetEnt Casino you will play. Players can choose to bet single, double or triple coins respectively going from 0.20, to 0.40, ending at 0.60.

Not only the layout of this classic game depends on simplicity, but also the betting options. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, actually not at all as I would recommend the last option, simply because the third level only cost you 0.60, available in a multitude of different currencies depending on where you choose to play, while it could award you with a very nice jackpot win.

Gold Rush winnings

There aren’t many ways to win with only one bet line. But I have to say that this is exactly what makes Gold Rush so enormously attractive. But this one bet line can definitely do the job as three or more of the same symbols award a nice prize.

The same goes for any mixture of three Bar symbols appearing on the bet line as well as the mining cart symbol will already award a nice win when only one appears on reel three on the bet line. However, the Gold Rush Jackpot can be won when three or more Gold symbols appear on the one and only active bet line.

Jackpot win

I know there are three different levels to play with, and it looks attractive to play with only 0.20, but I have a good reason to recommend the third level, even if this one cost you the maximum stake of 0.60.

If you would ask me, I would definitely ignore the first two levels as it’s only the third level that can bring you the jackpot. So do you have the intention to win the Gold Rush Jackpot, don’t hesitate to play the third level, pay a stake of 0.60 and let the fun begin?

Thanks to the Random Number Generator every player has the same chance to win the Gold Rush Jackpot, so whether you will play 10 rounds or 1000 rounds, it’s the RNG that decides if and when the jackpot will be won.

As we are talking about a local jackpot, it’s only you and your fellow NetEnt Casino players who can win this jackpot as this classic slot isn’t attached to any more NetEnt Casinos than the one you’re playing at. Time to stop taking vitamins and allow the Gold Rush to find its way into your system.