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Casino with Lira

Play in a casino with Lira

Unfortunantly we do not know of any NetEnt casinos that support the Turkish Lira as a currency so we would recommend that you try EURO.

Turkey, the country with world city Istanbul, coffee, and legendary football, is well known for its traditions and customs. This can also be seen when having a look at the Turkish gambling market which both online and offline caused a lot of controversies. The Turkish gambling market is pretty conservative if it comes to land-based casinos as well as online casinos which didn’t make it easy for me to find a casino with Lira.

The Turkish gambling market frequently changed in the past 30 years with horse racing being immensely popular in 1984, the same year the Turkish government legalised horse racing. As a result of horse racing being legalised, it didn’t take long for land-based casinos became accepted as well. It was in 1990 the first Turkish casinos opened for public. The proof that the Turkish liked a gamble was given not long after with revenues going into the hundreds of millions with a peak in 1998 showing a revenue of €1 billion while 20.000 persons found employment in a land-based casino.

Illegal gambling in Turkey

Due to the strong religious beliefs and the government’s stance towards gambling, a liberal gambling market for the Turkish was of short duration. On February 11, 1998, the government approved a bill prohibiting gambling in general in the country forcing casinos to close their doors.

Until today, land-based casinos haven’t been re-legalised resulting in a rise of illegal casinos. The only ones benefiting these conservative gambling laws were the illegal gambling syndicates who managed to earn millions in just a few years time. One of the biggest scandals involves Sudi Özkan who, until the gambling market shut down in 1998, owned 20 land-based casinos in the major Turkish cities.

Online gambling industry Turkey

Once home to a thriving casino industry, Turkey largely banned gambling in 1998 as well as online gambling in 2007. It seems that this last one hasn’t affected the Turkey’s thirst for online gambling. In 2013, for example, Turkey accounted for 25 percent of the revenues of one of Sweden’s largest online casinos with Lira available.

Despite the country’s efforts to include the policing of banks and credit card companies that process payments on behalf of both players and online casinos. Sanctions against national banks may be effective, but it doesn’t effect any online payment portals such as Paypal and Ukash. And where there is a will there is a way, meaning that avid gamblers will always find a way to transfer cash to an online casino with Lira.

Online casino with Lira

So, is it impossible for a Turkish player to find an online casino with Lira? No, not really, as many NetEnt Casinos do offer players the opportunity to transfer Lira’s into their online casino account. ExclusiveBet, for example, is one of those online casinos that thinks of players worldwide offering numerous languages, currencies, and deposit methods.

Among the languages you’ll find Turkish too, a feature not often seen on many online gambling platforms. Offering a Turkish casino platform, targeting Turkish players, ExclusiveBet could not neglect Yapı Kredi Bankası as a payment method.

Besides an entire platform created for players from Turkey, you can also look forward to an incredible assortment online, mobile, and live casino games. There are many hundreds of games available at ExclusiveBet while you can enjoy yourself with sports betting and live betting as well.