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Casino with Norwegian Krone

Play in a casino with Norwegian Krone

In very few European countries the gambling culture has been embraced as in Norway. Video slots and gambling is increasingly popular in the land based casinos of this Scandinavian country. But why is gambling such a popular past time in Norway?

There are a few reasons that can be brought up. For one, the country is one of the richest countries in Europe thanks to its wealth of oil and gas fields. The resulting gross domestic product is, therefore, high and land based casinos profit from this unique scenario. Another reason that springs to mind when discussing the popularity of gambling in Norway is the wet and dark climate of the Scandinavian country.

A lot of the social activities has to be held inside because of the many days of rain and long nights due to the geographical position of Norway. On top of that are games a popular leisure time for many Norwegian families. Centuries ago the infamous Vikings already had a dice game in which they gambled for newly conquered treasure on one of their many pillaging journeys through North-western Europe.

How is gambling regulated in Norway? Just like in many other European countries the regulation is limited. Within Norway only state run companies Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto are allowed to offer any gambling related services. The products are the typical state lotteries and sports betting, available for every Norwegian older than 18.

A small addition regarding gambling in Norway: Gambling at home is allowed, so you can invite your friends over for a fun poker night with a six pack and some Norwegian snacks. The Norwegian government sees no harm in social gambling, as long as it isn’t used for commercial purposes.

Online gambling in Norway

What about online gambling in Norway? Like in many European countries, the governments are working hard on the regulation of online casino games, sports betting, and poker. During my research of online gambling throughout the rest of the world, I noticed that Norway is a very popular country for many online casino companies.

The competitive nature is rooted deep within the Norwegian culture. The long and cold nights in the beautiful country are perfect for a fun night in with family or friends to play poker or challenge yourself on an online video slot. It is therefore hardly surprising that NetEnt jackpots are often won by Norwegian players.

Online casinos in Norwegian Krone

Are there any casinos where fans of online casinos can play in Norwegian Krone? Which casino accepts deposits in Norwegian Krone? It is important to know that casinos need to have a license in order to offer video slots in Norway. In my previous articles on gambling in other currencies, I mentioned the newly updated website already. Also for gambling in Norwegian Krone, this is an excellent website with plenty of deposit options.

But for whoever wants to play in a typical Norwegian online casino, what seems to be a very legit choice, can opt for either UniBet and Mr Green. Both NetEnt Casinos are tailor made for Norwegian players that are looking for the typical Norwegian hospitality. These websites are not just for Norwegian players of course. Swedish players love to play at the two most popular Norwegian casinos as well as they have no problems reading their friendly neighbour’s language