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It would be so convenient for operators if they could just create one single platform with one single currency while the whole world spoke the same language. Yet, the world seems to benefit too much from different currencies. This is probably why we still use 180 different currencies worldwide.

A single currency offers many advantages, though, such as eliminating fluctuating exchange rates and exchange costs. Besides, it is also easier for companies to trade across the border while it seems to benefit a more stable economy and economic growth.


A single currency might encourage people to travel to other countries spending their money shopping. Globally, a single currency gives more influence and power like this is the case with the Euro. By now 19 out of 28 EU countries have accepted the Euro as its national currency.

Therefore, over 340 million people every day use the Euro. Pretty convenient, I must admit, as it saves me, and 340 million people with me, a lot of hassle when travelling within the EU borders.


It’s not only 19 European countries that share one currency as the US dollar is the official currency of several countries. Of course, there’s the United States of America, consisting of 50 states, but also East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, the Caribbean Netherlands. Name wise, the dollar is used in tens of countries as there are currently 22 dollar countries in the world with a type of dollar. This is, most probably, due to the fact that the currency “dollar” has a fascinating history.

Bowl of foreign coins

A bit less than 30 countries share two different currencies. That leaves another 178 countries with their own currency. It is because of that I ended up with a pretty large bowl of foreign currencies. The bowl is decorated with British pounds, US Dollars, Swedish krona, Indonesian rupiah, Malaysian ringgit, Cuban Pesos and Cuban CUC. I have to admit that this particular bowl brings me the best memories.

This great bowl of foreign coins can be compared with the online gambling industry. So many online casinos available with so many languages and currencies. The exclusive list of the most reliable NetEnt Casinos can be compared to my foreign money bowl. There’s All British Casino (UK), All Karl Casino (Sweden), and NorskeAutomater (Norway).

Casino currencies

No worries, because there are enough NetEnt Casinos in the list that do offer you a nice mix of currencies. All of them are online casinos with the Euro available supplemented with other European currencies such as the British pound, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone, Swiss franc, Turkish lira, and the Polish złoty.

With the multicultural societies in Europe, the interest of players goes far beyond the European borders, the reason why I’ve looked into other currencies like the Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, the South African rand, and the Russian Ruble as well.

I have to admit that online casino life within the borders of Europe is much easier, but I really tried my best to cover all the most popular currencies used by players all over Europe to make your search for a reliable NetEnt Casino easier.